I will try my best to provide detailed info on various cars and what is like to live with them, I have already produced a few for Jaguar-car-forums, I will do my best to be unbiased, but it will be hard for some cars. I will re-produce press releases and copy from other motoring news.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Live at Goodwood 2013 FINAL UPDATE.......

After the usual rigmarole of getting onto Goodwood The day began with a wander through supercar public where Aston Martins Mercedes McLaren's Ferraris and porsche's along with a lowly V8 MG ZT, from there we headed to the formula one paddock to ogle all the latest that the F1 teams have to offer, there was a short pit stop en route to the bacon roll van, and at those prices a trip to my bank manager.

The good, bad and famous are in attendance with Sir Chris Hoy, Max Chilton and Steve Sutcliffe already spotted, and it is only 11:00, a number of race, rally and NASCAR vehicles have already taken to the hill most notably BTCCHonda driver Gordon Sheddon, my favourite so far to go up, we'll that will be the Ford RS 200, in full rally mode, a great car when launched and still great now.


More wandering about and a photo with the very nice John Barrowman, and off to the posh bit, with lots of exotica and rarities, and the stunning McLaren P1, what an awesome car that is, then around the house and Bonhams auction where the insanely rare Mercedes Fangio car was displayed, a pit was required so off to BMW for some well deserved hospitality.


After the BMW visit, another wander around the car stands to see their wares and lots of new metal, including the new Citroen DS Convertible, Alfa Romeo 4C, Stunning, new Skoda Octavia VRs and the Renault Captur amongst many others,  Mercedes decide to only have the AMG range of cars on show, which for us mere mortals who can't afford such vastly expensive cars was a mistake in my opinion, Mini had everything on show including the hideously ugly Paceman and Peugeot had the 208 GTi and 2008, both really great looking cars, they also had a flowrider on the stand where we watched many people have a go and fail, which was very funny at times, and NO, I did not have a go, I am too sensible to make that much of a tit of myself.

For those that love the Wacky Racers cartoons, they were here as they are every year, and this time they were in full costume, and I could not just stand by and not get up close and personal (but not too close) with Mutley, and Penelope Pitstop, these guys have spent a great deal of time and money to produce these vehicles and they should be applauded for the constantly smiling faces and for those in the costumes on such a very very hot day.

The F1 paddock was, as always a great place to be, seeing the engineers working on the cars in their marquees, with the various nose cones, side panels et al, taken off for all to see what was underneath, nearly all the F1 teams were there, and they all provided a great spectacle and were happy to chat with anyone that wanted to talk to them.

 Another break was had before we made our way over to the 'Cartier Style De Luxe' where we had the great pleasure of seeing some of the most beautiful cars ever made, and not just new cars like the Bugatti Veyron (opposite), but cars like Classic Ferrari's, Jaguars, Auburn's and Porsche's, and such delights like concept Vauxhall's and Peugeot's, and to top it off, my all time favourite the absolutely mint and pristine Rolls Royce (below left), this car was so pristine it looked like it had only just been released from the factory, with the silver lady and traditional Rolls
Royce grill, makes this car one of if not the best car in the world, I would give my eye teeth just to be able to have a ride in this car.

I have always had a love affair with Rolls Royce up until they were taken over by BMW, who have in my opinion destroyed the brand, but it is just my opinion, and I do agree that if they had not taken hold of RR there may well not be a company today to produce such iconic cars, at least we have history on our side to show that the Brits could make the best.

 The stunning Mercedes Benz SS roadster was another stunning car at the show, and again was in extremely good condition for it's age, I have a large model of this car as I do of the Rolls Royce above, both these cars have a place in my heart, even though Mercedes seems to have become a bland maker of everyday cars, AMG range exempt, but back then they really knew how to make spectacular cars.

Just like Ferrari, with an F40 also amongst this group of world class cars the Ferrari here is so simple in its design with shapely curves from every angle you look at it, the low roof line and long long bonnet, makes this one of my favourites from the show, The white wall tyres really set this car off more so that if it did not have them.

Ferrari had a number of cars at the show, including the FF and F12, both lovely cars in their right, but they do not and can never hold a candle to this stunning car, and my all time favourite Ferrari, the Daytona, which I did not spy at this years Goodwood festival of speed.

At first glance you may not know what this car is, but then when you start looking at the lines and glass house, you can clearly see it is the Jaguar XK, or E-Type, this stunning concept car, has made an iconic car more desirable,  and with the the famous 77 RW also on display, Jaguar has shown again that it is committed to Goodwood.

