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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Classic Motorcycle brand "Brough Superior" has teamed up with ELf/Total to develop a range of products for the bikes.

Elf joins Brough Superior as ‘Official Lubricant and Technical Partner’ Elf, a brand of the global energy company Total, is proud to announce its new partnership with historic motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior.
Brough Superior and Elf have signed a global partnership agreement. Elf has become the “Official Lubricant and Technical Partner” of Brough Superior starting 15th November 2016, providing its technical expertise and products to the luxury British marque and its official distributors.

With 45 years of R&D and experience in the area of motor racing and road use, Elf has developed lubricants, greases, fluids and special additives of high quality and technical performance. The lubricants will be used as factory-fill and service lubricants. The service lubricants offered will cover a range or marques alongside the Brough Superior brand.

Marc Smith, General Manager of Total UK Lubricants Divsion, said: “150 researchers are working at Total & Elf to develop high end and classic lubricants. We are proud to work closely with Brough Superior and to contribute to their success. Being passionate and pushing the technical boundaries to new heights is something we share with such a legendary brand as Brough Superior. We are delighted to provide our products, our support and our technical know-how.”

Mark Upham, CEO  of Brough Superior Ltd., commented: “Brough Superior, is once again a global luxury brand and it is important that it continues to work with only the best from around the world. We recognise Elf as a leading player in the lubricant world and we very much look forward to working with them, to achieve more success. I am delighted that we will work together to provide both modern and classic motorcycle lubricant products.”