I will try my best to provide detailed info on various cars and what is like to live with them, I have already produced a few for Jaguar-car-forums, I will do my best to be unbiased, but it will be hard for some cars. I will re-produce press releases and copy from other motoring news.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

TMW - It's that time of the month again - JULY 2016 - With the summer in full swing the UK's car sales stall.


JULY 2016 2639 sales - JULY 2015 2388 sales +10.51%
Y.T.D. 2016 19236 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 12270 sales +56.77%


JULY 2016 4882 sales - JULY 2015 2822 sales +73.00%
Y.T.D. 2016 47441 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 38986 sales +21.69%


JULY 2016 7521 sales - JULY 2015 5210 sales +44.36%
Y.T.D. 2016 66677 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 51256 sales +30.09%



JULY 2016 9699 sales - JULY 2015 9385 sales +3.35% 
Y.T.D. 2016 101309 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 89748 sales +12.88%


JULY 2016 11650 sales - JULY 2015 10127 sales +15.04%
Y.T.D. 2016 100253 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 849303 sales +18.04%


JULY 2016 774 sales - JULY 2015 828 sales -6.52%
Y.T.D. 2016 8190 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 7757 sales +5.58%


JULY 2016 11582 sales - JULY 2015 13004 sales -10.94% 
Y.T.D. 2016 101103 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 99013 sales +2.11%


JULY 2016 399 sales - JULY 2015 1374 sales +191.24% 
Y.T.D. 2016 1964 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 746 sales +163.27%


ABARTH +76.49%
BENTLEY +35.50%
HONDA +16.46%
HYUNDAI +2.38%
JEEP +45.28%
KIA +11.76%
MAZDA +9.48%
MG +15.42%
MINI +7.44%
RENAULT +14.20%
SKODA +4.37%
SMART +58.24%
SUBARU +7.74%
SUZUKI +15.70%
VOLVO +8.63%


CITROEN -17.43% *
DACIA -4.33%
FIAT -1.44%
FORD -3.89%
LOTUS -37.61%
NISSAN -5.15%
PORSCHE -0.28%
SEAT -8.94%
  • *Citroen and DS Automobiles split sales in May 2015 - Combine both to get an accurate figure when comparing to 2015 sales figures.
  • Grateful thanks for all the Figures supplied by the SMMT.
Well, What to make of July's figures, they haven't dropped, so i suppose that a good thing, but then they have not really grown either, the month was stagnant, and thats not good, is it just the calm before the September storm, or is there more to it than that, has BREXIT really made a difference, and if so, what do we expect to see for the remainder of the year, if it is Brexit, the expect August to be down, and September to be a stagnant month and then down again in October, if it is just a blip, then there is nothing to worry about.

Carlos Ghosn has stuck his nose in and made it clear that any further investment into the UK is dependant on future stability, well, comments like that won't do any good, and considering that the UK's Nissan plant is one of the most productive and best within the company, we expect that there is more than meets the eye, and personally i expect him to be "demanding" cash incentives to keep the plant in the UK, well, if they pull out, thats their loss, and it would be a huge impact on Nissan and it's quality and it may well, hurt sales in the UK, in the same way that BMW sales were dented when they dumped MG-Rover.

As usual, there are some brands that have outperformed the market, and this month, Vauxhall has really increased sales, and they have nothing new out yet, there will be the new Mokka X and Zafira Tourer both in full swing by the year end, MG has the GS which has already doing reasonable sales, and they are pinning the future of the brand on this car, it really is a make or break model, if this car fails, then the next step of moving into Europe will most certainly be on elongated hold.

Both Audi and Lexus took a battering in July, which in the case of Audi, is a really big surprise, Volkswagen, yes, they have current issues surrounding it's emissions scandal, so a near 10% dip is not a surprise, SEAT is a surprise, they have weathered the emissions very well, with no real issues, yet sales are down here too, they have a good range of products and with the new Ateca, sales should be growing.

Renault is a great brand that seems to manage regardless of the woes of other brands or the market as a whole, they have so many new models, either launched, about to launch or coming up over the next few months, so sales should keep ahead of the market for some considerable while yet, PSA have some great cars all ready to be launched, the New C3, 3008, A full range of commercial vehicles, Special Editions and more, so expect Peugeot to end the year up, and Citroen/DS to be significantly higher than at the same point last December.

Lastly for the month, our old favourites Jaguar Land Rover, well, the figures speak for themselves, huge gains, and more to come, the XE and F-Pace will being in massive sales whilst the XF, F-Type and XJ will carry on as before, the Discovery family will expand with the addition of the D5, and about time too, the current Discovery 4 is so long in the tooth now, that it deserves to be pensioned off to an old peoples home. the Evoque Cabrio will be a huge hit, just because it will be "the car" to be seen in, after half a million Evoques already built, this new model will boost it further, and expect the new Defender range to be "hinted" at by the year end.