I will try my best to provide detailed info on various cars and what is like to live with them, I have already produced a few for Jaguar-car-forums, I will do my best to be unbiased, but it will be hard for some cars. I will re-produce press releases and copy from other motoring news.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

TMW - It's that time of the month again, July's sales in the United Kingdom.

MAY 2017 2639 Sales - 
MAY 2016 2200 Sales - -16.64%
YTD 2017 22590 Sales - YTD 
2016 19236 Sales - +17.44%

MAY 2017 5265 Sales - MAY 2016 4882 Sales - +7.82%
YTD 2017 50940 Sales - YTD 2016 47441 Sales - +7.38%


MAY 2017 7904 Sales - MAY 2016 7082 Sales - +11.60%
YTD 2017 73530 Sales - YTD 2016 66677 Sales - +10.28%

MAY 2017 12896 Sales - MAY 2016 11582 Sales -+11.35%
YTD 2017 102615 Sales - YTD 
2016 101103 Sales - +1.50%

MAY 2017 9083 Sales - MAY 2016 9699 Sales - -6.35%
YTD 2017 101721 Sales - YTD 
2016 101309 Sales - +0.41%

MAY 2017 340 Sales - MAY 2016 399 Sales - +14.79%
YTD 2017 2472 Sales - YTD 
2016 1964 Sales - +25.87%


MAY 2017 843 Sales - MAY 2016 774 Sales - +8.91%
YTD 2017 7285 Sales - YTD 2016 8190 Sales - -11.05%

MAY 2017 11617 Sales - MAY 2016 11650 Sales - -0.28%
YTD 2017 110174 Sales - YTD 
2016 100253 Sales - +9.90%


ABARTH +17.53%

DACIA +6.857%
HYUNDAI +3.91%
KIA +7.52%

LOTUS +36.88%
MASERATI +26.81%
MCLAREN +0.00%
MG +4.41%
MINI +2.72%
NISSAN +7.17%
PORSCHE +17.11%
SEAT +21.14%
SKODA +3.19%
SMART +2.12%

SUZUKI +7.79%

TOYOTA +5.02%

VOLVO +6.34%


BENTLEY -5.22%
CITROEN -21.47%
FIAT -16.83%

FORD -4.23%
HONDA -8.99%
JEEP -51.88%

MAZDA -13.88%
PEUGEOT -15.05%

RENAULT -8.14%

SUBARU -20.85%
VAUXHALL -18.77%


Well, its now four months on the trot and sales are still dropping like a stone, and thats not just it, since last month the UK Government has decided that that from 2040 cars will no longer be allowed for sales with petrol or diesel engines, and thats just bloody stupid, how is this going to work, what about the classic cars, what about the jobs within the motor industry, the small independant garages, petrol stations and so on and so on, the pathetic decision has been made without the thought process behind it.
Yes there are hybrids and electric cars, like the ZOE, Prius and Leaf, and semi-hybrids that rely on petrol/diesel back up engines, and what about the cars that will be virtually unsaleable, like hyper cars, McLarens, Rolls Royce and Bentley's, Ferrari and Lamborghini's, without the back up of massive car brands behind them, what future will they have, Lambo and Bentley has the VW Group, Rolls Royce has BMW, Ferrari, might be able to tap into Fiat Chrysler, but what about McLaren, Aston has the might of Mercedes behind it now, but that leaves many brands than have NO Electric or hybrids in their range.
What about some of the brands that currently have NO cars that will fall into the 2040, well, MG, they are in China, will the Chinese brands fall into place and produce the cars that are needed to be made to become eligible to be sold in the UK, i think that 23 years is a long time, but not long enough in the motoring world.
The current sales in the UK have dive-bombed, with Vauxhall sales showing massive drops in sales, now that they are a part of the PSA Group, it is now the Euro #2 company for sales not only are Vauxhall sales dropping, DS Automobiles are down by over 50%, Citroen are down 21% and Peugeot are down 15% along with Vauxhall's 18% drop, was it really the best idea in the world to combine the five brands together.
What about The other big brands in the UK, Ford, BMW, Audi and Mercedes, well Ford dropped, the others grew, in fact the German brands have shown a steady sales incline throughout the year, Suzuki is another brand that has seen sales grow significantly, they have launched the Baleno, Ignis and New Swift, and with the Swift Sport coming later in the year sales will continue to grow.

Volvo Is another brand that has seen sales grow throughout the year, mainly the steady launch of new models, first we had the XC-90, then the V90 and S90 and next was the XC60, which leaves the S and V 60 and the V/S/XC-40 range of cars.
Fiat sales continue to drop, Jeep is down by over 50% but Maserati is up by about 27, Lotus grows as does Aston Martin, Dacia not only  gets nominated as one of the most reliable brands it is also growing in sales for the year to date, so, thats about it for this month, expect some great launches throughout the rest of the year and thats for reading the blog.