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Thursday, 20 April 2017

UK SALES MARCH - Kia - The Best ever single month tops off a brilliant First quarter.

  • 18,801 new vehicles delivered to Kia customers in March
  • First quarter up almost 23 per cent to 29,705
  • Sportage continues to be firm favourite
A best-ever single month sales performance in March saw Kia deliver 18,801 new cars to customers in the UK and reach a record first quarter total of 29,705 – better than the entire year’s sales in 2007!
Retail customers powered Kia’s March 16 per cent improvement over 2016, with more than 10,000 private buyers turning to the brand. And Sportage’s distinctive looks and excellent packaging kept it at the top of Kia’s best-sellers’ list with 8,220 delivered during the month.
Picanto, Rio, cee’d and Venga completed the top five in March this year – exactly the same order of popularity as last March. That list was repeated in the first quarter of 2017 with Sportage accounting for more than 12,600 sales compared to 10,785 by the end of March last year.
Paul Philpott, President and Chief Executive of Kia Motors (UK) limited commented: “We are delighted that so many UK motorists have put their trust in our company, our products and our dealers. It shows the remarkable growth of the Kia brand that in three months we can deliver more new cars than we did in the whole of 2007 – when we launched our still industry-leading Seven Year Warranty across the product range.
“It is clear the UK motoring public have taken Sportage to their hearts, but we are also pleased that the all-new Rio has got off to a good start – I expect we shall see its sales numbers grow this year. And with the all-new Picanto just around the corner plus two completely new to the range products still to come this year, I am confident we shall set another new record for the whole of 2017,” he added.