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Sunday, 26 March 2017

INFINITI achieved a February sales record of 20,114 vehicles sold around the world.

  • INFINITI achieved a February sales record of 20,114 vehicles sold
  • All-time sales record February year-to-date with 38,961 vehicles (+21% year-on-year) globally.
  • INFINITI expands its global presence into New Zealand.
  • Announcing new Q50 at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.
INFINITI had the best February sales month in its history with 20,114 vehicles sold globally, a 21% increase versus the same month last year. This follows last month’s record January sales. The USA, Mexico, Western Europe, China and Australia all achieved their best February sales month as well.
Roland Krueger, President of INFINITI Motor Company said, “Following record sales in 2016 of more than 231,000 vehicles, it is gratifying to see that customers around the world continue to appreciate the design, performance and quality they expect from INFINITI.
Our momentum is of course led by new products, with the QX30 and Q60 now on sale in key global markets. In addition, we are pleased to announce our expansion into New Zealand this year. 
The momentum continues next week when we unveil the new Q50 in Geneva.  The Q50 is our best-selling vehicle globally and was the first production vehicle in the world to come with steer-by-wire, or Direct Adaptive Steering, a prerequisite for autonomous drive functions.”
INFINITI achieved all-time record February year-to-date in 6 markets and Importers across all regions.
  • In the United States, INFINITI sold 25,295 vehicles February year-to-date, marking a 34% increase versus previous year.
  • In Western Europe, sales increased by +16% versus last year, with 2,437 units sold February year-to-date.
  • In China, INFINITI has a February record sales of 2,401 (+8% YOY), contributing to a total of February year-to-date of 5,991 vehicles sold, a 3% increase versus same period last year.
  • In Asia and Oceania, INFINITI continues its strong growth with a February year-to-date sales record of 1,028 units. Australia alone has reached a sales record of 119 units (+138% against February last year). Taiwan continued their all-time record with February year-to-date sales of 477 units, a 109% growth against same period last year.