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Thursday, 18 August 2016

IRELAND - Rally School Ireland loves their Subaru's so much that they have added a number of Foresters to it's fleet.

Rally School Ireland know a thing or two about traction, reliability and value for money.  So there was no surprise when the Co Monaghan based Rally school chose Subaru Foresters as the latest additions to their ever growing fleet of vehicles.
“We already run Subaru WRX STi’s as our first choice hyper performance tuition cars” said Managing Director David Smyth “Our WRX’s are fully Rally prepped, fitted out with roll cages and all the kit to take drivers to the next level, in complete safety.  

They have proven so reliable and popular it was only natural that when choosing Circuit support cars we opted for Subaru again – and we picked the hugely versatile Foresters.”
“Our support cars work just as hard as our tuition vehicles – we ferry customers from Ireland’s many airports to and from the Circuit, and constantly use them to move luggage and equipment.  
The Forester carries five adults in complete comfort and has a cavernous bootspace. It delivers loads of grip and feedback from Subaru’s trademark symmetrical all wheel drive system, and of course comes in economical petrol or diesel options – and manual or automatic.  It’s easy to drive and has excellent all-round visibility, a high view point and seat position, and is superbly comfortable for long journeys”.
“Our support cars must be available 24/7/365, our clientele expect that and Subaru delivers every time” said David “Subaru vehicles are like Swiss watches – they just go on and on and never miss a beat.  We use them off-road extensively, their cross-country ability is unbeatable. 
It’s easy to understand why Subaru have become the favoured cars of choice for farmers and vets.  We regularly see Foresters and Outbacks at sporting shoots, they truly are highly-capable go-anywhere vehicles”.
Rally School Ireland is based at Gola, Scotstown, five miles from Monaghan town.  
They offer intensive professional Rally driving training, and also cater for the growing leisure market with hen and stag party packages and ever popular track experience days for novices and experts alike.  In addition to the flagship Subaru WRX STi’s their extensive fleet includes Ferraris, Porsche, BMW M Sports and the very latest KTM and Ariel track cars. 
“We’re delighted to renew our relationship with Rally School Ireland” said Subaru Ireland Managing Director Neville Matthews (pictured with Smyth) 
“David and his team are highly professional and the facilities here at the circuit have always impressed us, it is a pleasure to be doing more business with the Rally School and we wish them continued success.  The training available and their safety standards are of the highest order, we would recommend Rally School Ireland with complete confidence.  
If you are serious about improving your driving technique then I’d confidently predict they will improve any driver’s skills and understanding in a very short space of time.  And you’ll have lots of fun too!”