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Monday, 27 March 2017

TMW - I can see why this New Peugeot 3008 has achieved a car of the year win !!!!

In every brand there is one car that moves the goalposts and makes the others seem like "also rans" and here we have today, the All-New Peugeot 3008, a car that is truly one of the best cars thats for sale anywhere in the world, without exception everyone has stated that this is a brilliant car, and it is, but how good it is, is without question a top quality car.
From the design of the lighting to the interior, no amount of money has been spared to make this the car to own, and believe me, you would be more than happy having this on your driveway.

The car that we have here today is the 3008 Allure THP 165 EAT6, or in other words, a 1.6 litre with 165hp run through the auto gearbox,  the OTR of this car is £26,395, which is a really good price for the basic car, but this car is far from basic, as it has been specified with a number of the available cost options :-
  • Metallic Paint - £525
  • Electric Tailgate - £750
  • Opening Glass Sunroof - £990
  • Smartphone Charging Plate - £120
  • Visio Pack 2 - £450
  • Black Diamond Roof - £280
  • Adaptive Cruise Control - £400
  • Full LED Headlamps - £850

Does it look a £30k car, maybe not, but then the options are the users choice, so if you decide to take it to that level, thats for you to do, I know that if we were putting our money into this car, we would definitely pick some of those extra's.

The comfort on this car is second to none, you really feel like you are in an armchair, which on a long journey is a welcome relief, we took this car to Scotland during our time with it, and we both felt equally a refreshed after our journey as we did when we left, and combine this to the gadgets to play with onboard, we were very well kept amused.

The biggest and best gadget is the computerised i-Cockpit, on a normal car you have double dials in front of you, one for revs and one for mph, however on this one, you can change the dash so that you can have a multitude of versions, from navigation, revs, mph, car temp, car numbers, like mpg, average mpg, trip info and more, you can specify what side and what detail you require, personally, i have navigation on the left and car mp details on the right, and in the centre, well, thats set at mph.
The high roofline is not compromised by the opening glass roof, which runs the length of the car, in the contrary it made the car light and airy.

The fuel consumption of our car is quite good considering thats it is not the smallest of SUV's in the world, and now that the PSA group posts actual figures rather that laboratory achieved results, it makes for a more honest approach to the customer, so, our car we had has a claimed :-
  • Urban - 37.2mpg
  • Extra Urban - 55.4mpg
  • Combined - 47.1mpg

And yes this is achievable, we got into the mid 40's on our run up to the highlands, which considering the 1.6 litre engine, pulling along this large car is a great result.
Driving the car is a really nice experience, it goes where you want it to go, without any issues, the lane assist tells you if you are wandering too far off course, combine this to the "queue buster" which will slow the car down when getting near an obstacle in front and then pull away again back up to our set figure on the cruise control, and you get a decent driving car.

We were surprised at how small the tuning circle of this car is, it is like a Hackney Cab, put it on full lock and it seems to turn around on a sixpence, as the old saying goes, this is a big car that can return small car expenses, and today, this is very important.

Interior space is great, with the front two seats having the premium, all the swtichgear and touchscreen are near and handy, you dont need to stretch out to reach anything up front, the rear seats are also well appointed, with good comfortable seating, and again like the front, there is plenty of room for the biggest of rear passengers to get comfortable.

The boot, well, thats cavernous, the electric tailgate, works very well with the key fob, however the foot under the bumper only worked once during the entire week, which was a shame, but the space within is huge, and will take virtually all the luggage and shopping that you can throw at it.

The Peugeot 3008 has taken a large number of awards already, and the Car Of The Year title just goes to show that the company is on a roll, bringing new, great cars to market, however, this new car also shows how others including its own cars are now running far behind, the brand will, i am sure put that to rights, when all the new cars are launched.

As it stands this new car from Peugeot is one of teh best cars for sale today, and given the opportunity this car would be on my driveway more permanently, as it is a great easy car to live with.


This is one stunning car, does everything very well, and has loads of room, it is economical, quiet and very comfortable, the tech is really up to date, you never feel like the is left wanting for anything, it's easy to park, the allround camera system, is really precise.

Everyone can access the car with ease, it comes across as light and airy, especially with the glass roof, would i have one, damned right i would, and when we are ready to change, this car will be one that we seriously consider, the blog, has tested a large number of cars over the last year or so, and with that, we have an idea of many styles of car, from uber luxury, like the Rolls and Bentley, to cars at the other end of the scale, like the Vauxhall Viva, City cars to SUV's, MPV's and saloons, and this one is by far and away one of the best cars tested.