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Monday, 28 November 2016

The Cheapest McLaren P1 goes on sale with a 0- top speed of 2 seconds and a 3mph top speed.

  • McLaren’s first electric vehicle takes to the Goodwood circuit in a short film accessible via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8ZVwvskdJk
  • Driven by McLaren’s newest test driver: Leo (aged 4 and a quarter)
  •  … and ready just in time for Christmas.

McLaren’s first electric vehicle, based on the McLaren P1™, has taken to the Goodwood Race Circuit for the first time as part of the car’s exhaustive testing regime.  
Behind the wheel, and in charge of the tunes, was Leo (aged 4 and a quarter).  After a couple of laps, he pronounced the car ready for delivery.  
And immediately added one to his Christmas list.  This short video has been released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8ZVwvskdJk

The diminutive Ride-On McLaren P1™ is aimed at enthusiasts under the age of six and differs from its larger brother in two important areas.  
Firstly, it has a central driving position, just like the iconic McLaren F1.  Secondly, the young will be able to experience what adults never could:  an open-top McLaren P1™.  Yet cleverly the design still retains McLaren’s signature dihedral doors.  
And like every McLaren, its acceleration is startling.  The zero to maximum speed dash takes just two seconds, maximum speed being a heady 3mph. 
The car surges into life via a one-button stop/start function. An MP3 player and audio system is standard and helpfully already pre-programmed with every popular nursery rhyme.  
It also features a reverse gear in addition to its three speed, forward transmission. Handy if you’ve arrived early for your appointment with Father Christmas.
The Ride On, electric McLaren P1TM is the first officially licensed product from McLaren Automotive and is now available from most McLaren Automotive retailers*.  For local pricing and availability, please consult: cars.mclaren.com.
Vehicle info  The Ride On McLaren P1TM
Colour – Volcano Yellow
Top speed – approximately 3mph
Price – RRP: £375.00
Available globally at selected McLaren retailers
This product is Officially Licensed