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Monday, 2 November 2015

USA RECALL - FCA - Nearly 300,000 Dodge Journey & Fiat Freemont CUVs from 2012-2915 for possible ABS Issues.

FCA US LLC is voluntarily recalling an estimated 275,614 cross-utility vehicles (CUVs) in the U.S. to apply a moisture sealant and replace, as required, certain electrical components.

An FCA US investigation of warranty repairs discovered electrical components on certain older-model vehicles may be subject to moisture buildup that has potential implications for their Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) modules. Water intrusion may disable the vehicles’ Anti-Lock Braking and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems.
FCA US is unaware of any related injuries or accidents. The condition, if it occurs, is most often preceded by an instrument-cluster warning light; foundation brake function is unaffected.
The recall is limited to certain 2012-2015 Dodge Journey CUVs. Additional vehicles are affected in other markets. They comprise an estimated 78,148 in Canada and 36,471 in Mexico. Another 151,476 are affected in left-hand-drive non-NAFTA markets where the vehicle is also sold as the Fiat Freemont.
Affected customers will be advised when they may schedule service, which will be performed free of charge. FCA US urges customers to heed the instructions on their recall notices.
Service may involve ABS module replacement, wiring repair and/or sealing certain connections to protect against moisture.
Customers with additional questions may call the FCA US Customer Information Center at 1-800-853-1403.