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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

TMW - Subaru pushes out the boat for the Outback - the best car they produce.

Subaru is most definitely on the come back trail, they have a brilliant range of cars from the Levorg to this, the Outback, and many others in between from other off roaders and sports cars, and the car that gave them the reputation that they so well deserve, the WRX/STi, this and the BRZ are two models that we will be testing over the coming months, and i can not wait.
But, back to the car we have here today, the 2.0D SE Outback, this really is a stunning car to drive, is one of the most comfortablest, easy to drive, easy on the eye and a general all round brilliant car, from the outside the estate looks a big car, and it is, there is no getting away from this, yet it is very easy to drive, the steering is light and precise and you never feel like it is vague and unresponsive.

Once you get the seats and steering wheel into your ideal driving position you never need to move them again, and from there everything is so ideally placed, from the switches to the touch-screen Infotainment system, to the buttons that work the heating seats, which on a cold day are a welcome addition.
Driving the car is so easy, and when driving at a steady speed you hardly notice that you are in a diesel, it is that quiet, and smooth, the four wheel drive, which Subaru is famous for, is a great addition and keeps the car on the straight and narrow, put the cruise control on and you can just let the car "get on with it", it will even slow down and pull away on it's own, as well as let you know when you start to "drift" across onto another lane, or off to the side of the road.

The seven speed auto is very smooth and moves up and down the gears without any fuss or judder, if you're driving perfectly you only know the gears are changing by the rev counter moving up and down, thats how smooth and quiet it is.
The seats are some of the most comfortable i have sat in whilst driving, they are like armchairs, they cosset and keep you in position, which in turn makes for a great driving experience.

The fuel consumption stated by Subaru is
  • Urban Cycle           37.7mpg
  • Extra Urban Cycle  53.3mpg
  • Combined Cycle     46.3mpg
If you manage to get the 53.3mpg, combined with teh fuel tank size, you should get over 700 miles out of the car, the Subaru also has a CO2 level of 159g/km which for a car this size is really good and helps with the BIK should you utilise the car for business usage, Top Speed is a decent 119mph, not that you will be doing that in the UK, well, you shouldn't, Should you 😀

The Outback is a great car, and if all you got was a standard spec model you would be more than happy with it, yet, it does not stop there, this model comes complete with a host of kit as standard.
  • LED Headlights and Tail Lights
  • Pop Up Headlamp Washes
  • Power Fold Heated Door Mirrors
  • Automatic Raise and Close Tailgate
  • Flappy Paddles
  • Seat Heaters
  • All Round Power Windows
  • Cruise Control
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control
  • Subaru Starlink Connectivity
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Active Torque Vectoring
  • Centre Differential
  • Whiplash Reducing Seats
And this is just a small amount of the standard kit, there is far far more to be added to the list.

Rear space is at a premium, with more than enough for three well set adults on the back seats, added to this there is a acres of space in the boot for loads of luggage, shopping or, with the seats down, some larger pieces of furniture.
Subaru is definitely on the rise, there is the updated BRZ, XV and Levorg all imminent, along with the second year of BTCC, and the continued use of the WRX/STi in privateer hands around the globe in numerous rallying events.

The Outback is a brilliant, car, and one that can accommodate everything you throw at it, it is a brilliant family car, as well as a car that can be utilised as a business car, either way, you could find few cars that fulfil all your requirements.