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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

WORLDWIDE SALES JAN - VW COMMERCIAL - The Crafter dips as the new model comes out, whilst the rest mean a 12.1% increase.

  • 15.1 per cent more deliveries in Western Europe
  • 13.8 per cent growth on the German domestic market
  • Clear growth for the T, Caddy and Amarok ranges
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles started the New Year with a delivery increase of 12.1 per cent. This corresponds to 35,000 vehicles delivered to customers around the world in January. Western Europe remains the largest sales market with 24,200 vehicles (+15.1 per cent).
In the home German market, 8,800 vehicles were handed over to customers in January (+13.8 per cent). 
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also recorded increases in the key European markets of Spain (up +29.0 per cent to 1,000 vehicles), France (up +27.9 per cent to 1,600 vehicles) and Italy (up +10.5 per cent to 900 vehicles). 
In Great Britain, 2,400 units were handed over to customers (-5.4 per cent).
In Eastern Europe a clear increase of 12.3 per cent was achieved with 2,600 vehicles delivered.
Outside Europe the regions North America (+22.9 per cent to 700 vehicles), South America (+17.8 per cent to 3,600 vehicles), Africa (+9.5 per cent to 900 vehicles) and Asia-Pacific (+3.5 per cent to 1,400 vehicles) increased their deliveries.  
The markets in the Middle East recorded a fall in vehicle deliveries in January (-24.7 per cent to 1,500 vehicles).
Worldwide deliveries of the brand by model range:
  • 13,200 vehicles from the T model range (12,400; +6.5 per cent)
  • 13,100 vehicles from the Caddy range (10,300; +28.2 per cent)
  • 6,200 vehicles from the Amarok range (5,700; +8.9 per cent)
  • 2,300 vehicles from the Crafter range (2,800; -15.7 per cent)