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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Renault Kangoo van range gets midlife makeover with new trim levels and with Diesel and Hybrid choices.

  • Improved standard equipment available across the Kangoo Van range
  • New Business and Business+ trim levels for dCi models; Z.E. versions come as standard with Business trim
  • Full steel bulkhead, adjustable driver’s seat & DAB radio now standard across the Renault LCV range
  • Choice of 32 combustion-engine dCi models or four all-electric Z.E. versions available with battery lease or full purchase
  • Z.E. Voice pedestrian warning system as standard
  • dCi models remain priced from £13,200 plus VAT
  • Z.E. versions remain priced from £16,161 (purchase) or £12,994 (battery hire) plus VAT   
The Renault Kangoo Van range has been upgraded and improved, making the small business vehicle an ideal proposition for business customers. The practical, versatile and stylish LCV offers customers minimal purchase and operating costs as well as new trim levels and standard equipment.
The improvements mean that there is now substantial standard specification across the Kangoo Van range with every trim level receiving DAB radio with Bluetooth, USB and AUX ports as standard.

Every Kangoo Van and Kangoo Van Z.E. panel van will now have a full steel bulkhead separating the passenger and cargo compartments, providing greater safety for occupants in the event of an accident whilst also ensuring that loads are securely located. In Crew Van Cab models, the bulkhead is a multi-positional feature giving owners the flexibility to vary passenger and cargo space.     
The new range now includes Business and Business+ trim levels, aligning with the Renault Trafic and Renault Master. Standard equipment also includes ECO mode, load area lighting, roof bar fixings, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Hill Start Assist and Grip Xtend, electric front windows, Titanium upholstery, electric variable power steering, a front 12-volt power socket, grey side protection moulds, , anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), a driver’s airbag a height-adjustable driver’s seat, deadlocks, the Renault anti-intruder device (R.A.I.D.) and remote central locking.    
On top of the above standard equipment, the Kangoo Van Z.E. also comes with a wall-mounted (Type 2, Mode 3) charging cable, a recharging socket (up to 16amp), Z.E. onboard computer, Z.E. Voice cabin pre-heating/pre-cooling and low rolling resistance tyres.
All-new features specific to the Kangoo Maxi Crew Van and Maxi Crew Van Cab include left and right side sliding doors, interior side panel and an extra row of three folding passenger seats split one-third/two-thirds.
Further new features on Business+ models include electrically operated folding door mirrors, one-touch descending electric front windows, a centre console with armrest, an overhead parcel shelf, rubber flooring in the load area, manual air conditioning, body-coloured front bumper and rear parking sensors.
Options across the range include metallic paint, additional load anchorage points*, an increased payload of 800kg*, front passenger and lateral airbags, a swivelling bulkhead with folding passenger seat, cruise control with speed limiter, automatic headlights and wipers, a folding front passenger seat and the Renault R-Link multimedia and navigation system – now controlled via a button rather than the touchscreen, resulting in less time that the driver’s gaze is averted from the road.  
The upgrades mean there are now 32 variants, all powered by highly efficient dCi units, available as panel or crew vans. The same two body styles are offered with the four Z.E. models. Business trim is the entry point to the range regardless of power unit, bringing greater conformity to Renault’s commercial vehicle line-up, while dCi versions also offer a higher-specification Business+ grade.
There are also two ML20 models, powered by the dCi 90 ENERGY engine, with an increased payload of 800kg instead of the standard 650kg.
Alongside the newly-standard DAB radio with Bluetooth, USB and AUX ports, the Kangoo van range can also be ordered with or without a CD player.
All-electric versions now receive Renault Z.E. Voice as standard, which alerts pedestrians or cyclists to the vehicle’s approach when travelling below 18mph.
Combustion engine and Z.E. panel vans are available with a choice of two different wheelbases, load bay lengths and cargo capacities. The standard version has a 2,697mm wheelbase, a load bay which can be stretched from 1,731 to 2,502mm and a 3m3 cargo area, while for Maxi models the corresponding figures are 3,081mm, 2,115 to 2,886mm and 4.0 to 4.6m3. All crew vans come in Maxi format, with the option of Maxi Cab specification adding the multi-positional bulkhead as standard.
EU6 engines and zero emissions with Z.E.
