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Monday, 3 April 2017

The PSA Group has issued real world fuel figures for Europe via brand and models.

Following on from its 2016 commitment, the PSA Group has published the measurement results from the test protocol established with Transport & Environment (T&E) and France Nature Environment (FNE). This protocol has been used to measure consumption in real driving conditions for 58 PSA Group models under the supervision of the Bureau Veritas certification organisation, which has certified the accuracy and integrity of the results.
The measurements obtained on the 58 models make it possible to estimate the consumption in real-world driving conditions for more than 1,000 versions of Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles. 
For each model, the estimations have been made using the same engine and gearbox, plus three variants: body type, trim level and tyre dimensions.
On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands offer to their customers the possibility to check their average consumption in real-world driving conditions by logging onto their respective websites. A web-based application will allow them to view this data for their model by entering its characteristics (body type, trim level, engine, gearbox and type of tyres).
Additionally, each client will be able to estimate own consumption based on the actual use of his vehicle (number of passengers, load, driving style, etc.). 
The application is available on the brands website in 6 countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. It will then be available progressively in the rest of Europe.
Building on the European RDE "Real Driving Emissions" project, the protocol measures fuel consumption using a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS*) installed on the vehicle.
The readings for the 58 models have been made on public roads (23 km on urban roads, 40 km on the open road and 30 km on motorways) under real driving conditions (air conditioning, luggage and passengers, hilly terrain, etc.).
Gilles Le Borgne, Executive Vice President, Quality and Engineering, for the PSA Group explained: "In line with the commitment we made to our customers, we are now publishing the real-world driving consumption figures for Peugeot, Citroën and DS models on our brands website. Our customers can now access comprehensive and transparent fuel consumption data. We will add the figures for NOx emissions in summer 2017".
Greg Archer, Director of Clean Vehicles at Transport & Environment, said: “The partnership with PSA Group highlights three key issues. First, that on-road tests to measure real CO2 emissions are reliable, representative and reproducible. Second, that a car company recognises there is consumer demand for robust real world information. And third, in an era of 'alternative facts' and dishonest manipulations of emissions tests one company has seen transparency and openness as the way to re-establish trust with its customers – more carmakers need to follow its lead.”
Denez L'Hostis, President of France Nature Environnement adds : "We have recently suffered numerous periods of high levels of air pollution, putting into question vehicle emissions and we recognise the transparency displayed by PSA that pledged to measure various car emissions: CO2, NOx and Particles. This commitment gives echo to strong citizen mobilisation in favour of knowing the truth about air pollution. This is a necessary step towards the implementation of measures to improve air quality and people’s quality of life".
Philippe Lanternier, Executive Vice-President, Corporate and Business Development at Bureau Veritas added: "Bureau Veritas can attest that the tests were correctly conducted throughout this major new campaign. Since it was first rolled out a year ago, and after a great many tests, the system has proven to be reliable. It could also be used for effectively measuring NOx emissions. We congratulate and continue to support the PSA Group in this initiative, especially since the issues around the reliability of pollution measurements and the improvement of air quality are only going to increase."
* PEMS : Portable Emissions Measurement System