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Thursday, 27 July 2017

USA SALES JUNE - GM - Sales were down by 3% but the crossover and commercial parts showed growth.

  • Crossover retail sales up 23 percent on strength of Equinox
  • Buick U.S. retail sales up 6 percent
  • Commercial sales up 36 percent, for best June since 2006
  • Lowest daily rental sales mix of any full-line automaker
General Motors (NYSE: GM) today reported June U.S. retail sales of 202,908 vehicles, down about 3 percent from the same period last year. However, in the fastest growing U.S. retail market segment, GM’s crossover retail sales were up 23 percent, due largely to the strength of Chevrolet Equinox, which were up 36 percent.  Buick’s U.S. retail sales were up 6 percent. 
GM’s U.S. Commercial sales were up 36 percent, for its best June since 2006.  Commercial and Government sales were 77 percent of GM’s fleet sales for the month.  U.S. daily rental sales were down nearly 11,000 vehicles or 54 percent in June, as planned.  
GM’s June total sales were 243,155 vehicles, down about 5 percent from the same period last year.
GM’s mid crossovers, compact crossovers and utilities were up a combined 22 percent on a U.S. retail sales basis compared to the same period last year. This strong performance was carried throughout the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac lineups:
  • Chevrolet Suburban – up 9 percent
  • Chevrolet Tahoe – up 15 percent
  • Chevrolet Equinox - up 36 percent
  • Chevrolet Traverse – up 71 percent
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV – delivered 1,425 vehicles.
  • Buick Enclave –up 10 percent
  • Buick Encore – up 8 percent
  • Buick Envision - up 101 percent
  • GMC Acadia – up 25 percent
  • Cadillac Escalade – up 14 percent
  • Cadillac XT5 – up 29 percent
General Motors is in the midst of launching the most all-new crossover offerings into the U.S. market in its history. 
“Our crossover renaissance began last year with the introduction of the all-new GMC Acadia and Cadillac XT5, and continued this year with the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Equinox,” said Kurt McNeil, U.S. vice president of Sales Operations. “The all-new Equinox is off to a strong start and we will leverage that momentum as we introduce four additional crossovers in the second half of 2017.”
By the end of 2017, GM will offer customers the U.S. industry’s newest and broadest lineup of crossovers.

“U.S. total sales are moderating due to an industry-wide pull-back in daily rental sales, but key U.S. economic fundamentals clearly remain positive,” said Mustafa Mohatarem, GM chief economist. “Under the current economic conditions, we anticipate U.S. retail vehicle sales will remain strong for the foreseeable future.”
June Business Highlights (vs. June 2016)
  • According to J.D Power PIN estimates, GM’s incentive spending as a percentage of average transaction prices (ATP) was 12.0 percent in June,  equal to our 2016 calendar year average, and lower than any domestic and many Asian competitors.
  • ATPs were $35,657, up nearly $400 per vehicle.
First Half Highlights (vs. First Half 2016)
  • GM’s U.S. retail sales are on pace with last year’s performance.
  • Q2 incentive spend was about 12 percent, down two full percentage points from Q1.
  • Q2 ATPs are up about $800 over Q1, due to a higher truck/crossover mix and lower incentives.
  • Crossover retail sales were up 23 percent, the highest first half in GM history.
  • Buick’s U.S. retail sales were up 8 percent.
  • Commercial sales were up 8 percent, in a segment that’s down 5 percent.
  • Government sales were up 1 percent, in a segment that’s down 9 percent.
  • Daily rental sales were down nearly 31,000 vehicles or 21 percent.
  • Daily rental sales mix was in a range of about 8 percent, the lowest among full-line automakers in the U.S. industry.
  • Combined XT5 and SRX sales are up 18 percent year to date, the highest first half for Cadillac crossovers.
  • Best Cruze retail sales since 2014.
  • Best Volt retail sales in history.
  • Best Colorado retail sales since 2005.
  • Best Traverse retail sales in history.
  • Best Acadia retail sales in history.
From an industry standpoint, GM expects the second half of 2017 will be stronger than the first half. Pickup and utility sales, GM’s strength, are expected to be stronger in the second half of the year.
June Brand Retail Highlights (vs. 2016)
  • Corvette and Cruze were up 4 percent and 3 percent, respectively.
  • Colorado was up 3 percent.
  • Equinox had its best June ever.
  • Crossover sales were up 42 percent.
  • Silverado total sales are up 2 percent and retail sales are up 1 percent.
  • Best Silverado month of the year for total sales.
  • Lacrosse was up 39 percent.
  • Crossover sales were up 21 percent.
  • ATPs were up $1,067 to $44,539.
  • Best Denali month ever – over 31 percent of retail sales.
  • CT6 was up 4 percent.
  • ATPs were up $2,300 to $56,301.
Guidance on U.S. Vehicle Inventory Levels
  • We anticipate we will end 2017 with approximately the same day supply of vehicles as we did at the end of 2016 with fewer cars and more trucks and crossovers in the mix.
  • Pickup and utility sales, GM’s strength, are expected to be stronger in the second half of the year.
  • We will continue to monitor the marketplace and will make additional production adjustments if needed.