For those that do not know 77 RW was a press car that was driven over night from Coventry to Geneva by Norman Dewis, so it was ready to go on display with the other already there.

 The MINI stand was enhanced dramatically but the inclusion of a real Mini, I used to own a Mini 45, in Blue with "Jamboree trim" this is what Mini was and is all about, and this is what new MINI should be about, but it is not, they are all large bloated cars, that fail in the size and nature of the original, BMW MINI try to attach itself to the history but in my opinion they have tried everything except actually make a car in the true nature of Mini, and that is a nice small car, they had the concept Rocketman, but never took it any further, which is such a shame
 Lexus had a number of stands dotted about the grounds, all of them were being used as information points which was a great idea, get people to your stand to get advice on where things were and while there get them to look at your cars, and they did, well, we did, and the new IS range of cars including hybrids really look the part, and they need to as the current version is well out of date, so a new one is needed. The GS LS and RX ranges were also prevalent around the stands but the IS was the stand out model for me.
 Volkswagen had a very poor stand this year, and I cant see why, they have some great cars, but the stand did not have any Polo's expect the WRC car, no, Passats, Jetta, Tiguan, Touran, Scirocco, Beetles or Toureg's but they did have teh XL1, the high acclaimed 313mpg car, and will it achieve this figure well apparently it can and does, as we were told on Saturday  when visiting the VW stand at Buckingham Palace, so all in all the VW stand at Goodwood was a little poor.
 I mentioned the Mercedes Benz stand earlier, and how it had all AMG models on show, but it also had the brand new S-Class, which is here, the new car has kept it's distinguished looks from the previous generation but with subtle updates, the interior is a haven for leather and wood fans.

There is also a lot of chrome as well, the rear seat space is vast which is the opposite for the boot space, which has to be the biggest shock, for a car this size the boot is very small, in fact i have seen bigger boots on small cars, but overall the S-Class is a winner.
 If i was able to wave a magic wand and have any concept car brought to production this is surely up there with the best of them, this "Jet 2" or Aston Martin Rapide Estate, or shooting break, as they prefer it to be called, is the most beautiful car that Aston has not made, and that is dreadful, they should put this car into production, it will sell, and sell well, I am sure, the sportiness has not been lost with the addition of the estate rear end, and in my opinion, it is better for it, at least it looks better than the epically ugly Panamera from Porsche.
Jaguar had lots of cars here this year from the E-types to the R performance versions of the XF and XJ and the XK R-S along with the stunningly gorgeous F-Type, which has to be one of the best looking sports cars available today.

They also had a concept F-Type, the project 7 (below), all of which proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Jaguar are a maker of luxury super saloons & sports cars, they have the looks, luxury, the noise of the V8's are just astounding added with reasonable costs, well reasonable for the class they are in,
Another new brand to the UK is TESLA, they started as an electric sports car maker in the US,  which proved to be extremely popular, then, Jeremy Clarkson got hold of one and a lawsuit followed, the least said about that the better, but well done TESLA, here is the Model S, a Jag XF sized Electric saloon with a claimed range of 300 miles per charge, the car itself is really well put together, with lots of kit and spectacular dashboard and associated "tablet" style central binnacle, along with loads of space inside both for passengers and luggage, this is surely one car that should and will do well in the UK, it should just sell on the looks alone.
It was also good to see the new Routemaster Bus for London, it was a nice surprise to see as we didn't know it was going to be there, so of course we had to go and have a look, it would have been rude not too, anyway, the new Routemaster is exactly what it claims to be, a replacement for the iconic Red London Buses that toured the roads of the capital for decades, and this one can carry the torch for decades more to come, it is easy to get into and out, has the looks of the original, albeit in a more modern twist, and with the return of the "clippy" or conductor, it will also create lots of new jobs.
 Along with Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover are my favourite brands, so it was great to spend some time on the Land Rover stand and ogle the vast array of new metal and spectacular angles the Range Rover Sport was getting into on the purpose build assault course.

Land Rover has been on a massive upward curve of late, both in sales, income, profits and popularity, First came the Evoque, then came the new Range Rover which took the car to a completely new level of luxury and capability, then came the new Sport, a mini me of it's bigger brother.

So what's next for Land Rover, well, they have replaced all the Range Rover models, so now it will be the Land Rover cars to be given the new look treatment, we have already seen the Defender concepts, and the Freelander 3 is currently doing the rounds of testing, that leaves the Discovery 4, if we are to believe what we read this will be given a face lift similar to what it had from Discovery 3 to 4, maybe to allow it to sell while new Freelander 3 models are released and new Defender and its derivatives, and will then be left to run its course before it is cancelled.

