When Fiat and Chrysler first got together, Marchionne saw close synergies between Lancia and Chrysler, and launched a glut of badge-engineered Chryslers as Lancias in Europe.
In the UK, the reverse happened, with Chrysler models joined by badge-engineered versions of the Ypsilon and Delta.

The plan has not been a success, with Marchionne confirming earlier this year that all the Lancia-badged Chryslers were to be axed, along with the Delta, meaning Lancia would have just one model, the Ypsilon, which would only be sold in Italy.
This is set to be rubber-stamped in May when Marchionne reveals the future model plans for all brands in the newly created Fiat Chrysler Automobiles empire. The plan is also set to reveal whether or not the Ypsilon will be replaced after its current generation.
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“I will shed more light on Chrysler in Europe in May,” said Marchionne. “We have curtailed our ambitions for Lancia. I’m going to be saying things that will hurt old Lancia people. The market has moved on and not every opportunity can be realised, we can’t cede to every demand.
“There will be some reshaping of activities and we need to make money.”