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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Volkswagen Group posts higher sales for January-October period.

  • New record: Deliveries in ten-month period top eight million for first time
  • 842,700 vehicles delivered in October / +2.9 per cent*
  • Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler: “Outpaced the overall market. Growth in Western Europe and Asia-Pacific”
The Volkswagen Group handed over 8.24 (January- October 2013: 7.85; +5.0 per cent)* million vehicles to customers from January to October, thus reporting a new record and delivering more than eight million vehicles for the first time in this ten-month period. 

The brands also reported a rise in deliveries in October, handing over 842,700 (October 2013: 818,900; +2.9 per cent)* during that month. 

“So far this year the Volkswagen Group has outpaced the overall market. That is a pleasing development in light of the market situation in some regions which is at times still challenging. Our brands recorded further growth in Western Europe and Asia-Pacific in particular,” Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg today.

Group brands delivered a total of 3.24 (3.05; +6.2 per cent) million vehicles to customers on the overall European market from January to October, of which 1.68 (1.56; +8.0 per cent) million units were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). 

1.02 (0.96;+5.8 per cent) million customers took possession of a new vehicle in the home market of Germany. Europe’s largest automaker delivered 535,200 (526,100; +1.7 per cent) vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe. 217,600 (250,700; -13.2 per cent) models were handed over to customers in Russia during the same period.

The Group delivered 728,700 (734,200; -0.7 per cent) vehicles in the North America region in the period to October, of which 489,100 (508,300; -3.8 per cent) were handed over to customers in the United States. The Volkswagen Group delivered 604,100 (757,700; -20.3 per cent) vehicles to customer in the South America region during the same period, of which 470,700 (561,900; -16.2 per cent) were handed over to customers in Brazil.

The Group continued to record encouraging figures in the Asia-Pacific region, where 3.33 (2.95; +12.8 per cent) million vehicles were handed over to customers in the period to October, of which 3.03 (2.65; +14.1 per cent) million units were delivered in China (including Hong Kong), the Group’s largest single market.

Outline of developments at Group brands

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 5.08 (4.95; +2.6 per cent) million vehicles to customers worldwide from January to October. The brand developed particularly well in the Asia-Pacific region, handing over 2.47 (2.20; +12.4 per cent) million units there. Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 1.40 (1.37; +2.7 per cent) million vehicles to customers on the overall European market, with deliveries increasing by 5.5 per cent to 719,500 (682,200) units in Western Europe (excluding Germany).

Audi delivered 1.44 (1.31; +10.1 per cent) million vehicles worldwide in the period to October. The premium brand from Ingolstadt developed well in the Asia-Pacific region, handing over 547,300 (470,700; +16.3 per cent) models to customers there. Audi delivered 177,000 (154,200) vehicles in the North America region during the same period, an increase of 14.8 per cent.

The sports car manufacturer Porsche delivered a total of 151,500 (133,100; +13.8 per cent) vehicles in the ten-month period. Demand for models from the Stuttgart-based carmaker was particularly high in the Asia-Pacific region, where 48,200 (40,300; +19.7 per cent) vehicles were delivered, and in Western Europe (excluding Germany), where 22,900 (18,600;+22.7 per cent) models were handed over to customers.

ŠKODA delivered a total of 865,100 (768,700; +12.5 per cent) vehicles worldwide from January to October. The Czech automaker was particularly successful on European markets, delivering 225,400 (191,900; +17.4 per cent) units in Western Europe (excluding Germany) and 227,100 (204,400; +11.1 per cent) vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe. The brand grew deliveries in Germany by 12.1 per cent to 126,000 (112,400) units.

SEAT delivered 326,000 (295,100; +10.5 per cent) vehicles worldwide in the period to October. The Spanish brand performed particularly well in Central and Eastern Europe, where deliveries increased by 50.5 per cent to 20,400 (13,600) units, and in Western Europe (excluding Germany), where the company handed over 183,500 (164,000; +11.9 per cent) vehicles to customers. In Germany, SEAT delivered 71,300 (64,100; +11.1 per cent) units.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 363,900 (378.700; -3.9 per cent) vehicles to customers from January to October, of which 142,000 (133,200; +6.6 per cent) were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). Deliveries in Germany during the same period ran at 97,400 (91,200; +6.7 per cent) units.

*) excluding MAN and Scania

Jaguar Land Rover Staff to ballot for stike action because they are being very very greedy.