I am sure that we will find out one way or the other in the not to distant future, either way, this brand is doing everything right, and long may it continue.

The day was coming to an end and the legs and feet were screaming at me to leave them alone, so after the Land Rover stand we headed back to the car for our journey home, The 20th anniversary Goodwood was a major success, it is such a shame that so many car companies failed to attend, Where was Dacia, Chrysler, Chevy, FIAT, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, SMART, Suzuki and Vauxhall, Jeep, Ssangyong, Subaru and MG, all no shows.

Maybe they do not realise that the Goodwood Festival of Speed is THEE place to go for new cars and UK, Europe and world launches, has a dedicated huge fan base that the attended manufacturers can actively encourage to buy, and last of all, by not attending, they lose a huge amount of kudos, the stands and displays are bigger and better than the preceding year, so perhaps the brands that do not attend, don't care about the buying public, or the fact that this is the place to show of your new metal, as the majority of those that did not attend, had new cars to show the world, but hey ho, it is their loss, the 2013 GFoS was a massive success, brilliant weather and brilliant cars and displays, the countdown is now for 2014.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rolls Royce Wraith to stop the world at Goodwood.

The world will stand still at this year’s Festival of Speed as the newest model in the leading super-luxury marque’s stable, Wraith, dominates the famous Goodwood Hillclimb during the Supercar Run. The most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history, Wraith will be on familiar turf, with the Home of Rolls-Royce within sight of Goodwood House.

At the heart of Wraith lies hallmark Rolls-Royce attributes of luxury, refinement and hand-craftsmanship, but the new model, from the world’s leading super-luxury marque, also presents a unique character defined by power, style and drama. The elegant fastback design hints at the dynamic prowess: 624 bhp/465kW, 800 Nm from 1,500 rpm: 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds (0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds). The ultimate gentlemen’s gran turismo, Wraith can be seen between Hillclimbs in the Supercar Paddock.

In addition, Rolls-Royce will have a significant presence at this year’s Festival of speed, including:

Centenary Alpine Trial ‘Works Team’. Having successfully completed the 1800-mile Centenary Alpine Trial two weeks ago, Rolls-Royce is delighted to present the ‘Works Team’ that joined 47 Silver Ghosts – many over 100 years old ­– on this historic and challenging event. The original event led commentators to declare that Rolls-Royce built the ‘Best Car in the World’. In celebration, the original 1913 ‘Radley Car’ and the new 2013 Alpine Trial Centenary Ghost will travel up the Hillclimb side by side four times each day.

Moving Motor Show. Rolls-Royce is providing invited guests with the opportunity to drive a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom or Rolls-Royce Alpine Trial Centenary Ghost around the Goodwood Estate during the Moving Motor Show on Thursday 11 July. A new Rolls-Royce Wraith will be on static display on the Rolls‑Royce stand throughout the weekend.

Soapboxes. The return of the Soapbox Challenge, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Festival of Speed, would not be complete without the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars team. The Company’s two four-wheeled gravity racers, until recently on display at the Home of Rolls-Royce, will be taking part on Saturday and Sunday.

Course Car. The Course Director’s car this year will be a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé, resplendent with race lights and Goodwood decals. The car will be seen between each Hillclimb Run throughout the weekend.

A fleet of Rolls-Royce motor cars will also be evident in the Goodwood area during the Festival of Speed, with invited guests being conveyed in luxury from the Company’s manufacturing plant and head office on the south-eastern corner of the Goodwood Estate.

Jaguar Land Rover celebrate massive increase in first half sales

  • Jaguar Land Rover sells 210,190 vehicles during the first six months of 2013, up 14%.
  • Strong half year performances in all regions with Asia Pacific up 26% and China, UK, US and Overseas regions all showing double digit growth.
  • Result reflects the strong reception for New Range Rover and Jaguar F-TYPE
Jaguar Land Rover, the UK's leading manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles has sold 210,190 vehicles during the first six months of 2013, an increase of 14% versus the same period last year. This result was supported by a positive performance in June with sales up 7% globally.

June year-to-date sales were up for Jaguar Land Rover in every major region: Asia Pacific up 26%, Overseas up 18%, UK and China Region both up 16%, North America up 13%, and Europe up 6%.

Commenting on the half year performance Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director said “It is very encouraging to see both our Jaguar and Land Rover brands delivering strong sales performances across our 178 markets. New model introductions have been incredibly well received with the all-new Range Rover retailing more than 22,000 units since launch.

