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Thursday, 27 July 2017

USA SALES JUNE - TOYOTA/LEXUS - the company saw sales dip on the month by 3.6%

  • TMNA, Toyota and Lexus divisions set June light truck sales record
  • RAV4, Highlander post best-ever June
  • Lexus NX posts best-ever June
Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) Inc., today reported June 2017 sales of 202,376 units. With the same number of selling days in June 2017 compared to June 2016, sales were up 2.1 percent on both a volume and daily selling rate (DSR) basis. 

For the first half of the year, TMNA reported sales of 1,155,165 units, down 3.6 percent versus the same period in 2016 on a DSR basis.  With the same number of selling days in the first half of 2017 compared to 2016, sales were down 3.6 percent on an unadjusted raw-volume basis. 
Toyota division posted June 2017 sales of 177,981 units, up 3.2 percent on a volume and DSR basis.   
“The auto industry has cooled off compared to last year’s record-breaking pace,” said Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager, Toyota division. “In the first half, however, Toyota held its No. 1 retail brand status, as we were able to outperform the industry, thanks to our incredible dealers gaining momentum in the 2nd quarter, especially in light trucks and SUVs. We aim to carry that momentum for a strong second half, as we lead the charge back into the mid-size segment with the all-new Camry, and continue to benefit from improved inventory in our light trucks, including the new C-HR.” 
Lexus posted June sales of 24,395 units, down 5.4 percent on a volume and DSR basis. 
“It's no surprise that our luxury utility vehicles are driving Lexus sales, and our NX is on fire," said Jeff Bracken, Lexus group vice president and general manager.  "Looking forward, our dealers run even faster the second half of the year, and with great availability, we're in a very healthy position to meet our customer needs. 2017 will see a strong close to another great year for the industry."

June 2017 and First Half Highlights:
  • Camry records June sales of 29,463 units
  • Corolla sedan posts sales of 29,432 units for the month
  • TMNA posts best-ever light truck in first half
  • RAV4 increases by 24.7 percent; best-ever June and best-ever first half
  • Highlander posts sales of 17,237 units for best-ever June; best-ever first half
  • 4Runner sales of 10,423 units in June; up 16.6 percent in the first half
  • Tacoma and Tundra June sales rise by 4 and 4.3 percent respectively, combined sales over 25,000
  • NX up 13 percent for best-ever June, up 11.7 percent year-to-date
  • LX up nearly 5 percent in the first half
  • RX sees gain of 4.5 percent in June
 *Note:  Unless otherwise stated, all figures reflect unadjusted raw sales volume

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