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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A family from Kent have devised a very special goodbye to their beloved ŠKODA this Christmas.

  • The Charnleys will travel to Lapland in their ŠKODA Octavia vRS for its final journey
  • The journey will take three days across Northern Europe clocking up over 4,500 miles round trip
  • The Octavia has been part of the Charnley family for two years
A family from Kent have devised a very special goodbye to their beloved ŠKODA this Christmas, embarking on a 4,696 round trip to Lapland. 
Chris and Gemma Charnley and their two sons Jake (10yrs) and Euan (8yrs) will be driving from their home in Maidstone, Kent, to Lapland as a final send off for their ŠKODA Octavia vRS, which will be traded in for a new model in the New Year.
To date, the Charnleys’ Octavia vRS has played the typical role of family car, with many special memories created, including holidays to Europe, collecting their dog for the first time, and countless school runs and collections following after school activities. 

Creating a memorable trip for their boys before saying goodbye to the faithful car for a ŠKODA Superb Sportline seemed like the perfect ending.
Their adventure started at 5am on Tuesday 20th December with a drive through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands and into Bermen, Germany, just in time to catch the traditional Christmas market. 
They will then continue on to Denmark for the first night’s stay, before a 14-hour journey from Denmark, travelling north through Sweden for a stopover before the final day towards Lapland where they will spend Christmas.
ŠKODA owner, Chris Charnley, said: “We’ve had some amazing journeys with our ŠKODA Octavia vRS and it’s been an old faithful; always performing well and ensuring we deliver our most precious goods safely at the other end. 
Our trip to Lapland will definitely be one of the most memorable. Although we are sad to see it go, we are all excited to take delivery of our new Superb Sportline in the New Year. I’ve always been impressed with the brand and can’t wait to continue making family memories with our new ŠKODA.”