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Sunday, 8 May 2016

TMW - It's that time of the month again - April 2016 - Significant releases coming should mean increased sales.


APRIL 2405 2016  sales - APRIL 2015 1151 sales +108.95%
Y.T.D. 2016 11085 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 6103 sales +81.63%


APRIL 2016 6482 sales - APRIL 2015 5549 sales +16.81%
Y.T.D. 2016 30600 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 26154 sales +17.00%


APRIL 2016 8887 sales - APRIL 2015 6700 sales +32.64%
Y.T.D. 2016 41685 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 32257 sales +29.23%



APRIL 2016 10980 sales - APRIL 2015 10891 sales +0.82% 
Y.T.D. 2016 57475 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 50915 sales +12.887%


APRIL 2016 12077 sales - APRIL 2015 10082 sales +19.79%
Y.T.D. 2016 59316 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 50393 sales +17.71%


APRIL 2016 835 sales - APRIL 2015 1044 sales -20.02%
Y.T.D. 2016 5172 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 4730 sales +9.34%


APRIL 2016 13668 sales - APRIL 2015 13264 sales +3.05% 
Y.T.D. 2016 61048 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 58183 sales +4.92%


APRIL 2016 335 sales - APRIL 2015 175 sales +91.43% 
Y.T.D. 2016 859 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 407 sales +111.06%


ABARTH +91.27%
ALFA ROMEO +12.44%
BENTLEY +28.04%
FIAT +3.73%
HONDA +17.45%
HYUNDAI +3.36%
JEEP +51.76%
KIA +9.22%
MAZDA +12.46%
MG +8.31%
MINI +6.74%
PORSCHE +15.67%
RENAULT +17.88%
SKODA +6.37%
SMART +85.83%
SSANGYONG +108.39%
SUBARU +7.16%
SUZUKI +15.31%
TOYOTA +1.60%
VOLVO +8.68%


CITROEN -18.04% *
DACIA -5.06%
FORD -2.18%
LOTUS -17.78%
MASERATI -19.50%
NISSAN -3.96%
PEUGEOT -6.47%
SEAT -4.48%
  • *Citroen and DS Automobiles split sales in May 2015 - Combine both to get an accurate figure when comparing to 2015 sales figures.
  • Grateful thanks for all the Figures supplied by the SMMT.
The Fourth month of the year continues the way of the first quarter, strong, growth with sales of a large number of brands growing by double digit figures, in a month where there is only a 2% increase, and a year to date incline of 4%, luxury brands have not faired well so far this year, with Aston MartinLotus and Maserati all dropping, Bentley is the only saving grace, but they have the new Bentayga to boost sales during it's launch period.

MG has peaked, as its now a few months where sales have not beaten the previous years numbers, although year to date are still ahead, and with the UK launch of the new GS (a report on this will follow) at the London Motor Show, it is hoped that sales will grow significantly, and at long last MG has introduced an Auto box, yippee, and a new 1.5 Litre Turbocharged engine at launch with another petrol and diesel to come by the year end, but then we are still waiting for more engines for the MG3 and MG6, so dont hold your breath.
Jaguar has had an amazing month, with sales growth hitting triple figures, and about time too, it looks like the XE and F-Pace are now at full steam, and sales are going to be good for both this ranges, unfortunately the promised XE EstateCoupe and Convertible are now all gone, but the XF Sportbrake has been given the green light, after having it cancelled at the end of last year, do they really know what they are doing at JLR ? it begs the question !

Land Rover on the other hand have had nothing new to speak of, the Evoque convertible will be a limited sales model, and the Discovery 5 has started to be seen out and about clad in the usual disguise, ready for an end of year reveal, whether the brand will launch the Evoque XL or the Discovery Sport XL is to be seen, but i fear these will be placed on the back burner, as costs are now being cut, and it is becoming obvious, which considering there momentum over the last eight years, is a real shame.

It is also of note, that the once big brands like FordVauxhallSEAT and Volkswagen have all declining sales, VW, well, thats obvious, their dishonesty in fixing the engines of their cars to give false emissions readings has taken its toll on the brand, and estimates of upto $40 Billion in fines and repair costs has been mooted, and their recent results have shown that they would have made a healthy Billion Euro+ profit for the quarter, but the charges they have announced has taken that away into a multi Billion Euro loss.

Ford, this is a strange one, they continue to be the biggest brand in the UK, with the FocusFiestaTransit and Mustang leading their respective segments, amongst others, yet sales are dipping, as they have already this year, they have lots of new metal, decent packages, finance deals and so on, yet, people are not buying like they did last year, it will be interesting to see if this continues.

FIAT is another surprise, they have nothing new, the decade old Punto, the 500 and various derivates, QuboDublo and Panda are all wanting new models, yet sales are growing, this is great news, the all new TIPO, looks like it will be a great car, and hopefully will give FIAT a car in that segment that sells in significant numbers, not seen since the last TIPO in the 80's, the same goes for Alfa, they have just two mainstream models both have been around for a while, and sales are growing, both Italian brands have lots of new products coming over the coming few years, and that will boost sales significantly.

Lastly for the month, Ssangyong, they continue to sell in bigger numbers, like Jaguar, a triple figure increase, however this is on the YTD, so an ongoing growth, and it is so well deserved, they have had some really dodge cars over the years, ugly is one word, but today they have a range of off roaders that are superior looking, well equipped, capable on and of road, decent pricing, and with a great warranty and after sales service, the Tivoli is the pick of the range, followed by the Korando and then the Rexton, so if you are on the look out for a well priced car, you would be well advised to check on this brand first.

So, thats it for the fourth month of the year and the start of Q2, what will next month bring, traditionally a quiet month with people taking holidays, and it being midway (ish) between the two plate change periods, will Jag continue to grow and by such huge margins, will Ford turnaround, will Fiat stop selling more cars, you only have about four weeks to wait, so thanks as always, have a great month, and enjoy whatever you have planned.

The Motoring World.

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