I will try my best to provide detailed info on various cars and what is like to live with them, I have already produced a few for Jaguar-car-forums, I will do my best to be unbiased, but it will be hard for some cars. I will re-produce press releases and copy from other motoring news.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Teaser shot of new jaguar SUV

The C-X17 has been created as a design study to introduce Jaguar’s new, highly-advanced, modular aluminium architecture.

The concept illustrates the diversity of vehicles that could be produced using this architecture, which underpins the innovative future of the Jaguar brand.

Jaguar will also display its newly introduced production models at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

These will include the recently launched ‘R’ performance models – the XJR and XFR-S – as well as the XF Sportbrake and highly-acclaimed F-TYPE.

Please see information below for details of Jaguar

Sunday, 1 September 2013

TMW - Marshall's Motor Group, how to lose sales and alienate people.

Today is the second busiest day of the year for car sales, each year the 1st of September and the 1st March are number plate change days, so it is no surprise to find that a number of new cars are going to be handed over to eager and happy new owners, but before anyone hands over any money there is the usual tooing and froing of haggling, and freebies and so on, before the dealer then tries to get you to take out finance and various other high price low value extras that can be had elsewhere for far far less than the finance and extra packages the dealers try their damned hardest to sell you.

It is here then that my experience with a large motor group begins, I was some while ago registered disabled and therefore was unable to do a lot of the usual things that i loved to do, track days, road tests etc until I stabilised enough to be able to drive comfortably again, I was given a benefit that enabled me to get a car on what is called the motability scheme, a scheme that gets people back on the road in cars more suitable for their needs, and it was this scheme that got me into my first motability car.

I collected my MINI Countryman 2.0 Cooper SD ALL4, now that's a mouthful, about 14 months ago, and initially it was fine, it wasn't until a few weeks later that my back and hips began to hurt again, and after trying to work out why, it always happened after i had driven the car, it turned out that the MINI dealer that allowed us to have an extended drive in a Countryman had failed, on purpose I suspect, to advise that, that car had the run flat tyres removed, and on my car they would be added.

Over the following months i drove the car less and less until I was advised to contact motability to see if they could help, and they did, they advised that I could hand back the MINI at a nominal fee to me £100 (admin charges) and I could then locate another car that would now be better suited to me new needs, this was brilliant, the two people I spoke with at motability could not have been more helpful and pleasant, so I decided to take my time and locate a number of vehicles through the Internet, car magazines and personal taste that I think might be suitable and then go from their.

Within the motability website it clearly states and I quote 

"To find out whether a car is suitable, it’s worth taking more than one test drive and to take your time during the session. A quick drive around the block may not be enough to get an idea of whether the car is right for you. It’s best to test out different types of roads, especially those you regularly use, including dual carriageways, minor roads with speed bumps and even places to park. If you regularly travel long distances, you will need a long test drive."

So off we went, I initially emailed a number of dealers Marshalls, Ford, Peugeot, Volvo Vindis Skoda and Cecil & Larter Volvo, all local dealers to me, the only one that ever got back to me was Vindis Skoda, and they refused point blank to allow me to have an extended test drive, stating their insurance does not cover it, but will sit beside me while i drove around, now don't get me wrong, for some that would be acceptable, but I don't like being in a car with car dealers as they talk to you and constantly want to point out the cars good points while getting you to avoid the poor points.

I get uncomfortable in the company of people I don't know, so driving with strangers does not make for a good combination, so I had to leave that, which was very unfortunate as I really liked the Skoda Yeti, and the 1.2 DSG SE would have been an ideal car, as long as was able to drive it comfortably, which I was not able to do, I have never come across ANY other dealer that wont do extended test drives especially for a motability customer.

Now on to Marshall's, for those not in the know, they are one of the biggest privately owned dealership chains in the UK, with many brands from Ford to Jaguar, Citroen to Land Rover and many more in between, the company started life in Cambridge and has the biggest multi-chain dealership area's with Land Rover, jaguar, Ford, Citroen, Volvo, SEAT, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, a used car site as well as commercial sales located behind the main sales area.

It has to be seen to be believed, and for the consumer it is great to have so much choice in a smallish area, but i digress, I visited all the dealers and narrowed it down to Ford and Volvo, I visited both, and spoke with sales staff at both, advised of what I wanted and why, both agreed that an extended drive would be no issue, but neither had the cars that i wanted to try, The Volvo V40 Cross Country D2 auto, and the Ford B-Max Titanium powershift and C-Max Powershift.

