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Saturday, 15 April 2017

USA SALES MARCH - NISSAN/INFINITI -Both brands have grown in the month giving an overall 3% increase.

March 2017March 2016% Change
Nissan Group Total sales (units)168,832163,559+3.2
Nissan Division sales150,566149,784+0.5
Infiniti sales*18,26613,775+32.6
Nissan Group today announced U.S. sales in March 2017 set an all-time record at 168,832 units, an increase of 3 percent over the prior year.
Out of that growth, the Crossover, Trucks and Sports Utility Vehicle side of the brand provided an all time record, up a huge 26% over the same period a year ago.
Out of that growth, the Rogue Compact Crossover set a monthly record, just like the Pathfinder.
The Titan and Armada models provided a three figure rise, again over the same period a year earlier, the sales for Nissan should increase as new models and refreshed models all come on stream this year.
Nissan highlights:
  • Nissan Division finished March with 150,566 sales, up 1 percent and also the best month on record.
  • Overall sales of Nissan crossovers, trucks and SUVs set an all-time record, up 26 percent.
  • Sales of the Rogue compact crossover set a March record at 39,512, up 43 percent.
  • Sales of the Pathfinder SUV had an all-time record month at 10,442, up 20 percent.
  • Nissan TITAN sales climbed to 5,539, up 335 percent.
  • Nissan Armada finished the month up 215 percent, with 3,094 sales.