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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Renault group celebrates the first half of the year with increased sales & market leaders.

Groupe Renault sets a half-year sales record with 1.88 million vehicles sold, up 10.4 per cent
  • 1.88 million vehicles sold in the first half of 2017, an increase of 10.4 per cent in a market that grew 2.6 per cent .
  • All group brands posted increases in sales volumes and market share. The Renault and Dacia brands set half-year sales records. Renault ranks as the second most sold brand in Europe.
  • All Regions increased their sales volumes and market share. In particular, the Group recorded a 19.3 per cent rise in sales in the Africa-Middle East-India Region and a 50.5 per cent increase in the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Renault confirms its growth ambitions in 2017, driven by its renewed range, new product launches and the development of its international business activities. 
Groupe Renault PC + LCV registrations worldwide (including Lada) increased 10.4 per cent in the first half of the year, in a market up 2.6 per cent. Group market share now stands at 4.1 per cent (up 0.3 points on 2016). 
The Group and the Renault and Dacia brands set half-year sales records. The group sold 1,879,288 vehicles, the Renault brand 1,342,320 vehicles and the Dacia brand 332,845 vehicles. Renault Samsung Motors sales rose 12.5p er cent and those of Lada rose 12.2 per cent. 
"We set a new record with sales of over 1.88 million vehicles in a six-month period. Our sales volumes and market share increased for all our brands and in all Regions. Our strategy of range renewal and geographical expansion continues to produce results" said Thierry Koskas, member of the Executive Committee and Group Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. 
In Europe, group registrations continued to grow faster than the market. They increased 5.6 per cent in a market up 4.4 per cent to a total 1,025,146 in the first half of the year. The Group took a 10.8 per cent share of the European market, up 0.1 points. 
The Renault brand alone posted growth of 4.3 per cent, for a market share of 8.2 per cent. Renault benefited in particular from the complete renewal of the Mégane family in 2016. Clio 4 is the second best-selling vehicle in Europe, while Captur ranks as the number one crossover in its category.
Renault maintained its lead in the electric vehicle segment with a market share of 26.8 per cent. Sales volumes increased 34 per cent. Registrations of ZOE, Europe's top-selling electric vehicle, rose 44 per cent. 
The Dacia brand posted a first-half-year sales record in Europe with 245,453 vehicle registrations (up 9.3 per cent) and a 2.6 per cent share of the market. These results were driven by the performance of Sandero phase 2, launched in late 2016, and Duster. 
In France, the Renault brand achieved its best half-year performance in passenger cars in six years. Twingo, Clio, Talisman and Espace all led their respective segments. Dacia topped its sales record with Sandero, the leader in the market of passenger car sales to retail customers. ZOE remains the clear leader in the electric vehicle market, accounting for almost 70 per cent of electric passenger car sales in France with over 9,200 registrations – a year-on-year increase of over 42 per cent. 
Outside Europe, all the Regions increased their sales volumes and market share. Group registrations rose 16.8 per cent in a market that grew 3.4per cent. 
Groupe Renault strengthened its positions with the success of its range: QM6 and SM6 in South Korea, Kaptur, Vesta and Xray in Russia, Koleos in China, Mégane Sedan in Turkey and Oroch in the Americas. 
In the Africa-Middle East-India region, Group registrations rose 19.3 per cent for a market share of 6.4 per cent, up 1.1 points. 
In Iran, sales rose 100.3 per cent for a market share of 9.8 per cent (up 4 points) thanks to the success of Tondar and Sandero. 
In India, Renault continues to rank as the number-one European car brand, with a market share of 3.3 per cent.
In North Africa, group sales grew 10.1 per cent in a market down 8.3 per cent. The Group took a 43 per cent share of the market, up 7.2 points. 
In Eurasia, registrations rose 8.6 per cent in a market that grew 2.5 per cent. The market share of the Group, now including the Lada brand, increased 1.4 points to 24.5 per cent, notably through strong momentum in Russia. 
Returning to growth for the first time in four years, the Russian market grew 6.9 per cent in the first half of the year. The Group increased its sales by 14 per cent (including Lada). 