Both dealers agreed that they could get a car/s for me to try and that was that, I thought great, can't wait, I got an email later in the day from the Ford dealer with a C-Max brochure attached which I was aware would be coming, and that gave me plenty to read along with the B-Max literature I was given there, I was also given the V40 CC booklet to read whilst i waited for a car to arrive.

So I thought right, all I need to do now is wait to hear from the dealers, they have all my details, all my requirements, so there should be no issues, how wrong could I be, I got a call from the Volvo dealer the next day, asking why i visited the day before, and could he assist, I suppose it didn't help when he said he had no idea why I called in, and had no details about my visit, less than 24 hours previously, he was not aware that a car was being sourced for me to try or even that I was a motability customer, he said that he would locate the details and call me right back, that was nearly two weeks ago.

Ford on the other hand, was ok initially, i again advised what i needed and why, and the young lady said that she could locate the relevant cars for me to test, she even got online to show that these cars were available, she gave me the relevant costs involved, and was more than happy to assist, as I said above i got an email with the C-Max info attached, and that has been that, not a peep since, and again that was nearly two weeks ago.

The Ford dealership at Cambridge Marshall's used to be Rover-MG and I purchased a brand new MG ZS their back in 2004, the salesman  then was not to bright to be honest, he tried to fob off a damaged car (bonnet was dented) and said that if we waited he would swap with another one they had, WHAT, you serious, try and fob it off on another customer, was not happy, needless to say I did not do that and they never fixed it at first service like they said they would, I should have realised that, that dealership was not up to snuff.

Today 01/09/2013 we went for a walk, as it helps keep my muscles and other bits and pieces active, along the Marshalls dealerships, we popped into Volvo to see if the person i saw originally was there, which they were not, but the three guys in there, inspired little, they looked miserable and we never had a smile out of any of them, so we left and tried the new SEAT Leon, a lovely looking car, but i could not get in or out of it with ease, but the salesman there tried his best to gloss over that fact and encouraged us to buy the car.

Um, no, I cant get in or out without discomfort or without ease, so no, I am not getting this car, at which point he just walked away, no thank you, or if there is anything else etc, just walk away mid sentence, how bloody rude is that. I was losing the will to live by now, with rude salesmen, and three that really did not want to be there, let alone have anything to do with a customer, we walked past Citroen and got a hello and can we help, which we politely declined, but we still got a sweetie each.

Then to Ford, as We got to the wide opened door, I saw the salesman that sold me my MG, he saw me and slammed the door to the office he was in and the guy he was talking to turned to look our way and laughed, so Marshall's Ford, you can get stuffed, your attitude is diabolical, your staff are rude and ignorant and as far as I am concerned I will advise anyone that asks to avoid you, I am a customer, I have caused you no issues, I have never complained about you, or made any comments that would cause such rudeness.

The only thing that you did I did not like was to try and fob me off with damaged products and then to get round it swap it with someone else's car so they have a damaged one, and that's just not on, so i declined, on the assumption you would repair it which you never ever did, how is that these people are still employed, why is that the customer has to put up with such blatant rudeness, and why is that these dealers at marshall;;s never do what they say they are going to do.

For a supposed family run business, it is more like a couldn't care less about the customer business, and for someone that has issues which require specific needs it makes the whole episode stressful and one that now requires me to go further afield to get a car that i should be able to get just two minutes up the road,.

ŠKODA produces 4,000,000th Octavia

  •  ‘Heart of the brand’ - ŠKODA Octavia - setting new standards in the compact segment for almost 17 years
  •  Millions sold: Best-selling ŠKODA ever
  •  Winner: new ŠKODA Octavia successfully launched
  •  International success model: production in the Czech Republic, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine  and from 2014 in China

ŠKODA has just produced the 4,000,000th ŠKODA Octavia. The anniversary vehicle – a third-generation Octavia in ‘Race-Blue’ rolled off the production line today at the Mladá Boleslav main plant. The ŠKODA Octavia has been setting standards in the compact segment since 1996 and is by far the brand’s best-selling model.