“The F-TYPE which received a rapturous reception from media during its global launch last month is off to an excellent start with new customers and will go on sale in China this month”.

Jaguar Half Year Sales Highlights

  • Jaguar half year retail sales up 29%.
  • China has seen Jaguar sales surge towards 8,000 units, surpassing the 2012 full year total in the first half of the year.
  • 1,000 F-TYPE sports cars sold in June alone.
  • Jaguar U.S. up 59% to achieve best June sales performance since 2006.
  • XF and XF Sportbrake sales increasing on the appeal of new powertrains and All Wheel Drive.
Jaguar sold 37,636 vehicles in the first six months of 2013, up 29%. This reflects the impact of the all-new Jaguar F-TYPE which has sold almost 3,000 units since launch and sales of XF which, at 24,099 units reflects the positive impact of the 3.0 V6 and 2.0 4-cylinder petrol engines, AWD and Sportbrake derivatives. Jaguar demonstrated strong growth in all of the major regions: China Region up 85%, UK up 22%, North America up 23%, Asia Pacific up 21%, and Overseas up 20% and Europe up 13%.

In June, Jaguar sold 6,574 vehicles up 34% with performances in each major region as follows: China up 102%, North America up 64%, Asia Pacific up 24%, UK up 16%, Overseas up 13% and Europe down 5% owing to the difficult economic trading conditions in some markets.

Land Rover Half Year Sales Highlights

  • Land Rover half year sales up 11%.
  • Growth continues across Asia Pacific and Overseas, with exceptional sales performance in markets like Brazil, Russia, South Africa and India.
  • US records highest first six months in the history of the brand retailing 22,984.
  • Approaching 61,000 Range Rover Evoque vehicles sold globally this year.
  • All new Range Rover Sport first customer delivery in July
  • Land Rover sold 172,554 vehicles in the first six months of 2013, up 11% with positive performances in all major regions: Asia Pacific up 28%, Overseas up 18%, UK up 15%, North America up 10%, China up 6%, and Europe up 5%. Freelander 2 continues to deliver a strong performance with retail sales for the period up 28%.

In June, Land Rover sold 27,165 vehicles up 2% despite the run out of Range Rover Sport. Freelander 2 was again a strong performer with retails up 13%, and Discovery 4 continues to deliver, up 9%. Regional performances are as follows:  Asia Pacific up 36%, UK up 10%, China region was flat and both North American and Europe showed minor softening as a direct result of the Range Rover Sport run out.

Land Rover wins Carmaker of the year award.

  • Land Rover named Carmaker of the Year for second consecutive year in the Motor Trader Awards
  • Judges’ decision acknowledges the strength of the brand, its attractive product line-up and the investment made in its future, together with its status as the most valued brand in the UK retail motor industry

Land Rover has won Motor Trader’s Carmaker of the Year Award for a second year running, reflecting the success of its sustained investment, introduction of new products and securing its status as the British retail motor industry’s most valued brand.

Presented at a ceremony at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel last night, the award is further recognition of the transformation of Land Rover to become one of the world’s leading premium marques. Within the past year, this growth has been reinforced by the introduction of the all-new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, and the continued international success of the ground-breaking Evoque.

Motor Trader’s judging panel was impressed by the strength of the Land Rover brand, its increasingly attractive product range and the investment that has been made to secure a healthy, long-term future for the business. It also took into account Land Rover’s position in the NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey as the British motor trade’s most valued brand in terms of profitability and overall attractiveness.

Curtis Hutchinson, Motor Trader Editor, said: “Land Rover is the brand and franchise that dealers want. It has come a long way in recent years and, in terms of profitability, it has to be Land Rover.

“It has delivered a succession of stylish new models, which are lighter and more environmentally friendly, while retaining the 4x4 qualities for which it is renowned. It broke new ground with the launch of the new Evoque, which has been an instant hit in the marketplace and a huge sales success. For Land Rover, it was exactly the right car at the right time.”

Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover UK, said: “This award is of special significance for Land Rover as it recognises the strength and depth of our strategy to secure lasting success for the business.

“Developing great vehicles is an important part of that, but it’s essential, too, that we make our brand one that the motor trade values and trusts. That’s of particular importance in the challenging marketplace we are working in. We have a great network of dealers in the UK and this award serves also as recognition of the faith they have in Land Rover and the great service they are delivering to our customers.”