Lada sales grew almost twice as fast as the market, increasing 12.8 per cent for a market share of 19.5 per cent (up 1 point), driven by the success of the new Vesta and Xray models.
The Renault brand claimed an 8.5 per cent share of the market, up 0.7 points. Kaptur registrations totaled more than 14,140 units for the half-year period. 
With the consolidation of Lada sales volumes, Russia now stands as the group's number-two market. 
In the Asia-Pacific Region, registrations increased 50.5 per cent in a market up 3.6 per cent. 
In China, Renault sold nearly 36,000 vehicles (compared with 9,771 in first-half 2016), of which 21,000 New Koleos, launched in late 2016 and produced locally. 
Renault Samsung Motors posted a 12.5 per cent increase in South Korea in a market that contracted 4.2 per cent. The brand's market share came out at 6.9 per cent (up 1 point) thanks to the success of the latest product launches (SM6 and QM6). 
In the Americas Region, sales grew 14.6 per cent in a market up 8.3 per cent for a market share of 6.5 per cent, up 0.4 points. Sandero, Logan and Duster Oroch confirmed their success. 
Groupe Renault continued to take full advantage of the market recovery in Argentina, increasing its registrations 45.6 per cent in a market that grew 34 per cent. Market share increased 1.1 points to 13.3 per cent. Renault has benefited from the local production of Sandero and Logan since the end of 2016. 
The market in Brazil grew 4.2 per cent in the first half of the year. The group took advantage of the trend, reporting a 5.1 per cent increase in sales and a 7.4 per cent share of the market. 
In 2017, the global market should see growth of around 1.5 per cent to 2.5 per cent. The European market is still expected to grow 2 per cent over the period. The French market is expected to expand by 2 per cent. 
Outside Europe, the Russian market could grow by more than 5 per cent and the Brazilian market by 5 per cent. The growth momentum is expected to continue in China (+5 per cent) and India (+8 per cent). 
In the second half of the year, the Group will continue to take full advantage in Europe of its renewed range and internationally of the momentum of Koleos in China, Kaptur, Xray and Vesta in Russia, QM6 and SM6 in South Korea, and the new SUV range in Latin America. 
Groupe Renault therefore confirms its 2017 sales objectives with growth in sales and market share in Europe and outside Europe. 

Mercedes launches it's latest new car, and it is a Pick Up truck, The X-Class.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class at a glance
  • The Mercedes among pickups: The Mercedes-Benz X-Class unites the typical traits of a pickup - robustness, functionality, strength and off-road capabilities - with the classical characteristics of a real Mercedes - design, comfort, driving dynamics and safety.
  • Brand characteristic SUV design: With the centrally positioned star, twin-louvre radiator grille, powerfully honed bonnet and headlamps extending far into the wings, the X-Class seamlessly fits in to the Mercedes-Benz portfolio.
  • Premium effect on a new level: Three trim parts for the cockpit, six seat covers including two leather variants with contrasting topstitching, and two colours for the roof lining provide the widest choice of materials and colours in this vehicle segment.
  • A pickup to suit different lifestyles and work environments: The PURE basic variant for classic robust use, PROGRESSIVE for higher requirements in terms of quality feel and comfort, and POWER as the high-end variant for urban lifestyles.
  • Individualisation on account of a diverse range of Mercedes-Benz accessories: As from its market launch, customers can add a styling bar, side bar, canopy, various covers as well as numerous cargo and off-road solutions – all developed and designed by Mercedes.
  • Enjoyable performance with four and six cylinders: As from its market launch, customers can choose between the common rail diesel X 220 d (120 kW/163 hp) and X 250 d (140 kW/190 hp) as well as a petrol engine (122 kW/165 hp) in selected markets. A top-of-the-range V6 diesel (190kW/258hp) will be released mid-2018 occupying a leading position in the segment.
  • Driving enjoyment on a par with passenger cars: Thanks to the wide track, the spring and damping system tuned for the comfort typical of a Mercedes, and the coil springs as well as internally vented disc brakes on the front and rear, the X-Class is the first pickup that offers not just excellent off-road but also superb on-road performance.
