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Friday, 27 May 2016

AUTOCAR AWARDS - The Bentley Bentayga takes the Game Changer award, & this is one big change for the brand.

  • Bentley’s sector-defining Bentayga recognised for its unique combination of luxury, performance and versatility
  • ‘Game Changer’ award marks new SUV out as unique in the automotive world
  • “The only, and by definition, best luxury 4x4”, according to Autocar
Autocar magazine has recognised the Bentley Bentayga as a defining moment in the automotive world, awarding Crewe’s latest model the Game Changer Award.
The accolade, which honours cars for setting new standards and defying convention, was bestowed on the Bentayga due to its unique combination of luxury and go-anywhere ability.

Autocar Editor, Jim Holder, said: “The Bentayga proves that luxury, performance and SUV versatility can go hand in hand. It is the only, and by definition, the best luxury 4x4 and it would take an impressive car to beat it.”
Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, said: “From day one, we made a commitment to create an extraordinary new Bentley, with no compromises.  The Bentayga delivers a genuine Bentley driving experience in any environment and this award recognises the dedication and skill we have at our headquarters in Crewe.”
Designed, engineered and built in Crewe, the sector-defining Bentayga provides effortless Bentley performance, unrestrained by climate or terrain. It combines ultimate luxury with sporting ability, demonstrating its unique capabilities both on and off road. 
Holder continued: “Bentayga’s launch is a testament to the visionary conviction of the men and women at the head of the company who are now reaping the rewards of bulging order books.”