Jaguar Land Rover's UK workers have voted overwhelmingly against an offered pay rise and pension changes as the country's biggest trade union said the automaker should return to the negotiating table or face a ballot for industrial action.
Talks between the automaker, owned by India's Tata Motors, and workers' representatives ended with no agreement in October after the union rejected a pay deal offering staff a rise of at least 3 percent in each of the next three years.

On Thursday, trade union Unite said nearly 13,000 staff had rejected the pay offer, with just under 500 accepting.
Staff were offered a 3.6 percent rise in the first year plus a bonus and either 3 percent or the Retail Prices Index measure of inflation plus 0.5 percent depending on which is higher in years two and three, a trade union source told Reuters.
Unite national officer Roger Maddison said there were concerns over what he said were proposed reductions to pension provisions at the firm.
"With the company making a staggering 10 million pounds ($15.7 million) profit a day, it is no surprise that the workforce is angered by pension cuts and a pay offer that falls short in recognizing their role in that success," he said.
Jaguar Land Rover would not comment on details of the pay or pension deal when asked by Reuters, but a spokesman said the firm was very disappointed with the result of the ballot but committed to reaching a settlement.

Jaguar Land Rover has enjoyed a new lease of life since Tata Motors bought it from Ford in 2008, recording a pre-tax profit of 2.5 billion pounds in the 2013-2014 business year, more than doubling in three years.
Last year, the firm built almost one in three of the UK's 1.5 million cars and in October opened a 500 million pound engine manufacturing center, its fifth site in the UK.
How downright greedy, in an era when many thousands of people are struggling to find work, or workers that have had no pay rise for years, their greed and astounding arrogance shows how and why the UK motor indutry went down the pan.
A 3.6% rise in year one PLUS a bonus

a 3.0% rise in year two **
A 3.0% rise in year three **

** Or RPI +0.5% whichever is higher.
So, they have a rather nice rise each year for three years, which is a damned sight more than the majority of the UK workforce is getting, they should be grateful, and accept this, rather than be totally greedy, and price themselves out of a job.
Because, believe me, if this continues to happen TATA WILL move production out of the UK, they have a Plant in India, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and one mooted for the US, so I am sure that they could be enhanced to expand the build numbers.

USA - The roar of the Hellcat indicates the new new car is on its was to dealers.

  • 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is most powerful and fastest muscle car ever with 707 horsepower, supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V-8 engine and a certified ¼-mile elapsed time of 11.2 seconds at 125 miles per hour on street tires
  • 22 miles per gallon (mpg) achieved with segment-exclusive TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission; new six-speed manual contributes to 21-mpg highway rating
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat starting U.S. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $59,995 (excluding destination)
The wait is over. The highly anticipated new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with its supercharged whine is about to roar into Dodge dealerships across the United States.

Dodge and SRT received more than 4,500 orders for the new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in just the first five days after orders opened in September. Those 707-horsepower muscle cars are now leaving the Brampton (Ont.) Assembly plant where they were built and making their way to Dodge customers across the country.

"The introduction of the new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has ignited the general market’s interest in the muscle car segment,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO, Dodge and SRT brands.  “The reaction from our customers and the general public has been beyond even our positive expectations, and we will work to build a Challenger Hellcat for every customer who wants one."

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the fastest muscle car ever with a National Hot Rod Association-certified ¼-mile elapsed time of 11.2 seconds at 125 miles per hour (mph) with stock Pirelli P275/40ZR20 P Zero tires. With drag radials, the ¼-mile run dropped to just 10.8 seconds at 126 mph.
The fastest muscle car ever is also the most powerful muscle car ever, thanks to the Challenger SRT’s HEMI Hellcat, which delivers an unprecedented 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. The 6.2-liter V-8 is also the first factory-built supercharged HEMI.
Equipped with Chrysler Group’s segment-exclusive TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission, the new Challenger SRT Hellcat has earned a highway fuel-economy rating of 22 miles per gallon (mpg) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not to be outdone, the Challenger SRT Hellcat earns an EPA highway rating of 21 mpg when equipped with the new-for-2015 six-speed manual transmission.
In addition to the awe-inspiring horsepower, the new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been redesigned and totally re-engineered to be the most true-to-form muscle coupe on the market with performance-enhancing technologies inside and out, including the new TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual and an all-new interior inspired by the classic 1971 Challenger.
The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has a starting U.S. MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) of $59,995 (excluding $995 destination, includes $2,100 gas-guzzler tax; $1,700 gas-guzzler tax on models with the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic).