​“Four million Octavias produced – this impressive figure represents the great success of the model and brand,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “As the ‘heart of the brand’, the Octavia has decisively shaped ŠKODA’s outstanding development and made the company what it is today – an internationally successful manufacturer, present on over 100 markets worldwide. We are continuing this development with the third generation. The new Octavia is once again a winner with its excellent ŠKODA genes.  It is the largest, lightest, safest, most practical, comfortable and environmentally friendly Octavia ever.”

The Octavia has always been the epitome of a ŠKODA: timelessly elegant design, above-average space, highest functionality, many Simply Clever features, sophisticated modern technology, quality and precision and not least unbeatable value for money. The launch of the third generation in early 2013 topped all of that again.  The new Octavia offers mid-class qualities for the price of a compact, now more than ever.

At its launch in October 1996, the Octavia was the first completely new ŠKODA model after the fall of the Iron Curtain and marked the start of the partnership between ŠKODA and Volkswagen. Nearly four million Octavias had been delivered to customers worldwide between 1996 and July 2013 - around 38% of the brand’s total sales in this period, making the Octavia the undisputed best seller in the 118-year history of the company.

This also makes the new Octavia the most important model in the most comprehensive product campaign in ŠKODA’s corporate history. The manufacturer is promoting its high-impact path of growth with a powerful model extravaganza. The aim of this growth strategy is to increase the number of vehicle sales worldwide to at least 1.5 million per year by 2018.

In the first half of 2013, the Czechs presented their new bestseller in four versions: the saloon, the Combi and Combi 4x4 as well as the sporty Octavia RS – with a top speed of 248 km/h, making it the fastest series-produced Octavia ever. As the cornerstone of ŠKODA’s growth strategy, the Octavia is an international success story. In addition to its manufacture at ŠKODA’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav, the compact car is also produced in Russia (Nizhny Novgorod), India (Aurangabad), Ukraine (Solomonovo) and Kazakhstan (Ust-Kamenogorsk).  Additional production is also planned from 2014 in China; ŠKODA’s strongest individual market.  “The ŠKODA Octavia is a car for Europe and the world, now more than ever,” says Vahland.

Bentley expands presence in Sweden with new city centre showroom

  • Bentley expands presence in Sweden with new city centre showroom
  • New Stockholm premises represent long-term investment in the region and bring the brand closer to main customer base
  • Malmö location continues as service and pre-owned sales centre
  • New showroom opening coincides with regional premiere of Flying Spur luxury sedan
Bentley today announced the opening of a new dealership in Stockholm, expanding the luxury British marque’s presence in the Swedish market.

The new showroom is located on Grev Turegatan, a major thoroughfare located in one of Stockholm’s main designer shopping districts, bringing the brand closer to its main customer base in the city and representing a significant long-term investment in the region.  Bentley’s current premises in Sweden, located in the southern city of Malmö, will continue to serve customers in the south of the country, operating as an official Bentley aftersales and pre-owned sales centre.

Filip Larsson, Managing Director, Bentley Stockholm, commented: “The opening of our new showroom in Stockholm is a great moment for Bentley in Sweden.  With their all-year round, effortless driveability, Bentley cars have always been extremely popular with customers here.  Bringing our sales centre closer to our main customer base will strengthen Bentley’s position in Sweden even further.”

During the dealership’s official opening, Bentley Stockholm also presented the new Flying Spur to local customers for the first time.  The new model blends effortless driveability, exquisite luxury and craftsmanship, sculpted design and state-of-the-art technology.  It is powered by Bentley’s 6.0-litre, twin turbo W12 engine, and permanent all-wheel drive ensures the Flying Spur puts all 625 PS to the road, sprinting from 0-100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds.

Bentley sales in Europe during the first half of 2013 grew by 22 per cent compared to the same period last year, and the company has ambitious plans to achieve further sales growth, through new model introductions like the Flying Spur and significant expansion of its dealer network.

Arrival of new 2014 Ford F-150 STX SuperCrew® gives customers full range of cab options

  • Arrival of new 2014 Ford F-150 STX SuperCrew® gives customers full range of cab options on value-oriented pickup; stylish new STX Sport Package now available as well
  • Ford F-150 STX comes standard with 3.7-liter V6 engine, delivering an EPA-estimated 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway; Ford F-150 also offers the half-ton segment’s only available compressed natural gas prep package
  • SuperCrew offers customers more cabin space and four doors to accommodate crews on a work site or a family night out

Ford, America’s truck leader, adds the 2014 Ford F-150 STX SuperCrew® and STX Sport Package to its lineup, offering entry-level and value-oriented truck customers capable, roomy and stylish new options.