  • All-wheel drive for any surface: The engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive with low-range gearing and optional differential lock on the rear axle masters any terrain. From the middle of next year a permanent all-wheel drive will be available.
  • Star safety: Like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the X-Class stands out for its exemplary passive and active safety equipment. This includes Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Traffic Sign Assist, among others.
  • The first intelligently connected pickup: Thanks to Mercedes me connect, X-Class customers are connected to their vehicle via smartphone at all times and can call up useful information such as the location of the vehicle or the fuel level, and navigate from door to door.
  • Attractively priced in the segment: The X-Class is available in Germany from 37,294 Euro (incl. 19 percent VAT). Market launch begins in November 2017 in Europe. South Africa and Australia will follow at the beginning of 2018, as well as Argentina and Brazil at the beginning of 2019.
The first pickup from a premium manufacturer
Pickup meets lifestyle – the Mercedes-Benz X-Class
As well as bringing the progressive design of the acclaimed Concept X-CLASS largely unchanged to standard production, the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class is uniquely versatile in terms of its area of application – it can be used as a rugged, all-terrain pickup but also as a vehicle for urban lifestyles and families. 
The X-Class pushes the boundaries of the classic pickup. It complements the prized strengths of a mid-size pickup with the typical Mercedes-Benz characteristics of driving dynamics, comfort, design, safety, connectivity and an extensive scope for individualisation. 
With this Mercedes-Benz meets the changing customer requirements and opens up the segment to new customer groups. There are three design and equipment variants to choose from as well as four or six-cylinder engines, rear-wheel drive and engageable or permanent all-wheel drive, a six-speed manual transmission and a seven-speed automatic transmission. 
In addition there are six different seat covers, including two leather variants, three sets of cockpit trim parts and a diverse range of accessories developed by Mercedes-Benz. These allow the X-Class to be modified to suit personal tastes and requirements like no other pickup, both visually and in terms of functionality. 
The market launch in Europe is scheduled for November 2017. At the beginning of 2018 South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will follow, beginning of 2019 Argentina and Brazil.
The Mercedes-Benz X-Class has been developed with the changing requirements of the international pickup markets in mind. The demand for mid-size pickups with typical passenger car characteristics and comfort features has been steadily on the rise for years. At the same time, the number of pickups for private use is increasing. 
They are no longer viewed purely as workhorses. As the first premium manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is taking these changes into account – based on its comprehensive experience and competence in developing commercial and off-road vehicles, such as the Unimog and the G-Class for tough operation, vehicles which are equally suitable for work or leisure, such as the V-Class and Vito, and passenger cars that uniquely stand for modern luxury and driving pleasure around the world.
The X-Class is aimed at very different customer groups: land owners and farmers in Argentina, business owners and building contractors in Australia, families with an affinity for premium products in Brazil, trend-conscious individualists in South Africa and Great Britain as well as sporty adventurers in New Zealand and Germany.
The Mercedes-Benz pickup is attractively priced in the segment and is available in Germany from 37,294 Euro (incl. 19 percent VAT). Further market-specific prices will be made known successively.
Tough work, plenty of pleasure: the new X-Class
Like no other pickup, the new X-Class resolves apparent contradictions: modern design and uncompromising robustness, impressive off-road capability and a high level of driving dynamics, stylish comfort and great functionality. Making the X-Class the Mercedes among pickups. 
This tough performance pickup delivers a driveability and handling that matches many demands – both with regard to driving dynamics and ride comfort. This is attained thanks to a comfort suspension with the fine tuning expected of a Mercedes. It consists of a ladder-type frame, rear multi-link solid axle, front independent wheel suspension and coil springs on both axles.
Built on this platform, the distinctive design of the X-Class is available in three model variants to suit different lifestyles and work environments:
  • The X-Class PURE basic variant is ideal for rugged, functional use. It fulfils all the demands placed on a workhorse. At the same time its comfort and design make it perfect for visiting customers or suppliers and for private activities.
  • The X-Class PROGRESSIVE is aimed at people seeking a rugged pickup with extra styling and comfort functions – as a calling card for their own business, while also being a comfortable yet prestigious vehicle for private use.
