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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

TMW - Its that time of the month with UK sales figures showing a further 4.8% drop.

JUNE 2017 2960 Sales - 
JUNE 2016 2922 Sales - +1.30%
YTD 2017 20390 Sales - YTD 
2016 16597 Sales - +22.85%

JUNE 2017 6201 Sales - JUNE 2016 5669 Sales - +9.38%
YTD 2017 45675 Sales - YTD 2016 42559 Sales - +7.32%

JUNE 2017 9161 Sales - JUNE 2016 8591 Sales - +6.64%
YTD 2017 66065 Sales - YTD 2016 59156 Sales - +11.68%

JUNE 2017 15081 Sales - JUNE 2016 14503 Sales - +3.99%
YTD 2017 89719 Sales - YTD 
2016 89521 Sales - +0.22%

JUNE 2017 19149 Sales - JUNE 2016 18712 Sales - +2.34%
YTD 2017 92638 Sales - YTD 
2016 91610 Sales - +1.12%

JUNE 2017 383 Sales - JUNE 2016 569 Sales - -32.69%
YTD 2017 2132 Sales - YTD 
2016 1565 Sales - +36.23%

JUNE 2017 1161 Sales - JUNE 2016 1370 Sales - -15.26%
YTD 2017 6442 Sales - YTD 2016 7416 Sales - -13.13%

JUNE 2017 15715 Sales - JUNE 2016 15566 Sales - +0.96%
YTD 2017 98557 Sales - YTD 
2016 88603 Sales - +11.23%


ABARTH +14.36%

BENTLEY +0.73%

DACIA +7.01%
HYUNDAI +4.21%
KIA +9.29%

LOTUS +17.86%MASERATI +35.25%
MCLAREN +0.00%
MG +5.12%
MINI +3.02%
NISSAN +8.28%
PORSCHE +12.59%
SEAT +19.72%
SKODA +0.77%
SMART +4.25%

SUZUKI +9.39%

TOYOTA +3.53%

VOLVO +8.35%


CITROEN -20.99%
FIAT -13.89%
FORD -1.68%
HONDA -9.93%
JEEP -50.11%

MAZDA -14.48%
PEUGEOT -13.20%

RENAULT -8.40%

SUBARU -19.49%
VAUXHALL -15.39%


Well we are half way through the year and it seems like there are a mixture of brands that are either above or below the same time a year earlier, Vauxhall is the big loser again with sales considerably down, considering that in recent months we have had the new Mokka X, Grandland X, New Insignia Grand Sport, estate and country models and the Crossland X, yet sales are stil down 20,500 units.
Volkswagen is still struggling here in the UK, but by less of a margin as there has been, Subaru too is struggling, and there has been new and improved models there too, MG remains a growth company as they have every month this year, with the New XS due at the end of the year and the new facelifted MG3 and Possibly a new MG6 next year, things are looking good for the Longbridge based brand.
Jaguar and Land Rover have improved sales on the month and year to date, with some significant new model launches recenlty made and to come this and next year, again the British brands are doing really well, The US giant, Jeep after a big year last year are doing the opposite this year with sales down 50% YTD and with all three PSA Group companies, Citroen, Peugeot and DS Autombiles, also doing badly, along with Renault, the French are definately not flavour of the month.
VW Group brands, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, SEAT and Skoda are all riding high, shame that VW its self is struggling, Suzuki is now reaping the rewrds of loads of hard work and new cars from the Baleno, Ignis and the new Swift which we will be foing a full road test on later this month, like the Fiat 124 Spider, we are currently doing that.
The Luxury brands Audi, Mercedes and BMW are all up, whereas the luxury brands Lexus and Infiniti are both down, so there seems no real reasons as to why some are doing better than others,  for June sales have dipped by 4.81%, and YTD has dipped by 1.33%, the top ten are made up of the usual subjects, 2 x Ford, 2 x Vauxhall, 2 x Volkswagen and one each from Mercedes, Nissan, MINI and BMW with the Golf taking the top slot knocking the Fiesta off the top, but that could be due to the run out model as people await the all new Fiesta.
So, six months in and we are on the downward trend, will this continue into the last two quarters, we will see, but for now we look back at the first two quarters and its not good reading.

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