USA - Seven Million and going Strong, Ford celebrates an Icon of SUV History.

  • Ford Motor Company has sold 7 million Explorers in the United States since launch in 1990
  • Explorer is sold in more than 100 markets across the globe; Ford expects to export 56,000 Explorers this year
  • New 2016 Ford Explorer will be revealed Nov. 19 at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show and will go on sale summer 2015 – just in time to celebrate its 25th anniversary
Ford Motor Company announced the 7-millionth Explorer sold in the United States today, sealing the vehicle’s position as America’s favorite SUV. The iconic Explorer was launched in the U.S. market in 1990 becoming an instant hit. For nearly a quarter century, it has been the best-selling SUV in the country.

“Explorer changed the way the world thought about the family hauler – adventure became something you could put in your driveway,” said Craig Patterson, Ford Explorer marketing manager. “Explorer helped the family vehicle become an emotional purchase rather than a necessity. It’s no surprise it’s been the best-selling sport utility vehicle for a quarter century.”

Ford Explorer hit the market at a time when U.S. buyers were obsessed with minivans, offering family-hauling capability not found in most vehicles, and a design that captured the imagination of a generation. The V6-powered Explorer featured excellent interior space, and upscale Explorer models – the Eddie Bauer edition at launch and later, a Limited version – proved to be extremely popular.

Today, Explorer sales remain strong. Through the first 10 months of 2014, U.S. sales are up more than 6 percent compared to last year. Explorer is also proving successful outside of the United States, where it is now sold in more than 100 markets. Ford expects to export 56,000 Explorers from the Chicago Assembly Plant to markets globally this year.

Look for the new 2016 Ford Explorer to debut Nov. 19 at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. It arrives in showrooms next year, just in time to celebrate 25 years as America’s favorite SUV.

USA - An Icon returns, the all new 2015 AUDI TT makes its debut at the LA Motor Show.

  • 2016 Audi TT Roadster and TTS Coupe make U.S. debut at Los Angeles Auto Show
  • TT sets a new benchmark for in-vehicle technology with the virtual cockpit - a fully digital instrument cluster powered by the first automotive NVIDIA® Tegra® 30 processor integration
  • Driver-oriented interiors, sports-car performance and leading technology solidify the TT model line as an icon
The quintessential design icon has become a next-generation driving machine. The 2016 Audi TT Roadster and TTS Coupe will make their U.S. debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show representing the all-new TT model line. Featuring an exciting new design characterized by the use of innovative technologies and driver-focused performance, the all-new Audi TT once again will make its stamp on Audi history.

“The original Audi TT set a new standard for automotive design with its quintessentially clean Bauhaus lines,” said Scott Keogh, President, Audi of America. “The all-new TT combines incredible technology, performance and design that epitomizes our brand and sets a new standard all its own.”

The Audi TT Coupe and Roadster will feature a 2.0L TFSI engine with 220 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. The sporty Audi TTS Coupe will feature a turbo 2.0L TFSI engine with 292 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. All models feature quattro permanent all-wheel drive for exceptional dynamics, excellent traction and superb grip with the Audi drive select system standard. 

The Audi drive select system allows the driver to adjust the shift points, throttle response, steering and the standard magnetic ride suspension on TTS, by selecting between dynamic, auto, comfort and individual modes. The quattro system has specifically been tuned for the TT/TTS to continuously shift power to the wheels that grip and has a rear-wheel bias when the Audi drive select is in the dynamic mode. 

The unique quattro calibration utilizes sensors that measure wheel slippage every 10 milliseconds to adjust power. This gives the quattro system the ability to shift up to 100% of power to the rear or the front axle when needed. Audi has vigorously updated the electrohydraulic multi-plate clutch, which uses software tailored to the TT and the TTS. Its slim design, which eliminates the pressure accumulator used in the previous generation, reduces the unit’s weight by 3.3 lbs.

The TT will be available as coupe and roadster and the TTS will be available as a coupe only. All TT models are available with a six-speed dual clutch S tronic® transmission that provides smooth, quick shifts.

