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Saturday, 27 August 2016

UK RECALL #3 - Vauxhall recalls Insignia and Zafira C models for possible loss of Steering control.

Vehicle Details

Reference :R/2016/138
Manufacturer Ref :2044971 (16- C- 048) 
Model :Insignia & Zafira C
Launch Date :11/07/2016
Numbers Involved :537
Build Start Date :07/04/2016
Build End Date :20/04/2016 

Recall Details

Description :The thread on the swivel pin of the track rod end might not be to specification. Therefore when the nut was tightened onto the thread the correct clamping force may not have been attained. After high mileage damage might occur and develop. If not attended to there is a possibility that the component might fail and steering control would be lost.
Remedial Action :Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the thread on the swivel joint of the track rod end. Where it does not conform to specification replace the track rod end.
Vehicle Id :G 1 095256 to H 1 000059
G 1 098482 to G 1 100930

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