“With the rapidly expanding full-size pickup market continuing to benefit from economic growth and replacement demand, price-conscious buyers are returning looking for an affordable truck with space, capability and style,” said Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Adding the Ford F-150 STX SuperCrew and the new STX Sport Package to our 2014 lineup gives these truck shoppers more value-oriented F-150 models to consider.”

The F-150 STX SuperCrew meets the needs of first-time and returning value-conscious pickup truck customers, especially those who need to transport a crew to a job site or take the family on a trip.
Positioned between the work-ready XL and popular XLT models, STX offers upgraded exterior and interior features beyond what’s usually available for entry-level crew cab pickups:

  • Body-color front bumper fascia, grille surrounds, and front and rear step bumpers
  • Power Equipment Group, which includes power door locks, integrated keyhead transmitter remotes, power one-touch up/down windows and sideview mirrors, Illuminated Entry System and perimeter alarm
  • 17-inch machined aluminum wheels
  • Audio input jack
  • Cruise control
  • Customer information display
  • MyKey® , a programmable feature that allows fleet owners and parents to limit top speed and audio volume, and set speed-alert chimes to encourage safer driving
  • Outside temperature display
  • Front-row 40/20/40 premium cloth bench seat
  • Driver manual lumbar adjust
  • Air conditioning
  • AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • AM/FM stereo with single CD player

Ford F-150 STX comes standard with a 302-horsepower, 278-lb.-ft.-of-torque 3.7-liter V6 engine, delivering an EPA-estimated 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. Ford F-150 also offers the half-ton segment’s only available compressed natural gas prep package.

A 5.0-liter V8 rated at 360 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque is also available, enabling STX SuperCrew to tow up to 9,500 pounds when properly equipped.

For buyers looking for extra style and personalization, the new STX Sport Package, available in all cab configurations, strengthens vehicle appearance with custom-inspired details.

The new STX Sport Package adds:

  • 20-inch machined aluminum painted wheels with P275/55R20 tires
  • Black billet grille with body-color surround
  • Black tubular running boards
  • Black and Gray Piston cloth front seats (40/console/40 on SuperCab and SuperCrew, 40/20/40 on Regular Cab)
  • Color-coordinated carpet
  • Unique box decals

Ford is offering this new configuration at a time when truck sales continue to be a bright spot in the economy. Sales of full-size pickups through July are up 23 percent, compared to an industry that is up 8 percent, making it the fastest growth segment this year. Through July, 427,935 Ford F-Series pickups have been sold. Ford F-Series is America’s best-selling vehicle for 31 consecutive years and best-selling truck for 36 consecutive years.

The 2014 Ford F-150 STX model lineup starts under $30,000. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for STX SuperCrew starts at $33,145 for the 4x2 version with 3.7-liter V6 and $37,570 for the 4x4 with 5.0-liter V8. Current available discounts reduce the final price of the STX Sport Package, and F-150 Equipment Group 201A featuring the Trailer Tow Package, SYNC® voice-activated controls and SiriusXM Satellite Radio, to $980. Destination charges are $1,095.

Ford Fusion continues great sales in the US, where the hell is the European version ?

  • With 1,400 new jobs and a $555 million investment, Flat Rock Assembly Plant begins Ford Fusion production
  • Production added to improve tight availability of Ford Fusion; U.S. Fusion sales up 13 percent this year
  • Ford will hire almost 6,500 workers in the U.S. this year to support new products, growth and investment; company has added more than three-quarters of the 12,000 hourly jobs it committed to add in the U.S. by 2015

Supported by 1,400 new employees, the new Ford Fusion will roll off the line at Flat Rock Assembly Plant today, marking the first time the popular car has been built in the United States.

The move expands Fusion availability by more than 30 percent – up to 350,000 units annually – as the midsize sedan is setting sales records for Ford.

“With its bold design and great fuel economy, Fusion has exceeded all of our expectations, with demand outstripping supply,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas. “Fusion in Flat Rock is a win for all of our stakeholders – including customers, employees and dealers. At the same time, Ford is continuing its massive investment in America by creating another 1,400 jobs.”

The 1,400 new employees Ford hired to support added production at Flat Rock Assembly Plant puts the company more than 75 percent of the way toward its goal of creating 12,000 hourly jobs in the United States by 2015. In 2013 alone, Ford is hiring nearly 6,500 new hourly and salaried employees in the U.S. to support products, growth and investment.