  • The X-Class POWER is the high-end design and equipment line. It is aimed at customers for whom styling, performance and comfort are paramount. The X-Class POWER is a lifestyle vehicle beyond the mainstream – suitable for urban environments as well as for sports and leisure activities off the beaten track. Through its design and high level of equipment it reflects an independent and individualistic lifestyle.
Robust character with dynamic charisma
With its progressive design, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class manages the fine balance between being both tough and stylish. 
The pickup embodies the enhanced Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity. By emphasising the surfaces and featuring stripped-down, extremely precise elements, the purist design draws attention to the basic virtues of a pickup in an emotionally appealing way – combined with almost unlimited functionality. 
The X-Class can haul a payload of up to 1.1 tonnes. That is enough to transport 17 full 50-litre barrels of beer in the cargo area. Able to tow up to 3.5 tonnes, it can also pull a trailer containing three horses or an eight-metre yacht.
Thanks to its long 3150-millimetre wheelbase, the short and cladded front overhang, the backward shifted passenger compartment and the very long rear overhang, the X-Class has an elongated vehicle body which exudes pure dynamism. The design of the side windows with their dynamic kink along the beltline and taut lines contrasting with muscular, sculpted surfaces also allude to the longitudinal dynamics. 
Widely flared wheel arches, the commanding front and the purist design of the rear all accentuate the impression of width. Together they give the pickup a powerful on-road presence and make reference to the X-Class's excellent lateral dynamics.
Powerful and commanding front with three different characters
The front has the masterful looks of one of the brand's typical SUVs – with the centrally positioned star, twin-louvre radiator grille, high and powerfully honed bonnet and headlamps extending far into the wings. 
The front apron emphasises width and has its own distinct character depending on the chosen design and equipment line. On the PURE basic variant it is unpainted and with the PROGRESSIVE design and equipment line it is painted in the vehicle colour. 
The POWER high-end model variant likewise has a bumper painted in the vehicle colour and also comes with a chromed underbody panelling. There are nine attractive exterior colours and a variety of exclusive 17, 18 or 19-inch rims to choose from across the three design and equipment lines.
Purist design for the rear with bumper including step as standard
Like the front apron, the rear bumper also varies depending on the selected design and equipment line: it is painted black for the PURE line and in the vehicle colour for the PROGRESSIVE line. The POWER line has a chromed bumper for a particularly classy look. To conveniently access the cargo area for loading and unloading, the bumper has an integral step. If the standard 90-degree tailgate opening is not adequate, as an option the X-Class can be ordered without the rear bumper. Then the tailgate opens to 180 degrees.
In terms of width, the load bed is designed in such a way that a Euro-pallet can be loaded straight between the wheel arches. The X-Class is the only mid-size pickup to be equipped with lighting in the cargo area as standard. 
The third brake light contains LED lights which illuminate the whole load bed. Operation is by a switch in the centre console. As soon as the ignition is switched on, those lights turn off automatically. A 12-volt socket to power additional equipment such as compressors, for example, is also part of the standard equipment in the load bed.
Dimensions of the X-Class
Vehicle length
5340 mm
Vehicle width
1920 mm
Vehicle height
1819 mm
3150 mm
Load bed length
1587 mm
Load bed width
1560 mm
Load bed height
474 mm
Maximum payload capacity
1042 kg
Braked towing capacity (depending on engine and equipment)
1650–3500 kg
New benchmark in comfort and quality feel

In the interior, the X-Class elevates comfort and quality feel to a new level within the segment for mid-size pickups. The instrument panel has the concave trim element typical of a Mercedes. It stretches across the entire width of the instrument panel – a novel feature in this vehicle segment. It creates an open feel and purist modernity. 
There are three trim variants to choose from for the X-Class POWER: a pixelated look in matt black, an aluminium effect with longitudinal grain and a brown matt woodgrain effect. To complement the high-quality feel, the upper section of the cockpit is available with ARTICO man-made leather in either black or nut brown. 
