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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Lister cars has been named as the biggest growth company in the United Kingdom, growing by 140%

  • All-British specialist sports car maker Lister is named the fastest-growing company within the UK’s competitive motor industry business sector by independent financial analysis specialists Plimsoll
  • Lister sales having increased by 140 per cent over the previous 12 month period
  • Lister is also identified by Plimsoll as the UK’s 28th largest company in the UK market
  • Within the last 12 months, Lister has launched three significant new models, including the first – and only – fully road-legal continuation car
  • Lister’s industry leading growth status follows hot in the tyre tracks of the Company announcing the first ever original specification fully road compliant version of its landmark Knobbly model
  • Other new Lister sports car models launched within the last 12 months include the magnesium-bodied Knobbly Stirling Moss Edition, plus the recently-announced Costin continuation model, with each of these being built at George Lister Engineering in Cambridge, using the Company’s original chassis jigs
  • More exciting new Lister model developments in pipeline for the future 
British specialist sports car maker The Lister Motor Company is currently the fastest growing company within the competitive British motor industry business sector, and the 28th largest in the UK market, according to independent analysis results just revealed by leading business finance specialists Plimsoll Publishing Limited. This research supports the fact that Lister’s sales have increased by 140 per cent over the previous 12 month period. 
This news follows Lister’s recent announcement that to date it is unique in being the only automotive company making original specification continuation cars that are eligible for fully-legal registration and road use. Unlike other continuation specials which are strictly limited to track use only, the new road legal Lister Knobbly is fully eligible for IVA type approval. 
In addition, within the last 12 months, Lister has also revealed two other significant new models; the highly-desirable magnesium-bodied Knobbly Stirling Moss Edition, plus the aerodynamic Costin continuation model announced late last year, with each of these cars being built at George Lister Engineering in Cambridge, using the Company’s original chassis jigs and some of the original Lister engineering craftsman from the 1950s.
Plimsoll are independent experts in the field of company and industry financial analysis, selling over 1,600 industry specific reports that analyses individual company performance alongside key industry trends and developments which help to assess the attractiveness of potential acquisitions, gain better understanding of a market sector and identify sound companies with whom to trade. They provide busy managers with a set of tools to monitor the financial welfare of their company, their rivals, or those that they may wish to acquire. 
The latest Plimsoll analysis provides expert insight into the performance, financial health and value of the UK's 52 leading car manufacturers, with the latest analysis revealing that: 
  • 23UK car companies are currently in danger
  • 34UK car companies are ripe for takeover
  • 21 UK car companies are making a loss
  • 2UK car companies lose over a quarter of their value
  • 1 UK fastest growing car company – The Lister Motor Company 
Commenting on the findings of Plimsoll’s analysis, Lawrence Whitaker CEO The Lister Motor Company says, “I am truly delighted to see that the Lister Motor Company is now the UK’s fastest growing company in the substantial motor industry sector, with Plimsoll’s independent analysis recognising the tremendous progress and innovations we are continuing to make at Lister. He adds “These rewarding findings come ahead of a particularly exciting time in Lister’s 63-year history of making competitive and desirable sports cars, with some interesting developments for the marque ahead.” 

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