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Monday, 10 July 2017

TMW - Probably the most expensive Chinese Takeaway you will own, and the best !!

The MG3 is one of those cars thats now been "facelifted", there is not really any changes to the exterior to really say anything about, the interior is the same, little change there either, but the main change is the engine, they have made that more environmentally friendly a little more Oomph and a start stop system to give the car more miles per gallon, but more on that later.
The car really looks the part, for a supermini to look sporty and roomy is a given these days, but to have a name associated with sportiness, as well as room and capability is a great combination, the lines of the exterior flow well, from the lights at the front along the side to the rear and the oversized long lighting signature.

The Silver MG badge at the front with the silver strip below gives it a better look, the silver line really does give the car an air of class, that the previous model failed to have, the remainder of the exterior is a very nice car to look at, and better than some other brands cars that are available.
The interior is a great place to be, the glass area is vast, you can see out around the windows very well, with no real blockage, the seating position once you get the seat in teh right place is near to perfection as can be, all the switchgear is very near and handy, and the top box which slides open for you to add your iPod or Sat Nav too, can close to protect them from anyone that decides to break in and slide it up and take whatever is within.

Talking of the engine, the 1.5 litre DOHC VTI-TECH is the only engine available for now, and it runs 106ps, not the best power in the world, but the gearing does make for a a spirited drive in the car, regardless of models, currently the car has for models, the 3Time, 3Form, 3Form, Sport and 3Style+, a play on words but it gives you a distinct idea of what is available to buy.

The cars fuel consumption is alleged to produce :-
  • Urban 37.7mpg
  • Extra Urban 57.6mpg
  • Combined 48.7mpg
We did mainly motorway driving with a couple of local driving trips, and achieved 49.5mpg, the co2 level is a rather large 136g/km, now thats way above cars with bigger engines, bigger body styles and more power, but given that the next MG3 might, only might, deal with this we can forgive this on this occasion, top speed, well, thats also nothing to write home about, at 108 mph.

The 108 mph top speed will keep up well with motorway speeds, and the gearing also means that the car does really really well around town, and to be honest it does frighten you a little with how quick that the car pulls away and gets you around local roads.
Having this speed means that you need to have a car that is easy to drive and comfortable, and with this car you get both, the seats are not the most supportive in the world, but they do keep you planted and with a degree of comfort that makes you complete a long journey in reasonable comfort with a certain degree of equipment.

The car comes with just a few toys, this helps keep the cost of the car low, the start price for the MG3 is £8,695, which for a car of this size, power and equipment is brilliant, the model we had:-
  • Front LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Hill Hold Assist
  • Ultra Low Insurance Rating - 4E
  • DAB Audio System (not Entry Model)
  • Six Airbags
  • Electronic Stability Control Corner Brake Control
  • Traction Control
  • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel With Red Stitching
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Control
  • 16" Alloy Wheels
  • Electric Windows
The boot space is not the biggest in the world, but it houses a good weekly shopping without any issues, , put the seats back and forth is also not an issue, there is also huge amount of space in the rear for very tall passengers, you can take five adults in the car, but four would be better with significant comfort and space, there are lots of cubby spaces for drinks and other items that you would feel like taking with you on a journey.

The glove box isn't very big, and is chunk is taken up with the MG3 hand books, but like i have said previously you have the top box with the sliding flap to put some smaller items.
The car is very quiet, left to idle you would not know that the engine was running, it is that quiet, driving it and you know that it is a sporty car, it grips the road and corners extremely well, like a train on tracks it is that good, combine that to the large glass area, you have a brilliant car.

The brand is growing at a slow but sure way, there is currently 77 dealers in the country, and this is growing, the MG3 is the best seller, and obviously the GS SUV the other car they sell, the sales will swell in quarter four of this year with the addition of the XS, a slightly smaller Crossover, to take the fight to the Nissan Juke class, the brand is based from Longbridge, the old MG-Rover plant, but no production is made and is not likely to be either.
The brand also does not sell cars in Europe, but this will change in the next 18 months or so, and more models will be added to the range over the next 5-6 years, including a much needed and wanted sports car, for this is what MG is basically known for.


Well, would i own one of these cars, if i was in the market for one, yes definitely, it does everything you want from a car, and more, the next generation mainly stays the same with new lighting and bumper at the front and new tailgate at the rear, it is reasonably comfortable and economical, has a distinct lack of toys, but you can upgrade the car to one of the other models, and then choose one of the One Million personalisation options available, so you could have a car that no one else in the UK owns.
If you can put up with the depreciation, high CO2 and lack of toys, and just want a car to get you from A to B, then this is for you, without any doubt, it truly is a great car and deserves to sell far more than it does.

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