Motor Trader's Carmaker of the Year Award, sponsored by Allianz Global Assistance, is given to the manufacturer which, in the opinion of a panel of judges, has excelled in producing new models, successfully marketing them and building close relationships with its dealer network.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The RCZ R, the fastest car in Peugeot's History

  • The RCZ R will be the most powerful road-going car in Peugeot’s extensive history
  • It will have 270bhp at its disposal from its 1.6-litre THP turbocharged engine
  • Peugeot RCZ R makes its international debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Peugeot will unveil the RCZ R, a super-performance version of its popular Sports Coupé, evolved from the expertise of the brand in terms of design and driving experience.

Its new THP engine produces 270bhp from its 1.6-litre displacement and CO2 at only 145g/km places the RCZ R with performance and unprecedented efficiency. To harness this considerable power RCZ R is equipped with a Torsen®differential for the promise of grip efficiency and dynamic sensations at a very high level. RCZ R will take its formal reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013 and will be on sale early in 2014.

"All the strength of style of the RCZ is enhanced by the very dynamic performance and the 270bhp of this R version which will delight the enthusiasts of sports cars."  Xavier Peugeot, Peugeot Product Director.

"The sporting success of the RCZ Peugeot Sport developed for racing and the passion it arouses could not remain unanswered. A series developed by Peugeot Sport to be even sportier and with the performance of the new version of the RCZ was an obvious step!"  Bruno Famin, Peugeot Sport Director.

Unprecedented performance and efficiency

"Our brief was ambitious; develop a top-specification, high-performance version of the RCZ, preserving the qualities of comfort and convenience for everyday use, all with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions."  Xavier Nicolas, Product Manager RCZ.

With 270bhp (199kW) RCZ R is the most powerful production model in Peugeot’s long and illustrious history.  The RCZ R accelerates from 0 to 62mph in less than six-seconds and demonstrates the expertise of the brand with CO2 contained at only 145g/km, which leads the category of performance Sports Coupés. This is achieved by utilising the downsizing capacity of the engine, saving weight and ensuring aerodynamic optimisation.

"Downsizing is a logical approach, not just in production vehicles but is also happening at the forefront of Motor Sport, with the major disciplines soon to use a turbocharged 1.6-litre, and even Formula 1 is doing this in 2014!"  Cyrille Jourdan, Technical Manager, RCZ R.

Indeed, the new THP engine with 270bhp from just 1.6-litres provides a record of specific power in the category, with nearly 170bhp per litre, and it is among the best in the world for a production vehicle and already meets the stringent Euro 6 emissions standard.

Seeking a weight saving has also guided the development of specific components with a reduction of 17kg that has been obtained over the standard RCZ THP 200bhp model. With a mass of 1280kg, the RCZ R has a power-to-weight ratio of  210.94 bhp / 1000kg.

Aerodynamics have increased rear down-force with a new fixed rear boot aero-spoiler, which promotes stability at high speeds without increasing drag.

An exclusive identity

Exterior Style

"The fluid and powerful style, combining the strength and sophistication of the new RCZ, gives it a sporty and exclusive character. Each element has been designed specifically for RCZ R to contribute to its dynamic performance and identifiable style enhancing the attributes of the RCZ."  Pierre Paul Mattei, Head of Design for RCZ.

Matt black roof arches distinguish and adorn the RCZ R.  Its suspension is lowered by 10mm and the alloy wheels are 19 inches in diameter to optimise grip and give the RCZ R an expressive posture. Its bespoke alloys have a two-tone diamond / black matt, technical and sporty finish with an ‘R’ monogram milled directly onto a visible part of the alloy wheel. They have been designed to accommodate and optimise the cooling of new larger brakes, the red calipers at the front are signed ‘Peugeot Sport’.

The perfectly integrated large fixed rear spoiler, ensures better downforce while stretching the silhouette’s rear profile view. A specific rear diffuser meets the smooth effect that characterises the back of RCZ and includes two chromed exhaust pipes, located symmetrically, and a reworked exhaust system for performance and sound.

A Peugeot monogrammed ‘R’ in red lettering is identified on the grille and also placed on the boot lid as a signature ‘RCZ R’.

Personalisation and rich range of equipment

Available in 4 colours: Moroccan Red, Nera Black, Mercury Grey and Opal White, RCZ R also offers a range of custom made satin or gloss carbon roof treatments, decal designs and black mirror shells.

A high level of safety equipment and comfort is available on RCZ R with Xenon projector headlamps with washers.  A full multimedia system WIP (World of Peugeot) Nav Plus is standard too.