The characteristic round ventilation outlets add a sporty touch. Depending on the design and equipment line, these come in either high-gloss black or silver shadow, creating a high-end cool touch effect. With the PROGRESSIVE and POWER design and equipment lines, the centre console is also prominently framed by a decorative trim in silver shadow. The large door handles are also finished in silver shadow. The cool touch effect is reinforced by the freestanding central display, which is familiar from the V-Class. 
In conjunction with the COMAND Online multimedia system it has a screen diagonal of 8.4 inches, making it the biggest display in the segment. With a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels and the high-contrast IPS technology (In-Plane Switching), it offers a brilliant display that markedly increases the image quality of the 360-Degree Camera and the navigation maps.
The control and display concept shows the familiar high levels of convenience and ergonomic comfort. The instrument cluster consists of the large, analogue round dials from the C-Class and V-Class. In the X-Class PROGRESSIVE and POWER they are tubular. 
A 5.4-inch colour multimedia display is nestled between the round dials. Thanks to the push-buttons on the standard-fit three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, the settings on the colour display can be controlled without drivers having to take their hands off the steering wheel. 
The steering wheel with its 12 buttons in total is height-adjustable, thereby improving ergonomic posture and allowing a relaxed seating position. In the X-Class PROGRESSIVE and POWER, the steering wheel, shift lever knob and handbrake lever are also covered in leather. 
In conjunction with the Audio 20 CD and COMAND Online multimedia systems, and in addition to the central control unit, the X-Class contains the multifunction touchpad familiar from the passenger car model series – the multifunction touchpad is another novelty in this segment. It is located in an ergonomic position on the centre console and, like a smartphone, it can be controlled using gestures or by entering letters and characters.
Electrically adjustable comfort seats also available with lumbar support
Plenty of attention was paid to comfort when developing the seats, too. Premium materials and a seat structure featuring optimum lateral support, a high seat position and the use of ergonomically formed soft foam make sitting comfortable for both the driver and front passenger, even on longer journeys. With their clear, ergonomic and functional design, the comfort seats can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction as well as for height and backrest tilt. 
The X-Class POWER has electrically adjustable seats and electric two-way lumbar support as standard. The rear seat row for three people is positioned at a comfortable height and has reinforced seat side bolsters for optimum support in the outer seating positions. These seats are also equipped with attachment points for an i-Size/ISOFIX child seat as standard.
Widest selection of materials and colours in the segment
As well as various trim elements, there are six seat covers to choose from, including two leather variants with contrasting topstitching, and there are two colours for the roof liner as well. The X-Class thus provides the widest choice of materials and colours in this vehicle segment. The seats in the X-Class PURE are fitted with black Tunja fabric as standard. Black man-made leather is available as an option. The comfort seats in the PROGRESSIVE variant are covered in black posadas fabric. Familiar from the Mercedes-Benz passenger car model series, ARTICO man-made leather/DINAMICA microfibre in black is available if desired.
As standard, the X-Class POWER comes with ARTICO man-made leather/DINAMICA microfibre in black with additional contrasting topstitching in alpaca grey. Black leather with alpaca grey topstitching or nut brown leather with black topstitching are optionally available. 
Topstitching in a contrasting colour raises the aesthetic appeal of the seats even further. Exclusive topstitching also appears on the ARTICO man-made leather coverings on the upper section of the instrument panel, the armrests and the beltlines of the doors. 
This emphasises the premium effect of the interior as a whole. For the first time in this vehicle segment there are two variants of roof liner to choose from: macchiato beige fabric and black fabric. On the X-Class POWER, the A-pillar is also covered in fabric of the same colour.
Made-to-measure individualisation – Style Packages and an extensive range of accessories
Optional equipment as well as a specific Style Package for each of the PROGRESSIVE and POWER lines enable further individualisation. For example, side running boards and an electrically opening rear window can be added to the X-Class. What's more, Mercedes-Benz had an in-house team of designers and developers create an extensive range of accessories. 
These allow the X-Class to be modified even more to suit personal tastes and requirements–in respect to design, functionality and off-road capability. For example, there is a choice of styling bar, side bar, soft tonneau cover, hard tonneau cover and roll cover, as well as a canopy which makes the pickup look like an SUV. 