Strong Fusion sales
Fusion sales – up 13 percent in the U.S. this year – remain very strong. Through July, Ford sold more than 181,000 Fusions, 21,000 more than were sold in the same period last year. Fusion vehicles are selling in fewer than 20 days in such key markets as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami, compared with the industry average of approximately 60 days. The high-end Fusion Titanium is turning even faster in these markets – fewer than 15 days on dealer lots.

Demand for Fusion is growing as the sedan continues to win over buyers from other automakers, particularly Asian manufacturers, with a competitive conquest rate of 50 percent.

Fusion has earned accolades from customers and influential publications, winning seven major awards in its first nine months of production.

Featuring a sleek silhouette and fresh face, the new Fusion is the latest in a series of vehicles from Ford – following the 2011 Fiesta subcompact and 2012 Focus small car – developed to serve customers who want leading fuel efficiency, smart technologies and game-changing design.

Fusion is the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, underscoring Ford’s commitment to give customers the power of choice. Fusion Hybrid is EPA-certified with a best-in-class 47 mpg city, 47 mpg highway and 47 mpg combined fuel economy rating.

Customers can choose from Fusion’s widest-ever portfolio of fuel-efficient powertrains, including EcoBoost® gasoline-powered, hybrid and plug-in hybrid, automatic and manual transmission offerings and Auto Start-Stop technology.

With seven must-have technologies – including a Lane-Keeping System, adaptive cruise control, active park assist and MyFord Touch® – Fusion demonstrates Ford’s commitment to deliver features customers truly want and value in their vehicles.

Flat Rock transformation
“We are thrilled to have added production of Fusion at Flat Rock Assembly Plant – not just for our dedicated workforce here, but for the entire metro Detroit community and the associated jobs it will create,” said UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles. “Together with the domestic automakers and through the collective bargaining process, we are able to bring jobs to the U.S. that were previously located offshore. Fusion production in Flat Rock is a key part of that.”

To prepare Flat Rock’s newest hires to build Fusion, a simulated factory has been introduced to provide hands-on training in a real-world environment. The simulated factory allows workers to master the tasks they may be performing on the line. It also is expected to help reduce employee attrition and improve overall manufacturing and safety.

As part of a $555 million investment, Flat Rock Assembly Plant has added a state-of-the-art, fully flexible body shop to allow multiple models to be produced on the same assembly line, supporting Ford’s flexible manufacturing efforts.

“We have completely transformed Flat Rock Assembly Plant to help prepare for Fusion production. These upgrades have allowed us to ensure we are building the highest-quality cars,” said Tim Young, plant manager, Flat Rock Assembly Plant.

Ford also has upgraded the plant’s paint shop with installation of its three-wet paint process. It is more environmentally friendly and takes less time than conventional paint processes, without compromising vehicle paint quality or durability.

Other technologies incorporated at Flat Rock include laser brazing, a form of welding that will be used on Fusion to attach the roof of the car to the body with a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing seam. In 2014, dirt detection technology will be introduced at Flat Rock to ensure optimal paint and surface quality, leading to smoother, shinier cars.

Flat Rock Assembly Plant also produces the iconic Ford Mustang, now in its 50th year. The plant recently celebrated the 1 millionth Mustang built at the facility. With the addition of Fusion production, Flat Rock Assembly Plant will have approximately 3,000 employees working two shifts at full line speed.

The Flat Rock factory has been producing vehicles since 1987, when it opened as Mazda Motor Manufacturing USA and built the Mazda MX-6. Ford purchased a 50 percent share in the facility in 1992, and it was renamed AutoAlliance International. During the years, the plant has produced the Mazda 626, Mazda6, Mercury Cougar and Ford Probe.

Fusion also is produced at Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico. Chongqing Assembly Plant 1 in China also builds the car, which is known as the Ford Mondeo in other markets globally.

Nissan's two model Flagship Maxima has revised equipment and pricing for 2014

Nissan today announced U.S. pricing for its flagship 2014 Nissan Maxima, which is on sale now at Nissan dealers nationwide. Maxima offers sports sedan styling, a driver-oriented cockpit, ample comfort and luxury, and an advanced drivetrain led by Nissan's 290-horsepower 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve VQ-series V6 engine and standard Xtronic CVT® with manual and "DS" (drive sport) modes with available paddle shifters.