Intense driving sensations

A cockpit that delights the senses

Opening the door reveals a cockpit of purpose, dedicated to delighting the sensations of the driver it instantly immerses the ‘driver’ in a sporting, subtly elitist atmosphere.

From the ‘Peugeot Sport’ embossed sills, to the quality of detailing of the red stitching on the dashboard, and leather steering wheel, gear lever gaiter, door panels, armrests and seats – all contribute to an appealing and sporty interior ambience.

The seats are specifically of a new sports design, dressed in a mix of full grain Nappa leather and black Alcantara and branded with the monogram ‘R’. On the centre console a chrome plate confirms the character with a red inscribed ‘R’ emerging from a certification plate of brushed aluminium with four visible screw fixings. Inspired by aviation, it symbolises the hallmark of ‘Peugeot Sport’.

When entering the vehicle, the driver discovers an ergonomic driving position, ideal for enjoying the dynamic qualities of the RCZ R. The smaller steering wheel and short shift gear stick with a specific aluminium knob have red highlights which compliment the bespoke bucket seats developed by Peugeot Sport.

With sight and touch, hearing is not forgotten!

The exhaust system has an enhanced Sound System linked to the draw of the intake and amplifies the sports character of the new RCZ R engine.

Dynamic and sporty feel

"The search for performance and efficiency evolved through a race-bred programme has guided many choices during the RCZ R’s development, including the design and specification of the drivetrain, gearbox, brakes and tyres beyond the usual criteria, in order to allow the most enthusiastic drivers to perform." Budar Pierre, Project Manager RCZ R.

The sporty nature of the RCZ R is reflected in its performance figures, with a maximum speed of 155mph (electronically limited), a 0 to 62mph (100kph) achieved in 5.9 seconds, the 400m standing start in 14.2 seconds and 1000m in 25.4 seconds. The times are also very low from 50 to 70mph, which takes just 6.8 seconds in (6th) top gear.

The low centre of gravity, aerodynamic performance, improved suspension settings (wider track, camber angle, wider rims of +0.5”) and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 235/40 R19 tyres optimise adhesion and ensure outstanding road holding. The suspension has a new specification of dampers, increased stiffness of springs and a stiffer anti-roll bar, that allows for great handling and agility.

The Torsen® differential enables the engine to be fully exploited with maximum torque from 1900rpm to give the RCZ R good braking and cornering stability, especially when tackling tight corners. The performance and agility of the RCZ R is the result of many sessions of development and validations on and off track, especially with Peugeot Sport’s test drivers.

Their requirement for excellent braking naturally oriented towards the technical specification of four-piston calipers, which allow a significant gain in stiffness and therefore pedal stroke, while reducing the unsprung masses.  Discs with a diameter of 380mm and thickness of 32mm, are mounted on an aluminium hub. This contributes to the weight-saving and cooling performance, derived from the Alcon racing experience, to provide brake durability and outstanding performance, so braking from 80mph to zero requires less than 61 metres.

Traction cut to the circuit with the robustness of the series

"To get 270bhp and 330Nm of torque from a 1.6-litre engine and be resistant to sports use on the racetrack, it was necessary to introduce new high-performance, competitive solutions. Peugeot Sport has all the skills to do this. Research and Development teams brought together their experiences and expertise to ensure the sustainability of the car and its industrial application." Thierry Chauvet, Engine Development Manager for RCZ R.

RCZ R is equipped with a new 1.6-litre THP turbo gasoline direct injection. It develops its maximum power of 199kW (270bhp) at 6000rpm and a maximum torque of 330Nm at 1900rpm to 5500 rpm.

This new engine 'EP6CDTR' has been developed extensively, with many parts having evolved or been completely redeveloped for the performance requirement and to meet sporting use with the robustness of a competition engine.

The engine itself is reinforced by a specific heat treatment prior to machining to improve durability. The twin-scroll turbo has been developed specifically to benefit from an ideal design for this application and this level of performance.

Associated with a steel exhaust manifold with unique architecture inspired by racing systems, it can take higher temperatures. New pistons, providing a compression ratio of 9.2:1, were developed with Mahle Motorsport, taking a forged structure and a grade of aluminium used in Formula 1. Their cooling is provided by two jets. The con rods were specified to withstand continued use at high engine speeds. Their bearings are covered with a polymer coating that can withstand the higher cylinder pressures, patented in 2011 and presented by Mahle, they are premiered exclusively on RCZ R.

Comfort and pleasure in everyday use

RCZ R was developed as a racing version by Peugeot Sport to meet a sports track use, but also to be durable in road-going applications, so it is docile and responsive for everyday use on the road.

