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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Renault Pro+ is to presen.t the all-electric New Kangoo Z.E. on 13 January at the 2017 European Motor Show

  • Renault Pro+ is to present the all-electric New Kangoo Z.E. on 13 January at the 2017 European Motor Show in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Renault Pro+ will equip the latest Kangoo Z.E. with a new motor and battery package that will increase the model’s driving range by more than 50 per cent, from 106 miles (170km) to 168 miles (270km) NEDC. That is equivalent to 124 miles (200km) in real world driving conditions.
  • The New Kangoo Z.E. will offer the longest available driving range in the small van market. 
The Kangoo Van Z.E. is a completely practical solution for environmentally-conscious business customers who have praised the driving enjoyment it delivers, as well as its carrying capacity and competitive operating costs.

This announcement to increase the range on Kangoo Z.E. follows on from Renault recently launching at the 2016 Paris Motor Show the New Renault ZOE available with a new Z.E.40 battery that increases its NEDC driving range to 250 miles (186 miles in real world driving conditions) – the longest of any mainstream electric car.
Renault is Europe’s leading manufacturer of both all-electric LCVs and passenger cars.
More information about the New Kangoo Z.E. will be provided on 13 January 2017.