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Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Honda Jazz and Honda Civic are both winners in the 2016 Woman's Car Of The Year Awards Ceremony.

Honda has scooped two awards at the 2016 Women’s World Car of the Year. The company was the only brand to win twice, with the Honda Jazz and Civic both scooping prizes in their respective segments.
Women’s World Car of the Year is the only car award voted for entirely by women. This year, 17 judges from 14 countries nominated almost 300 cars for recognition. Each of the judges is a professional motoring writer and is considered an expert in the field.
The award was created to reflect the different buying criteria many women have when purchasing a car. Jury members submit their own short list; from this a list of the top five cars in each category are decided.
Judges then vote by awarding points under five criteria - engineering, appearance, comfort, storage and value for money.
Sandy Myhre, Managing Director of Women’s World Car of the Year, congratulated Honda: “From the early lists the judges send in there were some strong contenders in one or two categories but mostly only a few percentage points separate the top three cars in each segment,” she said. “Honda must be congratulated for winning two prizes.”
Honda UK, managing director Philip Crossman said: “We are absolutely thrilled to win not one, but two, awards from the Women’s World Car of the Year judges. The Jazz and Civic have been thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into everyday life.
“To know our cars are so highly regarded by women in these categories is a real honour.”