Calibrations of the powertrain combine the requirements of a sporty driving style on the circuit and in daily use. In addition the level of torque obtained from very low engine speeds allows for a strong dynamic experience daily on the road. The suspension improves agility and is incisive for best handling but the RCZ R does not compromise the comfort levels set by the similar RCZ 1.6-litre THP 200.

Finally, the finest materials and ergonomics of the driving position, its enhanced unique features and impressive economy - 44.8mpg on the Combined Drive Cycle – make the RCZ R a great performance car with comfort and convenience outside life on the race track.

STUNNING Jaguar Project 7 concept

  • Jaguar Project 7 will make a dynamic debut at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Project 7, created by the team led by Director of Design, Ian Callum, is a one-off design study based on the acclaimed new Jaguar F-TYPE
  • A single-seater, all-aluminium bodied roadster, Project 7 features a Jaguar D-type-inspired fairing, bespoke carbon-fibre aerodynamic components, and a unique interior
  • Powered by Jaguar’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine in 550PS / 680Nm form, Project 7 will reach 60mph in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 186mph
  • Project 7 will be driven at Goodwood by Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar
  • “Project 7 is a single-seater sports car based on the F-TYPE, with the kind of racing-inspired form that designers dream about. It has one purpose: to be driven fast and enjoyed. Jaguar sports cars are known for exceptional performance and clean design. Project 7 captures that spirit in its purest form.”
  • Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

Key exterior design changes include a fairing behind the driver’s head; bespoke carbon-fibre components – a new front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser; lowered windshield and restyled front bumper. Project 7’s unique interior features a composite single-seat with racing harness, a helmet holder and custom trim. Project 7’s name acknowledges Jaguar’s winning of Le Mans seven times between 1951-1990 – a record for a British manufacturer – and its blue paintwork is reminiscent of the victorious Jaguar D-types of 1956/1957.

Project 7 is not a static concept, but a fully-functional, high-performance sports car. The F-TYPE’s rigid all-aluminium architecture provides the perfect starting point, power coming from Jaguar’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine in 550PS/680Nm form – an increase of 55PS and 55Nm over the F-TYPE V8 S.

“The overriding dynamic aim when developing F-TYPE was ensuring connected feel; it’s a true, driver-focused sports car; agile, immediate, fast and, of course, fun. Having achieved that for the road, Project 7 has given us a unique opportunity to go that little bit further. It’s visceral in every sense – its response, its sound and its sheer performance. I’m very much looking forward to driving it at Goodwood.”
Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar

In addition to the increase in power – delivered to the rear wheels through Jaguar’s eight-speed Quickshift transmission and electronic active differential – Project 7 also features a free-flow exhaust system with a ceramic finish, 10mm lower ride height and a unique spring/damper tune.

“Jaguar’s sporting bloodline and innovative ambition are perfectly embodied by Project 7, both through its sensual design, and its shattering performance. Project 7’s Goodwood debut will provide a great stage to showcase the creativity of our design and engineering teams.”
Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar

Project 7: A story of passion

Under Director of Design, Ian Callum, who constantly challenges his team to push the boundaries of design, Project 7 went from being an experimental sketch by Jaguar designer Cesar Pieri to the track in just four months.

Bringing to bear his love for cars and motorsport, his passion for Jaguar’s heritage, and his familiarity with the F-TYPE, Pieri drew a single-seater sports car with a swooping profile, cut-down windscreen and race-inspired livery.

“When I saw this sketch of a low-screen, single-seat F-TYPE, I felt enthused by it and wanted to take it further. As designers, our very purpose is to disrupt – to turn the norm on its head and see if it still works – and here at Jaguar, we love to push the boundaries.

“As a team our challenge was to take this gem of an idea, work within the limitations of production feasibility, and create something worthwhile. So I encouraged Cesar and Alister Whelan, Chief Designer, Jaguar, to take it to the next stage and develop a workable concept, and with the support of key departments across the business, Project 7 was born.”
Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

Following digital modelling, a clay model of Project 7 was produced. With that signed off, and time before Goodwood short, Jaguar’s engineering team worked closely with the design team to ensure that the build stayed true to the concept.

For Project 7, the F-TYPE’s two key ‘heartlines’ remain, the most prominent change being the completely new, D-type-inspired, rear fairing section that incorporates a rollover hoop and swoops down from behind the driver’s head. The roof system has been completely removed.