Iconic Technology
The Audi TT revolutionizes the way the driver interacts with the vehicle through the innovative virtual cockpit. An entirely digital instrument cluster, the virtual cockpit replaces traditional gauges and interfaces for a customizable driving experience. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show earlier this year, the virtual cockpit combines the functions of a central MMI monitor with a conventional instrument cluster in one unique, 12.3-inch TFT display with superb 3D graphics and brilliant clarity.

For seamless processing speed, the quadcore Tegra 30 processor from the Tegra 3 series from NVIDIA is utilized. With a processing speed of over one gigahertz, the four-core chip can work together with a special 3D graphics program to perform more than eight billion computing operations per second. The graphics processor generates 60 frames per second, ensuring that the needles of the speedometer, rev counter and navigation are displayed with absolute precision. Google Earth™ maps appear across the entire virtual cockpit and resolve instantaneously when zooming in and out or when making menu selections.

The all-new Audi TT will also feature the most advanced version of Audi connect®, including picture navigation, read-aloud news headlines, Facebook® and Twitter® alerts, access to more than 7,000 Web radio stations, personalized RSS news feeds and more. Audi connect is powered by 4G LTE and includes an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot for passenger devices. 

A newly-designed MMI system streamlines the data entry process with an MMI Touch pad and MMI Navigation Plus with Bluetooth interface and voice control for compatible devices (not available on TT Roadster). The virtual cockpit is controlled by the multifunction steering wheel or via the MMI controls in the center console which includes the MMI touch pad integrated into the MMI rotary dial.

Iconic Design
The third-generation Audi TT features the unmistakable profile of the iconic first-generation TT, with short overhangs, broad wheel arches and a lean a muscular stance. Standard full LED headlamps exude modern sports car appeal, with a broader and flatter Singleframe® grille, sharp contours across the hood, round exhaust tailpipes and rear spoiler. 

As with all Audi S models, the TTS receives additional differentiation that includes unique front splitter/diffuser, quad exhaust tips and alu optic mirrors as well as standard S model specific sport seats on the interior to mention a few. The S model design elements paired with the powerful engine and the standard magnetic ride suspension make the TTS a true performance car for everyday use. 

The all-new TT front end and floor assembly are made of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel components, while the superstructure comprises aluminum castings, extruded sections and panels. The luggage compartment of the coupe models has a capacity of 10.8 cubic feet with the rear seatbacks up. Folding down the split rear seats increases the cargo capacity to a highly functional 25.1 cubic feet.

New HVAC controls eliminate the need for a conventional dash console and integrate fan speed, air vent selection and temperature directly into the center of the three central vents further underlining the clean, uncluttered design of the interior. Controls for the available heated seat controls are also integrated in the air vents further eliminating buttons and switches from the interior. 

An available Bang & Olufsen Sound System with 680 watts features 5.1 Surround Sound, a 14-channel amplifier and 12 loudspeakers provides a stunning sonic experience. LED accent lighting surrounding the front door mounted speakers add to the interior ambiance.

The TT and TTS will arrive on US shores during the second half of 2015 as 2016 model year vehicles. Pricing and equipment will be announced closer to on sale date.

For more information about the Audi TT and TTS, please visit www.audiusa.com.

The All-New FIAT 500 X, a rugged off roader, with on road manners, whats not to like !

  • All-new FIAT 500X presented to the UK media in Turin and at the Balocco Providing Ground
  • Available in two distinctive flavours – an elegant urban version in Pop, Pop Star and Lounge specifications and a rugged off-road version in Cross and Cross plus specifications
  • A broad range of engine and transmission option are available, including a class-leading nine-speed automatic transmission
  • Advanced safety equipment includes “Brake Control” collision mitigation system which functions up to 120mph
  • Technological highlights include 6.5-inch Uconnect™ system with 3D navigation and Uconnect Live smartphone integration
Following on from its world début at the Paris Motor Show, the FIAT 500X is presented to the UK media for the first time at the international launch in Turin and Balocco on November 13 and 14, 2014.

The all-new 500X is a crossover not only in terms of vehicle segments, but also in terms of its potential customers. 

With two distinct flavours on offer, there is a 500X to suit every need and taste: One is designed to appeal to those with a fun-loving, spirited, metropolitan outlook available in Pop, Pop Star and Lounge trim levels, and another, more rugged version has been designed with stylish, active adventures in mind available in Cross and Cross Plus specifications. 

A choice of 12 different body colours and eight different designs for the 16-, 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels, will help every owner personalise the look of their FIAT 500X even further.