Enhancements for the 2014 model year include:

Addition of a Limited Edition Package (on 3.5 S models), priced at $750 USD, featuring smoked appearance headlights, Xenon headlights, compass in rearview mirror, 18-inch aluminum-alloy Dark Hyper Silver wheels, rear spoiler, fog lights, outside mirrors with integrated turn signals and metallic trim treatment

SV grade adds standard RearView Monitor, USB connectivity and 7.0-inch color monitor with QVGA display, SiriusXM Satellite Radio (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately), USB connectivity and Xenon headlights

Two new exterior colors: Gun Metallic and Midnight Garnet (eight available exterior colors total)
Maxima's wide range of available technology includes a Bose® premium audio system with nine speakers and Nissan Hard Drive Navigation system with NavTraffic Real-Time Traffic information and NavWeather (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately) and Voice Recognition.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices* (MSRP) for the 2014 Nissan Maxima:

Maxima 3.5 S   $31,000 USD
Maxima 3.5 SV  $34,090 USD
Destination and Handling $810.

Nissan's NV200 is on track to reach a sales milestone of 200,000 cumulative units by the end of the fiscal year.

  • Award-winning Nissan NV200 compact van is a key part of the company's push to become the world's leading LCV manufacturer
  • Cumulative sales have topped 170,000 units, will reach 200,000 units by the end of fiscal year 2013
  • The Nissan NV200 is the base vehicle for the specially designed and equipped New York City "Taxi of Tomorrow"
Nissan's NV200 is on track to reach a sales milestone of 200,000 cumulative units by the end of the fiscal year.

The award-winning compact van is a key global growth vehicle for Nissan, which is seeking to become the world's leading manufacturer of LCVs by the end of fiscal year 2016 (April 2016-March 2017).

The Nissan NV200 is now sold in more than 40 countries after recent launches in the United States and South Africa. It offers outstanding cargo space and class-leading cost of ownership. Best performance for maneuverability, drivability and load accessibility are matched to attractive design.

The NV200 is the base vehicle for New York's "Taxi of Tomorrow." In Japan, the NV200 Vanette taxi makes an innovative contribution to the country's barrier-free public transportation infrastructure. Wheelchair users can roll on and off the vehicle through the rear door with no impediments.

The Nissan NV200 has won awards in many different parts of the world including 2010 International Van of the Year award in Europe and the 2010 Commercial Delivery Van (CDV) of the Year in China. It was awarded the 2011 Universal Design Award from Universal Design GMbH, a German organization dedicated to promoting the convergence of design and the emerging importance of customer needs, as well as the 2011 Universal Design Consumer's Favorite Award, making the first time in the automotive industry that one vehicle was awarded both accolades.

US demand makes NISMO branded Nissans hit sales targets

Sales of the JUKE NISMO topped 3,700 units in Europe, Japan and the U.S. between launch in January and the end of July. Based on Nissan’s innovative crossover, the JUKE NISMO is a global model and was the first of a new sporty line up of cars aimed at bringing excitement to customers.

Following in the footsteps of the JUKE NISMO, the Z NISMO was newly introduced into European market. It had earlier been marketed as the Fairlady Z Version NISMO in Japan and 370Z NISMO in the U.S. The Z NISMO is now accounting for 15 to 30 percent of Nissan Z model sales depending on market.

The March NISMO is the third model in the NISMO lineup. Announced in June, the first vehicle deliveries are scheduled for December. Many orders have already been received from customers.

"We are delighted to see that our NISMO models are well perceived by the markets," said show Shoichi Miyatani, NISMO Business Office head of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd and President of Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. "We are encouraged to introduce further models into the markets, which will surely provide additional thrills and excitement to customer’s lives."

Nissan is promising a rapid pace of introduction of even more NISMO models, at least one model every year during the Nissan Power88 period, encompassing the breadth of the Nissan road car range. This will include the flagship of Nissan's performance and technology, the GT-R. Development of the GT-R NISMO is on track in Japan with the car expected to go on sale in 2014.

"The Nissan GT-R NISMO is the GT-R with which we pursue pure performance," says Hiroshi Tamura, Nissan GT-R and NISMO Chief Product Specialist. "It is for people who search for true performance with pure motorsports flavor. Its development is on schedule, and I can’t wait to see the model introduced into the markets."