The canopy continues the X-Class's lines perfectly, merging with the vehicle body to create a distinctive silhouette. Other items available include a bed liner, a bed divider system, load-securing rails in the floor and a technical underguard.
High-torque, enjoyable performance with four and six cylinders
As from its market launch, there are two powerful and efficient four-cylinder engines to deliver spirited performance. The high-torque common-rail diesel drive system with a displacement of 2.3 litres is available with a choice of two power outputs. In the X 220 d with single turbocharger it generates 120 kW/163 hp and in the biturbo X 250 d no less than 140 kW/190 hp. 
Both diesel models are available as left- or right-hand drive vehicles with purely rear wheel drive or with engageable all-wheel drive. Due to very specific market requirements, for example in Dubai and Morocco, the 122 kW/165 hp X 200 petrol model is only available as a left-hand drive vehicle with rear wheel drive. 
All engines are characterised by quiet, low-vibration running and excellent power delivery coupled with low consumption figures. Power is transferred via a six-speed manual transmission. A seven-speed automatic transmission is available on request for the 140 kW/190 hp X 250 d and X 250 d 4MATIC models.
A high-torque V6 diesel engine will be released mid-2018, ensuring even greater agility on- and off-road. It will generate 190 kW/258 hp and a maximum torque of 550 Nm. With that the X 350 d occupies a leading position in the segment. 
The top X-Class model will come as standard with permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive and the seven-speed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS with steering-wheel shift paddles and ECO start/stop function. The DYNAMIC SELECT system is available in addition. 
To date, the inclusion of a drive program switch has been rare in the pickup segment. This technology enables the driving experience to be tailored to individual preferences – from relaxed comfort to engaged sportiness. There are five drive programs to choose from: Comfort, ECO, Sport, Manual and Offroad. These modify the engine characteristics, the automatic transmission's switching points and the ECO start/stop function.
Dynamic and comfortable driving enjoyment on a par with Mercedes-Benz passenger cars
The X-Class is the first pickup to deliver both excellent off- and on-road performance. The wide track, long wheelbase and comfortable spring and damping tuning typical of a Mercedes open up a new world of driving enjoyment and driving dynamics on the road – without resulting in compromises when off-road. A special feature in this segment: coil springs are used both at the front and the rear, which contributes to a harmonious suspension comfort. 
The comfort suspension is designed in such a way that it achieves a high level of driving dynamics and ride comfort on the road, while also delivering maximum off-road capability in conjunction with 4MATIC all-wheel drive. 
The elaborately designed comfort suspension consists of a double wishbone front axle and a rear multi-link solid axle that is ideal for transporting heavy loads and has good articulation capability. This combination ensures that the suspension is comfortable and the handling is safe given any permitted load condition.
With 1632 millimetres at the front and 1625 millimetres at the rear, the X-Class has a wider track than most competitors. This provides the ideal prerequisites for optimum driving stability and higher cornering speeds. At 3150 millimetres, the wheelbase is also longer than many other mid-size pickups. 
This reduces vibrations during the journey and makes for smooth and reliable straight-running stability. Mercedes-Benz is the only manufacturer in the segment to opt for large, internally vented brake discs on both axles as standard. The front axle has brake discs with a diameter of 32 centimetres and the rear axle with a diameter of 30.8 centimetres. Together they ensure short braking distances, good response times and high thermal capacity.
The comfort suspension is part of the standard equipment in all European markets. Its ground clearance is 202 millimetres. A 20-millimetre higher suspension is available as an optional extra. The increased ground clearance improves off-road capability even further, including a higher seat position and sharper off-road look. In all markets outside Europe, the X-Class comes with the higher suspension as standard. The safe and comfortable handling typical of a Mercedes is retained despite the higher suspension.
Engageable or permanent – 4MATIC all-wheel drive for any surface
Engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive, which is available on the X 220 d 4MATIC and X 250 d 4MATIC diesel models, masters any terrain. With it, the front wheels can be engaged or disengaged by electric means depending on the surface. 
As from mid-2018, Mercedes-Benz will also make its pickup available with permanent all-wheel drive. This will ensure that the X-Class delivers maximum performance and traction, even at top speed on roads. The permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive system will only be offered in conjunction with the six-cylinder engine. 