Designed in the Centro Stile FIAT, the new 500X not only has clear links to its siblings in the current 500 family but also the iconic 1957 original, most notably its large, circular headlamps (albeit with a sportier, more aggressive shape than the 500 or 500L), its unmistakable nose brightwork and distinctive clamshell bonnet. 

Compact on the outside, measuring 4.25m in length (the FIAT 500X Cross/Cross Plus is 2cm longer), 1.80m in width and 1.60m in height (1.61 with roof bars, 1.62 with 4WD) with a slippery drag co-efficient of 0.34 CX, the FIAT 500X is also spacious, flexible and inviting on the inside, with extensive use of high-grade materials, top-quality finishes and practical storage compartments, including a spacious 350-litre luggage compartment which can be extended to accommodate all manner of loads using the Fold&Tumble rear seats and the fold-flat front passenger seat.  

A removable load platform which is reversible and height adjustable is also available.

The new front seats offer a high degree of comfort and adjustability with wraparound bolstering and perfectly aligned arm rests in the centre console and door trims to aid relaxed cruising. With a “H point” of 669mm (distance from the ground to the driver’s hip) the FIAT 500X offers excellent visibility while also ensuring the passengers feel safely enclosed and connected with the vehicle. 

Drivers of all-wheel drive versions sit 697mm from the ground, mainly due to the revised suspension settings and different wheels and tyres. A choice of seven fabric, leather and colour configurations is available, depending on the model and exterior colour, and amongst the premium options offered in the 500X, a full-length “Sky Dome” glass sunroof is available to bathe the cabin in natural light.

For the driver, there’s a new instrument binnacle divided into three, circular, individually cowled displays, with the large, central display featuring a reconfigurable 3.5-inch TFT display, flanked by speedometer and rev-counter in the other displays. A new steering wheel offers improved grip and comfort as well as new audio and vehicle system controls and while the dashboard panel retains the retro look of the 500, new switchgear and 5.0-inch or 6.5 touchscreen Uconnect™ systems set the 500X apart as an all-new model.

Both Uconnect™ units (not available on Pop) feature Bluetooth phone and music streaming connectivity, as well aux-in and USB ports, and the system can even read incoming text messages on compatible mobile phones, allowing the driver to respond using a number of pre-programmed responses. 

The five-inch Uconnect™ unit is operated via the touch screen, steering wheel remote controls and voice commands and can be upgraded to include DAB digital broadcasting and TomTom 2.5D navigation with voice commands, real-time traffic updates and re-routing and guidance prompts in the instrument cluster display. Safety cameras alerts, TomTom “Search&Go” local search service and real time weather forecasts are also available. 

The 6.5-inch system features satellite navigation with 3D maps, progressive route guidance and 'One Shot Voice Destination Entry' to enter addresses easily and quickly with voice commands.

The FIAT 500X is also the latest model to offer a BeatsAudio™ sound system, developed in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre. The premium hi-fi system boasts a 560W, eight-channel digital amplifier which integrates an advanced equalisation algorithm designed to recreate the entire sound spectrum that an artist experiences during their studio recordings. 

Standard FIAT 500X audio units feature either a 120W four-speaker system or a 180W six-speaker configuration, depending on the model. The BeatsAudio™ system, however, features two dome tweeters in the dashboard, two 165mm mid-range speakers in the front doors, two dome tweeters in the rear doors, two 165mm mid-range speakers in the rear quarter panels and a 20mm, 15-litre subwoofer integrated into the luggage compartment.

The new UConnect™ Live system also allows customers - through integration with their smartphones - to use many apps on the on-board system so that they can always be in contact with their friends on Facebook and Twitter or listen to millions of music tracks on Deezer or more than 100,000 radio stations with TuneIn. 

They can also get real-time news updates from Reuters and get the latest traffic, safety camera and weather information from the TomTom Live service. Customers need only download the Uconnect™ LIVE application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to display and control the applications which have been specially designed and adapted for use when driving.

Uconnect™ LIVE also facilitates the my:Car service (UK availability TBC), which offers real time alerts, servicing reminders and an interactive owner handbook to help drivers manage vehicle maintenance. 

When a smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, the most important alerts are automatically forwarded to the owner's personal Uconnect™ LIVE account, making managing maintenance easier than ever before. Even the FIAT 500X's eco:Drive system has evolved, replacing the USB-based system with a mobile app which is connected via the cloud for automatic driving data transfer, while Uconnect™ LIVE services can also be updated via a compatible smartphone.