A year ahead of the requirement for EU6 engines, Renault has demonstrated its technological leadership by offering seven versions of the new Kangoo with dCi engines which already meet the new emissions standard. These dCi 75, dCi 90 and dCi 110 ENERGY units provide lower NOx emissions achieved by the addition of a NOx trap in the exhaust system, with no requirement for further additives. This enables them to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.
Renault’s 1.5-litre dCi turbodiesel engines are renowned for their smooth yet strong performance, impressive refinement and low fuel consumption and emissions. Regardless of body style or vehicle length, fuel economy is more than 60mpg in the NEDC combined cycle for all but five versions, and even these achieve 56.5mpg, while CO2 emissions are 130g/km or less, and as low as 110g/km with six variants.
By opting for a Kangoo Van Z.E., owners will reduce their emissions to zero whilst driving, with minimal energy consumption. The Z.E. is the most logical choice for local companies, especially in London, where every version is exempt from the Congestion Charge.
The Kangoo Van Z.E. has an NEDC driving range of up to 106 miles (in temperate conditions, 84 miles; in extreme winter conditions, 53 miles), a 650kg payload and a 44kW (60hp) motor. The electric van also receives regenerative brakes and reduced service, maintenance and repair costs.. Drivers of the Kangoo Van Z.E. can more than exceed the 62 miles driven by 70 per cent of local van drivers during a typical day.
By timing battery recharging to take place during overnight low-cost electricity tariff periods, customers can reduce running costs to less than two pence per mile**, while drivers enjoy the performance and silence provided by an electric motor with 226Nm of torque from standstill. Meanwhile, air quality is a highly beneficial side-benefit for the local areas where Kangoo Van Z.E. is in use.
The all-electric LCV is available with low-cost battery hire schemes, or to buy outright, designated with an ‘i’ prefix. With this kind of ownership flexibility, Renault is able to tailor pricing perfectly to match the needs and usage of operators.
Pricing and warranty
Prices for dCi models start at £13,200 plus VAT, while battery-hire Z.E.  versions are available from £12,994 plus VAT, or £16,161.15 plus VAT for full purchase. Z.E. prices are after the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG).   
Battery-hire schemes are available from £33 per month excluding VAT for between 6,000 and 12,000 miles a year.
All versions of the Renault Kangoo are covered by a four-year vehicle warranty (unlimited for two years, then 100,000 miles) with four years’ roadside assistance. Z.E. versions also have a five-year powertrain warranty (two years unlimited and then 100,000 miles) for full purchase vehicles or a lifetime battery warranty for the duration of the hire contract. Battery performance is guaranteed to at least 75 percent of its original charge capacity for the length of the battery hire or for five years/60,000 miles to at least 66 percent of maximum capacity when the vehicle is bought outright. If performance reduces below this Renault will either repair or replace it.
Top speed
ML19 dCi 75 Business7518016.393
ML19 ENERGY dCi 75 Business7518016.393
ML19 dCi 90 Business9020013.399
ML19 ENERGY dCi 90 Business9020013.399
ML20 dCi 90 Business9020013.399
ML20 dCi 90 ENERGY Business9020013.399
ML19 dCi 75 Business+7518016.393
ML19 dCi 75 ENERGY Business+7518016.393
ML19 dCi 90 Business+9020013.399
ML19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+9020013.399
ML19 dCi 110 Business+11024012.3105
ML20 dCi 110 Business+11024012.3105
ML20 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+9020013.399
LL21 dCi 90 Business9020013.399
LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Business9020013.399
LL21 dCi 110 Business11024012.3105
LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Business9020013.399
LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Crew Van Business9020013.399
LL21 dCi 110 Crew Van Business11024012.3105
LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Cab Business9020013.399
LL21 dCi 110 Crew Van Cab Business11024012.3105
LL21 dCi 90 Business+9020013.399
LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+9020013.399
LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Business+9020013.399
LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Crew Van Business+9020013.399
ML19 dCi 75 ENERGY Business E67520016.393
ML19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business E69022013.399
ML19 dCi 110 ENERGY Business E611026012.3105
ML19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+ E69022013.399
Ml19 dCi 110 ENERGY Business+ E611026012.3105
LL21 dCi 110 ENERGY Business E611026012.3105
LL21 dCi 110 ENERGY Crew Van Business E611026012.3105