Aerodynamic modifications include a carbon-fibre front splitter, side skirts, large rear diffuser and a fixed rear spoiler with a 14-degree angle of attack, giving Project 7 a low, unified, muscular stance. The side louvres and bonnet vents are also carbon-fibre, while the carbon-fibre and aluminium wing mirrors draw inspiration from those on Jaguar’s C-X16 sports car concept, from which F-TYPE is derived.

The windshield has been lowered, while a new nose design incorporates revised air intakes and headlights with gloss black surrounds instead of chrome. The car sits on 20-inch Blade forged-alloy wheels with carbon-fibre inserts.

The cockpit of Project 7 is no less impressive than its exterior. The driver sits in a composite bucket seat, lowered by 30mm, and is gripped by a four-point racing harness. The passenger seat is replaced by a unique helmet holder, which carries a custom-designed Project 7 helmet in matching blue paint and graphics, secured by its own harness.

The seat and the insides of the doors are finished in a quilted racing-style diamond pattern. There are carbon-fibre inserts on the console and SportShift lever, the start-stop button is gloss black and the steering wheel is equipped with machined aluminium paddles.

“When you look at this car, it has got an enormous amount of appeal. It’s just full of desire – you can see that its sole purpose is to be enjoyed. Project 7 is a very special car – not just because it’s a one-off, but because of its purity of purpose. It’s pure Jaguar.”
Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Jaguar to feature new 'R' performance models at Goodwood

  • Three new Jaguar “R” models to make UK public dynamic debuts: XFR-S, XJR and XKR-S GT
  • Unique version of Jaguar F-TYPE convertible sports car to be in action on Goodwood Hill
  • New short film previews Jaguar’s presence at Festival of Speed
  • Jaguar pavilion will showcase current range of Jaguar performance cars and stunning installation by Royal College of Art students
  • Sir Chris Hoy, Kazunori Yamauchi and Andy Wallace to star in Jaguar driver line-up
  • Heritage heroes including XJR-9, XJ13, D-type and XK 120 to feature for Jaguar

Jaguar will bring its illustrious past and exciting future together in dramatic fashion at Goodwood Festival of Speed (11-14 July 2013).  In addition to entering some of the brand’s most important heritage vehicles for the Goodwood Hill climb, Jaguar will also debut three new “R” vehicles − with a combined power output of 1650 PS − to the UK public and unveil an exciting new design study based on the Jaguar F-TYPE convertible sports car.  All will be available to view up close in the Festival of Speed Supercar Paddock.

The brand new Jaguar XJR, powered by a supercharged, 550 PS, 5.0-litre V8 engine, will make its dynamic debut during the Goodwood Festival of Speed while the limited-edition Jaguar XKR-S GT, the most track-focused road-going Jaguar ever produced, will also be seen in action for the first time in the UK. Six-time Olympic Champion Sir Chris Hoy will drive the XKR-S GT on Friday 12 July in the Supercar Run, with famous Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi driving the high performance newcomer the next day. The Jaguar XFR-S high performance saloon, which made its dynamic debut at the Goodwood press preview event in March, will make it first public appearance during the Festival.

One highlight of Jaguar’s Goodwood plans will be the unveiling of an exciting design study. Based on the F-TYPE convertible sports car, Jaguar plans to unleash the unique vehicle on the Goodwood Hill with the company’s Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity, Mike Cross behind the wheel.

Jaguar’s selection of heritage cars will include a record-breaking Jaguar XK 120, which was once driven for seven days and seven nights at an average speed of more than 100mph in 1952 to set a new speed and endurance records with, amongst others, Sir Stirling Moss behind the wheel.  An iconic Jaguar D-type (Chassis No.1 – a development and Le Mans reserve car) will also be on the Hill throughout the weekend, as will the Group C Jaguar XJR-9 which won Le Mans in 1988 in the hands of Andy Wallace, Jan Lammers and Johnny Dumfries. Wallace will once again pilot XJR-9 at Goodwood.  The only Jaguar XJ13 in existence – a thunderous 5.0-litre V12 racer developed for Le Mans but never raced − will also take to the Goodwood Hill.

In addition to the hill climb activities, visitors to the Goodwood Festival of Speed will be able to view a range of new Jaguar vehicles in the brand’s eye-catching, two-storey pavillion, including the XFR-S performance saloon; the new XJR flagship and the recently-launched XF Sportbrake. The new F-TYPE sports car will also be on show, as will an example of an F-TYPE chassis which allows visitors to examine the all-aluminium structure in its high-tech, lightweight glory. A stunning new art installation, inspired by Jaguar design, created by Royal College of Art students and unveiled during the recent Clerkenwell Design Week in London, will also be on display for the duration of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.