To complete the premium Italian ambience of the new FIAT 500X, the interior benefits from the extensive use of sound-absorbent materials, from the soft-touch dashboard materials to the PVB layer inside the windscreen which improves the articulation index, and the segment-exclusive acoustic deflectors on the pillars created entirely from absorbent foams.  

To demonstrate the designers' attention to detail, even the floor mats in the 500X are unique and exclusive: they feature a print of a map of the Melfi factory as a means of expressing the pride taken by the Italian manufacturers in creating this high-quality product.

In keeping with its philosophy of appealing to every spectrum of customer, the FIAT 500X will be available with a broad range of powertrain options in the UK. Front-wheel drive, petrol-powered models are either equipped with a 110hp, 1.6-litre "E-torQ" engine with a five-speed manual gearbox or a 140hp 1.4-litre Turbo MultiAir II petrol engine with either a new-generation six-speed manual gearbox or FIAT Powertrain’s renowned six-speed twin-clutch transmission. 

The all-wheel drive petrol model, which is equipped with a first-in-class, nine-speed automatic transmission as standard, is powered by a 170hp, 1.4-litre Turbo MultiAir II engine.

The front-wheel drive diesel range consists of the 95hp, 1.3-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel, equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox, and the 120hp 1.6-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox. The four-wheel drive diesel option is the 140hp 2.0-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel, which will be available with a six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic transmission.

Vehicles available to test drive at the media launch are as follows:
  • 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II: 140hp, 230Nm, FWD, 6-sp manual, 0-62mph 9.8s, 118MPH, 41.7MPG, 139g/km CO2
  • 1.6 MultiJet II: 120hp, 320Nm, FWD, 6-sp manual, 0-62mph 10.5s, 116MPH, 68.9MPG, 109g/km CO2
  • 2.0 MultiJet II 4X4: 140hp, 350Nm, 9-sp auto, 0-62mph 9.8s, 118MPH, 51.4MPG, 144g/km CO2
The new nine-speed automatic transmission is a first not only for FIAT but also for the crossover segment in which the 500X competes. This new, electronically-controlled, nine-speed automatic transmission features advanced shift management to combine optimum driving pleasure with efficiency, while also offering the possibility of switching to manual-sequential mode. 

The FIAT 500X’s four-wheel drive system it drives adopts a fuel-saving rear axle disconnection system that seamlessly switches between two- and four-wheel drive for full-time torque management without requiring input from the driver. The result is a highly efficient drivetrain that offers excellent pick-up and smooth delivery of power, with sure-footed and dependable handling in all conditions.

Ground clearance for all-wheel drive versions increases to 179mm compared to 162mm for front-wheel drive models, and its approach, departure and breakover angles are 21.3°, 30.1° and 22.3° respectively. It is also equipped with specific bumpers and protective skid plates to protect the bodywork and mechanicals from the rigours of off-road use.

In terms of the rigidity of the FIAT 500X, around 70 percent of the total structure is comprised of high-strength steel and structural adhesives which serve to reduce the overall vehicle weight, to improve longevity and to maximise strength in the case of collision. 

Equipped with an independent MacPherson suspension front and rear, the FIAT 500X has been engineered to strike the optimal balance of handling and comfort that the segment demands.

On the front axle, the FIAT 500X features a special dual-function cross-member which offers high rigidity for greater acoustic comfort and an integrated third load line to improve energy absorption in the event of a collision. 

A "split" type of shock absorber mounting is also employed, to dissipate vibrations from the road to the body structure through two different pathways, improving acoustics and shock absorption efficiency.

In addition, the latest active safety systems are available to improve handling and assist the driver, including sophisticated ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and DST (Dynamic Steering Torque) systems, which improve both driving safety and handling performance by actively correcting over and understeer. 

DST is completely integrated into the vehicle's ESC system and intervenes to correct potentially dangerous situations caused by excessive deflection angles or instability due to poor wheel grip.

ESC with DST; ABS with EBD; ERM (electronic rollover mitigation); Hill Start Assist; ASR (traction control); MSR (gearshift engine torque management); electronic parking braking, TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system); front fog lights with cornering illumination (excluding Pop); automatic windscreen demisting (excluding Pop) and six airbags are all standard as part of the FIAT 500X’s safety package.

