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Friday, 17 January 2014

All-new Range Extended Electric Metrocab taxi for London.

  • All-new Range Extended Electric Metrocab taxi for London – trials launched this week
  • >75mpg and over three times more fuel efficient than comparable current London taxi
  • >75% less CO2 than comparable current London taxi, <50g/km CO2
  • >560km combined range
  • Significantly lower running costs, typically saving a London cabbie £30 – £40 per day
  • Zero-emissions mode and home charging via standard mains outlet
  • Evolutionary design, sympathetic to iconic London taxi silhouette
  • >10 years in development and over a million engineering test kilometres
  • Six passenger seats (plus optional seventh passenger seat in the front)
  • Fully compliant with London Public Carriage Office (PCO) regulations


Frazer-Nash and Ecotive, the companies behind the all-new, purpose-built Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi confirm the vehicle’s full specification.

The British designed, engineered and built Metrocab, from Mytchett Surrey-based Ecotive and Frazer-Nash, is a new generation zero-emissions electric-powered taxi for London, and represents the cutting edge of green transport technology with a design both evolutionary and sympathetic to the iconic black cab silhouette.

Metrocab Chairman Sir Charles Masefield said:

“The all-new Range Extended Electric Metrocab has been in development since the mid-2000s with several prototypes built and over a million kilometres of engineering tests completed.  Instantly recognisable as an iconic London Hackney Cab, with a panoramic glass roof for views of the city, our new all-British London cab offers, for no price premium, completely new levels of economy, emissions and passenger comfort and is ready to enter service this year, benefitting the passenger, driver, city and environment alike.”

Ready now, Metrocab launches a campaign this week inviting London taxi drivers to register with the company for real-world trials in the new zero emissions capable taxi, demonstrating significant cost savings, environmental benefits, easy ownership and maintenance and enhanced passenger experience.

The Metrocab from Ecotive and Frazer-Nash is the latest in a long line of electric powered transport solutions they have marketed and developed over the last 25 years with world-class highly efficient, optimised and fully-integrated digital-electric and hybrid-electric powertrains.  Priced competitively to enter the taxi market, the Metrocab is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery pack with an electric motor to each of the rear wheels.

Following the in-market trials this year, the Metrocab will be rolled out in London and other key cities in the UK and internationally.