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Thursday, 14 July 2016

IRELAND - Audi's new small SUV, the Q2 wins in Automotive Brand Contest.

  • Audi Q2 wins in Automotive Brand Contest
  • Polygonal design enriches the form language of the brand
  • Audi wins awards in nine additional categories
The all-new Audi Q2 is a winner in the prestigious Automotive Brand Contest: The compact SUV captured “Best of the Best” honours in the Exterior Premium Brand category.
The polygonal design of the all-new Audi Q2 adds new facets to the brand’s distinctive form language.

The highly positioned and front defining, octagonal single frame grille is a variation on the polygon theme, as are the structure of the two large, strongly contoured air inlets. The rear terminates dynamically with a long roof edge spoiler and a diffuser.
The play of polygonal shapes also creates attractive effects on the flanks of the Q2. Below the windows, the sharply drawn shoulder line divides into two contours and frame a concave surface with six corners. The concave shape of the flanks emphasises the wheels and adds to the quattro® character of the compact SUV.
“In the Audi Q2, we have developed a distinctively geometric formal language with special design characteristics specific to this model,” said Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte. “As a result the car exhibits an independent character within the Q family.”
In addition to the prize for the new Q2, Audi prevailed in nine other categories: The premium car brand was declared the winner for, among other things, the OLED rear lights in the Audi TT RS (Parts & Accessories category), for its virtual technical communication (Corporate Publishing category) and for the nationwide market introduction of the Audi A4 (Events category).
The Automotive Brand Contest is presented by the German Design Council and is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the automotive industry. The award ceremony will be held in Paris on 29 September 2016.
The Audi Q2 will launch in Ireland in Q4 2016. Pricing will be announced later this summer.