Advanced safety options include ACC (adaptive cruise control), Lane Assist (lane departure warning system); Blind Spot Assist (lane change assistance system);  ParkView reversing camera and Rear Cross Path (reversing blind spot warning system) will also be available, as is a new "Brake Control" assisted braking system, which can intervene between speeds of 4mph and 120mph to apply emergency braking, thereby helping prevent, or mitigate the consequences of, a collision if the driver fails to respond to the audio, visual or brief deceleration alerts. 

The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted relative to the driver’s preferences or can be disengaged completely.

Even the driving experience can be personalised and adapted, depending on how the new FIAT 500X is being driven and the prevailing driving conditions. The “Drive Mode” Selector (not available on Pop version) has three different modes for engine performance, power steering settings, ESC calibration and shift patterns for automatic transmissions: "Auto" offers the best compromise in terms of comfort, consumption and CO2 emissions while "Sport" reconfigures the FIAT 500X for better performance and more spirited handling. "All Weather" adjusts the vehicle settings for maximum safety even in low grip conditions.

On the more rugged FIAT 500X Cross and Cross Plus versions, "All Weather" mode is replaced by the "Traction" function, which speeds up the transmission of torque to the rear axle on four-wheel drive versions or activates the "Traction Plus" electronic front differential system on front wheel drive versions, the latter offering an ideal solution to drivers who only encounter extreme low-traction situations occasionally, thereby avoiding the additional costs and slight emissions increase associated with a conventional four-wheel drive system.

The UK FIAT 500X range starts with the Pop version which features 16" wheels with gloss silver hubcaps, body-coloured bumpers; chrome-effect brightwork; cruise control with speed limiter; manual air conditioning; remote central locking with electric front and rear windows; a height-adjustable driver's seat and a body-coloured dashboard panel.

The Pop Star model adds 17-inch alloy wheels; body-coloured door mirrors; front fog lights with cornering illumination; automatic climate control; rear parking sensors;  “Drive Mode” selector and the five-inch Uconnect™ infotainment system with Bluetooth, as well as broader range of engine choices including the 1.6 MultiJet II 120hp and 1.4 MultiAir II 140hp manual or DDCT.

The Lounge version offers dark tinted rear windows; HID headlamps; an adjustable cargo floor; front floor mats; 18-inch alloy wheels; a chrome-effect exterior styling kit; a leather-trimmed gear shifter; the 6.5-inch Uconnect™ infotainment system with navigation; an adjustable front armrest with storage and ambient interior lighting.

Compared to the Pop Star version, the FIAT 500X Cross includes the Traction Plus system; dark tinted rear windows; roof bars; unique bumpers front and rear with chrome exhaust trims; Cross-specific 17-inch alloy wheels; satin silver exterior detailing; a leather-trimmed gear shifter; a special dashboard finish and an adjustable front armrest with storage.

The range-topping FIAT 500X Cross Plus builds on the high specification of the Cross but adds HID headlamps; an adjustable cargo floor; front floor mats; Cross Plus-specific 18-inch alloy wheels; the 6.5-inch Uconnect™ infotainment system with 3D navigation; the 3.5-inch TFT colour display and ambient interior lighting.

Built in the updated SATA plant in Melfi, Italy and sold in more than 100 countries worldwide including the United States, the new FIAT 500X will go on sale in the UK early in the second quarter of 2015. Pricing for the FIAT 500X will range from £14,595 OTR for the 1.6 E-torQ 110hp in Pop specification to £25,845 for the 2.0-litre MultiJet II 140hp AT AWD Cross Plus.

The first version of the FIAT 500X available to order in the UK will be the “Opening Edition”, offered with a choice of three powertrain options: 140hp 1.4 Turbo MultiAir II 4X2 manual, 120hp 1.6 MultiJet II 4X2 manual and 140hp 2.0 MultiJet II AWD nine-speed automatic.

The 4X2 models are based on the urban versions of the FIAT 500X and only will be available with an “Art Grey” pastel paint finish. Standard equipment will include a range of normally optional features at no extra cost to the customer, including 18-inch alloy wheels; automatic climate control; Safety Pack (Lane Assist; Blind Spot Assist; ParkView reversing camera and "Brake Control" anti-collision system; Comfort Pack (Keyless Entry & Keyless Go; front armrest and electric lumbar adjustment on the front seats); tinted rear windows and exclusive “Opening Edition” badge.