Off-road, both 4MATIC variants benefit from the same superior assertiveness thanks to the low-range gearing and optional differential lock on the rear axle. All the all-wheel drive models come with Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR) on board as standard.
Excellent off-road characteristics
Fording depth
600 mm
Ground clearance
Front axle 202 mm
Rear axle 221 mm for suspension with raised ground clearance
Angle of approach/departure front/rear
30.1°/25.9° for suspension with raised ground clearance
Maximum tilt
49° for suspension with raised ground clearance
Ramp breakover angle
22° for suspension with raised ground clearance
Maximum gradeability

Comprehensive range of safety equipment

Like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the X-Class stands out for its exemplary level of safety. The pickup bearing the star comes with a comprehensive array of comfort and safety equipment that is exceptional in this vehicle segment. 
The X-Class’s high level of occupant protection results from its especially solid car body with a high-strength passenger cell and a structure with a front and rear that can absorb energy through well-aimed deformation. Furthermore, passive safety is provided thanks to standard equipment such as seven airbags and the i-Size attachment system for two child seats. 
The airbags in the front for driver and front passenger come with a two-stage, deferred triggering mechanism. For active safety, three driver assistance systems are at the ready, simultaneously increasing safety and comfort: Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Traffic Sign Assist. Additionally, there are Trailer Stability Assist, tyre pressure monitoring system, emergency call system, cruise control and LED headlamps that deliver the brightest light output in the segment thanks to six LEDs respectively. 
If required, a 360-Degree Camera is available in addition to a reversing camera. Given this extensive level of equipment, the X-Class perfectly fulfils the requirements placed on a modern family and lifestyle vehicle.
The first intelligently connected mid-size pickup
The X-Class is the first mid-size pickup to feature a communications module with an integrated SIM card. This makes it possible to use the extensive Mercedes me connect services and to access the vehicle by smartphone. Thus X-Class drivers in 21 European markets can, for example, call up useful information such as fuel level and tyre pressure, and find out the X-Class's location when it is parked or being driven by someone else. 
In addition, with the Mercedes me app complete door-to-door navigation is possible. Further Mercedes me connect services include the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system and the standard services Breakdown Management, Accident Recovery and Maintenance Management as well as Remote Vehicle Diagnostics.
In addition to this, control and display systems – that have already been used successfully in the Mercedes-Benz passenger car model series – are being introduced in the mid-size pickup segment for the first time: these include the multifunction touchpad and fully integrated COMAND Online multimedia system with hard-disk navigation, LINGUATRONIC voice control and internet access via smartphone. Other than COMAND Online, the proven Audio 20 USB and Audio 20 CD audio systems are also available.
First pickup with Live Traffic Information
Transferring traffic information in real time is a further highlight of intelligent connectivity thanks to the communications module with an integrated SIM card. In conjunction with an account in the Mercedes me portal, and within Europe, the COMAND Online navigation system can show the beginning and length of a traffic jam on a map to within 100 metres of the exact position and compute a dynamic route with shorter travel times. The potential loss of time is taken into account automatically in real time for the arrival time displayed by COMAND Online navigation. 
The system also provides a 3D view with three-dimensional urban models, making orientation in unfamiliar city centres easier. Moreover, special personal destinations can be saved or imported via SD card, and four alternate routes can be displayed on the navigation map, one of them a particularly economical variation.
In conjunction with the optional Garmin® MAP PILOT system, in most European countries the Audio 20 CD also becomes a fully-fledged navigation system with Live Traffic Information. With both systems, X-Class drivers benefit from early information about disturbances such as traffic jams, increased traffic volumes or other possible delays along the route, allowing them to adjust their route planning in good time. The relevant pre-installation for the Garmin® MAP PILOT is likewise available as an option.
Portfolio expansion in production cooperation with Renault-Nissan
With the X-Class, Mercedes-Benz Vans is expanding its portfolio to a fourth model series and is closing the gap between commercial vehicles and passenger cars. As such, the pickup marks another milestone in the growth strategy "Mercedes-Benz Vans goes global".