ModelMPGCO2(g/km) ModelMPGCO2(g/km)
ML19 dCi 75 Business61.4119LL21 dCi 110 Business60.1123
ML19 ENERGY dCi 75 Business67.3110LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Business56.5130
ML19 dCi 90 Business61.4119LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Crew Van Business60.1123
ML19 ENERGY dCi 90 Business67.3110LL21 dCi 110 Crew Van Business60.1123
ML20 dCi 90 Business50.4126LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Cab Business56.5130
ML20 dCi 90 ENERGY Business56.5119LL21 dCi 110 Crew Van Cab Business60.1123
ML19 dCi 75 Business+61.4119LL21 dCi 90 Business+56.5130
ML19 dCi 75 ENERGY Business+67.3110LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+60.1123
ML19 dCi 90 Business+61.4119LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Crew Van Business+60.1123
ML19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+67.3110ML19 dCi 75 ENERGY Business E665.7112
ML19 dCi 110 Business+61.4119Ml19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business E665.7112
ML20 dCi 110 Business+56.5126Ml19 dCi 110 ENERGY Business E664.2115
ML20 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+56.5119ML19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+ E665.7112
LL21 dCi 90 Business56.5130Ml19 dCi 110 ENERGY Business+ E664.2115
LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Business60.1123LL21 dCi 110 ENERGY Business E662.8119
 LL21 dCi 110 ENERGY Crew Van Business E662.8119

ModelPrice ModelPrice
ML19 dCi 75 Business£13,200LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Business£15,450
ML19 ENERGY dCi 75 Business£13,450LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Crew Van Business£15,700
ML19 dCi 90 Business£13,600LL21 dCi 110 Crew Van Business£16,650
ML19 ENERGY dCi 90 Business£13,850LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Cab Business£16,450
ML20 dCi 90 Business£13,750LL21 dCi 110 Crew Van Cab Business£17,650
ML20 dCi 90 ENERGY Business£14,000LL21 dCi 90 Business+£15,350
ML19 dCi 75 Business+£13,900LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+£15,600
ML19 dCi 75 ENERGY Business+£14,150LL21 dCi 90 Crew Van Business+£16,150
ML19 dCi 90 Business+£14,300LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Crew Van Business+£16,400
ML19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+£14,550ML19 dCi 75 ENERGY Business E6£13,850
ML19 dCi 110 Business+£14,900Ml19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business E6£14,250
ML20 dCi 110 Business+£14,450Ml19 dCi 110 ENERGY Business E6£14,850
ML20 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+£14,700ML19 dCi 90 ENERGY Business+ E6£14,950
LL21 dCi 90 Business£14,650Ml19 dCi 110 ENERGY Business+ E6£15,550
LL21 dCi 90 ENERGY Business£14,900LL21 dCi 110 ENERGY Business E6£16,500
LL21 dCi 110 Business£15,250LL21 dCi 110 ENERGY Crew Van Business E6£17,300

           All modelsPower
kW (hp)
NEDC range
 44 (60)       22610653-84
All modelsCO2 (g/km)

KANGOO Z.E. PRICES (full purchase after PICG grant exc VAT)
i Z.E. Business£16,161
i Max Z.E Business£17,062
i Maxi Crew Van Z.E. Business£17,561
i Maxi Crew Van CAB Z.E. Business£18,062
KANGOO Z.E. PRICES (battery hire after PICG grant exc VAT)
i Z.E. Business£12,995
i Max Z.E Business£13,895
i Maxi Crew Van Z.E. Business£14,395
i Maxi Crew Van CAB Z.E. Business£14,895