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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Motor Village UK is pleased to supply the Italian Ambassador with a brand new Alfa Giulietta.

Every customer who visits Motor Village UK is a VIP, and that was certainly true this week (2 November) when the Italian ambassador arrived to collect his new Alfa Giulietta from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ flagship London dealer.
His Excellency, Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano, was handed the keys to his new Giulietta 1.4 170 TCT Business Edition by Fabio di Prima, managing director, Motor Village UK.

The twin-clutch, semi-automatic car will be used for general Embassy duties, including travelling to official engagements throughout London, and collecting foreign delegates arriving from Italy into Heathrow Airport.
And there is an added bonus to having the Giulietta, according to the Ambassador.
“The official Ambassador’s car is a Maserati, but the Alfa will be ideal for me when I want to move around with a little less visibility,” says Mr Terracciano. “The Giulietta is a stylish car, but more discreet in that respect.
“I am delighted to take delivery also, for sentimental reasons,” he adds. “The first car I can ever remember being in was my father’s Alfa Romeo Giulietta, so it is nice to be back in a more modern version.”
“We were delighted when the Ambassador’s office contacted us about a new car,” says Fabio di Prima. “The Giulietta fits perfectly with the Ambassador’s requirements, and I am sure he will have many years of happiness with it.”
The Alfa Giulietta range starts at £18,450 OTR for the 1.4 TB 120 Progression.