The pickup with the star is being manufactured in a production cooperation with the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Production for the markets in Europe, Australia and South Africa will start at the Nissan plant in Barcelona, Spain, in 2017. 
The X-Class for the Latin American market will roll off the assembly lines at the Renault plant in Cordoba, Argentina, starting from 2019. With the pickup, Daimler AG and the Renault-Nissan Alliance are expanding their strategic cooperation which began seven years ago. This affords Mercedes-Benz fast and cost-efficient entrance to the high-growth segment of mid-size pickups. In addition, both companies benefit from optimal utilisation of the production capacity. 
Nissan is the second-largest manufacturer of mid-size pickups with a payload of one tonne in the world, and can look back on more than 80 years of experience in producing and marketing these types of vehicles.

The new Impreza from Subaru, gets it's European Debut at the next Frankfurt Show.

  • Second model in Europe to feature Subaru’s new global platform.
  • Fully redesigned. Packed with award-winning safety features including EyeSight as standard.
  • Unveiling during Subaru press conference on 12 September 2017.
Subaru are pleased to announce that the All-New Impreza will be unveiled at the 67th Frankfurt International Motor Show on the 12th September.
Impreza has been built to be safe and secure with a fun driving experience, and comes equipped with Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system and Boxer engine. Impreza is the second model to launch on the Subaru Global Platform and has an 5mm lower centre of gravity than outgoing Impreza, improving handling stability, hazard avoidance and increasing steering response.
New safety features are fitted as standard including EyeSight, Subaru’s advanced driver assist technology. The new iteration aims to offer world-class collision safety for total peace of mind and an engaging driving experience.
Across the globe, the All-New Impreza was awarded Japanese Car of the Year in December 2016. Impreza has also received high safety scores at the crash safety evaluations in the regions where tests have been conducted. In the US, Impreza made the Wards 10 Best Interiors list for interior design and styling, and for its easy-to-use multimedia system.
The Impreza model was first launched in 1992. Since then, approximately 2.5 million units have been sold worldwide and 250,000 units across Europe.

Auto Express names the new Discovery as it's Car of the Year for 2017.

  • British-built SUV scoops two major trophies at prestigious ceremony
  • Four Awards for BMW including Best Electric Car for the i3
  • Skoda wins four Awards, including Best Family Car for the second year running and Best Integrated Ad Campaign
British brand Land Rover has scooped the coveted Auto Express Car of the Year award for its new Discovery at a ceremony in Central London. The Discovery was voted the best new car on the market, with judges commending its innovation in technology, quality and comfort. The model was also named the Best Large Premium SUV for 2017.
The Auto Express New Car Awards celebrate the best cars on sale, from city cars to performance models. Voted for by the expert reviewers at Auto Express, every single model on sale is analysed according to specific criteria, with only the very best cars making the winners’ list.
Steve Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of Auto Express, said: "The new Land Rover Discovery is an incredible car, bringing new levels of luxury and go-anywhere ability to the SUV class. 
It rivals the very best cars you can buy for quality and refinement, offers all the practicality a family could ever need, will wow buyers with amazing technology they won't have seen before and offer a level of efficiency you wouldn't expect for this size and class of car. On top of all that, it's brilliantly built by the guys and girls working for Land Rover in the Midlands. It's a great British success story."
Another big winner on the night was Skoda, taking home four trophies: Best Family Car for the Skoda Superb, Best Estate Car for the Octavia, Best Large SUV for the Kodiaq and Best Integrated Ad Campaign for Skoda-Reconnect starring Sir Bradley Wiggins.
The Technology Award was given to BMW for its advanced range of plug-in cars, plus its industry-leading connectivity and autonomous tech. BMW also took home the newly launched Best Electric Car Award, for its i3, while the 5 Series won Best Executive Car. The brand also won the Best Social Media Campaign Award for BMW Genius Live.
Other British-built winners, in addition to the Land Rover Discovery, were the Jaguar XE, which was named Best Compact Executive for the third year running, and the Swindon-built Honda Civic Type R, which was crowned Best Hot Hatch. Jaguar also won the reader-voted Design Award for the I-Pace Concept.
Auto Express New Car Awards Winners 2017

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