The AWD version is offered only in tri-coat “Amore Red” and, like the 4X2 version, includes a range of additional equipment at no additional cost, including the Uconnect™ 6.5-inch satellite navigation system; two-tone red-and-black leather interiors; Visibility Pack (rain and light sensors, power folding door mirrors, electro-chromic rear view mirror), steering wheel paddle shifters and exclusive Opening Edition badge. 

Depending on the version, this can be worth up to £2,850 of additional content at no extra charge for the first FIAT 500X customers. Pricing for the FIAT 500X Opening Edition starts at £17,595 for the 1.4 MultiAir II 4X2 with order books due to open in December.


1.4 MultiAir II 140hp
1.6 MultiJet II 120hp
2.0 MultiJet II 140hp
Length standard / Cross4248 / 42734248 / 42734248 / 4273
Width / + mirrors1976 / 20251796 / 20251796 / 2025
Height / + roof bars1600 / 16081600 / 16081600 / 1608
Height Cross FWD / AWD1608 / 16201608 / 16201608 / 1620
Track Front/Rear (FWD + AWD)1545/15451545/15451545/1545
No. cylinders, layout444
Bore × stroke (mm)72 × 8479.5×80.583x90.4
Displacement (cm3)136815981956
Compression ratio10.016.5:116.5:1
Max. power (HP @ rpm)140 @ 5000120 @ 3750 rpm140 @ 4000 rpm
Max. torque (Nm) @ rpm230 @ 1750320 @1750 rpm350 @1750 rpm
SupplyTurbo Petrol, MPITurbo Diesel MultiJet IITurbo Diesel MulitJet II
Timing ControlBeltToothed BeltToothed Belt
Tappet ControlMultiAir II HydraulicHydraulically operatedHydraulically operated
Start&Stop SystemStandardStandardStandard
Battery capacity (Ah)637272
TransmissionC635 ManualC635 Manual948TE Auto
Final drive ratio4.4383.8334.334
16" tyre size215/60 R16215/60 R16215/60 R16
17" tyre size215/55 R17215/55 R17215/55 R17
18" tyre size225/45 R18225/45 R18225/45 R18
Steering boxRack and pinion with Dual Drive Electric Power Steering
Wall-to-wall turning circle (m)11.0511.0511.05
Kerb-to-kerb turning circle (m)11.5011.5011.50
FrontIndependent MacPherson
RearIndependent MacPherson
Ventilating Front Disc Ø (mm)281 x 26281 x 26305 x 28
Solid Rear Discs Ø (mm)278 x 12278 x 12278 x 12
Fuel tank (litres)484848
Boot capacity (Litres)
- rear seat in place + tyre kit
- rear seat folded + tyre kit
- rear seat in place + spare wheel
- rear seat folded +spare wheel



Kerb weight (kg)132013201495
Max. towable weight (kg) braked120012001200
Max. towable weight (kg) non-braked600600600
Top speed (MPH / km/h)118 / 190116 / 186118 / 190
Acceleration: 0-62 MPH (s)9.810.59.8
Urban cycle (MPG / L/100 km) 36.2 / 7.860.1 / 4.743.5 / 6.5
Extra-urban cycle (MPG / L/100 km)56.5 / 5.074.3 / 3.857.6 / 4.9
Combined cycle (MPG / L/100 km)47.1 / 6.068.9 / 4.151.4 / 5.5
CO2 emissions (g/km)139109144
1.6-litre E-torQ 110hpPOP£14,595
1.6-litre E-torQ 110hpPOPSTAR£16,345
1.4-litre MultiAir II 140hpPOPSTAR£17,595
1.6-litre MultiJet II 120hpPOPSTAR£19,095
1.4-litre MultiAir II 140hpCROSS£18,595
1.6-litre MultiJet II 120hpCROSS£20,095
2.0-litre MultiJet II 140hp AT AWDCROSS£24,095
1.4-litre MultiAir II 140hpLOUNGE£19,345
1.6-litre MultiJet II 120hpLOUNGE£20,845
1.4-litre MultiAir II 140hpCROSS PLUS£20,345
1.6-litre MultiJet II 120hpCROSS PLUS£21,845
2.0-litre MultiJet II 140hp AT AWDCROSS PLUS£25,845
1.4-litre MultiAir II 140hpOPENING EDITION£17,595