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Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Concours of Elegance will this year host the debut of the latest Atalanta model, last produced in 1939.

Concours of Elegance 2016, Windsor Castle, 2-4 September
  • The Concours of Elegance will this year host the debut of the latest Atalanta model, last produced in 1939
  • With only 21 Atalanta cars produced before the outbreak of war, the Concours of Elegance represents an opportunity to see the continuation of one of Britain’s rarest sports cars  
  • The latest Atalanta on display is true in spirit and style to the original 1930’s car, crafted from aluminium over ash
  • Sixty of the world’s finest cars will gather in the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle, as around 1000 cars join celebrations at the Castle for Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday
Visitors to Concours of Elegance 2016 – held at Windsor Castle from 2-4 September –  will have the opportunity to see the reawakening of an icon, as Atalanta Motors debuts its first completed model since 1939.
Established in the 1930s, and with only 21 models produced before the outbreak of war, Atalanta models were amongst the rarest and most technically advanced British sports cars of their day.

The car at Concours of Elegance is the latest version of a new, modernised Atalanta range that stays true in spirit and design to the original. Using a traditional aluminium over ash construction and with a light but powerful four-cylinder engine, the updated Atalanta has all the timeless appeal of the original.
The Atalanta joins sixty of the world’s finest cars at Windsor Castle from 2-4 September in celebrating the incredible history and craftsmanship of the motorcar. As with many of the main Concours cars, coach built by the likes of Zagato, Pininfarina, Saoutchik and more, the modern Atalanta can be coach built and personalised to the exact wishes of the buyer.
James Brooks-Ward, Concours of Elegance Director, said: “The Concours of Elegance is all about the incredible passion and dedication of the motoring world, and that’s why we’re privileged to see the first reborn Atalanta at our event. A little more than 75 years after the brand produced its last model, visitors will have an opportunity to get up close to a reborn icon in the incredible historic surroundings of Windsor Castle.”
Concours of Elegance takes place between 2-4 September and has partnered with a series of other exclusive brands for the event, including AIG, Autoglym, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar Land Rover, Octane, RM Sotheby’s and the Royal Automobile Club. Tickets are available now from concoursofelegance.co.uk, with an adult ticket costing £40, and discounts for children. A variety of hospitality packages are also available.