NISMO: Our hearts are racing

NISMO is expanding its activities to become a major road-going production vehicle brand bringing innovation and excitement to the Nissan range, but its origins and passion lie in motorsports, and particularly the highly competitive disciplines of endurance and touring-car racing.

NISMO competes at the highest levels of GT and sports car racing including the World Endurance Championship. In Japan NISMO is this season chasing an unprecedented third successive SUPER GT championship.
NISMO is also dominant in engine manufacturing. At Le Mans in 2013, a staggering 15 out of 22 LM P2 cars were powered by the NISMO-tuned Nissan VK45DE V8 engine, including the top five finishers. At next year’s Le Mans, NISMO will race the NISMO ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Race Car) out of the famous Garage 56.

Nissan and NISMO innovate not only in racing cars, but also racing drivers. Through GT Academy Nissan has turned virtual-reality-gamers into real-life-racers.

Recent major NISMO racing accomplishments:

  • In 2012, NISMO developed the Nissan GT-R racecars that won the driver’s and team titles in SUPER GT
  • Nissan engine-powered LMP2 cars dominated the Top 5 in its class at the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Nissan GT-R NISMOGT3, competing in the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series Pro-Am Championship, scored an overall win at Silverstone and a well-earned 3rd-place finish with all gamer lineup from the famous Nissan GT Academy at Spa-Francorchamps.

About Nissan North America
In North America, Nissan's operations include automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing, sales and marketing, distribution and manufacturing. Nissan is dedicated to improving the environment under the Nissan Green Program and has been recognized as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. More information on Nissan in North America and the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles can be found online at www.NissanUSA.com and www.InfinitiUSA.com, or visit the Americas media sites NissanNews.com and InfinitiNews.com.

About Nissan
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan's second-largest automotive company, is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Operating with more than 236,000 employees globally, Nissan sold more than 4.9 million vehicles and generated revenue of 9.6 trillion yen (USD 116.16 billion) in fiscal 2012. Nissan delivers a comprehensive range of over 60 models under the Nissan and Infiniti brands. In 2010, Nissan introduced the Nissan LEAF, and continues to lead in zero-emission mobility. The LEAF, the first mass-market, pure-electric vehicle launched globally, is now the best-selling EV in history.

Roger Moore's Volvo P1800 ST 1 to showcase at Manchester

The car made famous by Roger Moore back in the 60’s TV series ‘The Saint’ visits Manchester for the first time on September 21st and 22nd at The Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show, EventCity, Trafford Centre.

The iconic Volvo P1800 was found rotting away in a Welsh barn over 20 years ago after a long search by keen Volvo enthusiast Kevin Price. When he finally found and confirmed the identity of the car Kevin discovered it was almost unrecognisable as the sporty white coupe so synonymous with 60’s TV glamour. The bodywork was all but destroyed, the engine was in rusty pieces all over the back seat and essentially the car was only good for the scrapyard. This is where it would have ended up had Kevin not had the foresight to seek it out and save it, recognising the vehicle’s unique history.

Now, after a huge restoration project spanning decades, the car is back to its former glory and has recently moved under its own power for the very first time.

Kevin Price, of the Volvo Enthusiasts Club said: “We’re very excited to be showing the original car from the Saint TV series in Manchester at The Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show on September the 21st and 22nd at EventCity. This will be the first time the car has ever been seen at a show anywhere having been completely finished in every way. I might even give it a good ‘run out’ and drive it there from Bewdley rather than trailer it. I’m sure we’ll turn a few heads!”

Show organiser Andy Rouse said: “We’re very excited to be bringing a top quality classic motoring event to Manchester and the North West of England. The response from the classic motoring community in the region has been superb and the cars we’ve got lined up are simply wonderful. The Saint car is a project we’ve been aware of over the years and it’ll be great to see the final results of Kevin’s incredible hard work and dedication. We look forward to seeing everyone at Event City on Sept 21st and 22nd.”

Footman James’ managing director Andy Fairchild added: “We are looking forward to seeing the Volvo P1800 again as, having sponsored the car’s restoration; it holds a special place in the hearts of many people here at Footman James.  Supporting restorations, such as the Volvo P1800 enables enthusiasts to breathe new life into the classics of yesteryear, ensuring they take centre stage once more and thus securing the future of the industry for all.  I am sure the car will be a huge crowd pleaser at the Manchester show.”