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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Two new Octavia models give added equipment for little or not increase in cost.

  • New SE Sport and SE Technology models added to the Octavia line-up
  • SE Sport adds technology and design features, including Amundsen navigation with Wi-Fi
  • SE Sport offers customer value of over £3,150 compared to standard SE
  • SE Technology replaces SE Business grade and adds more kit and improved value
  • Significant customer value for both retail buyers and company car drivers
  • Wide range of engine and transmission options - hatch and Estate available
ŠKODA is adding two new trim levels to its best-selling Octavia range – SE Sport and SE Technology. Both new models offer significant equipment boosts over the standard SE models and have been created to satisfy buyer demands for the latest in-car technology and sporty design.
Priced from £19,990 OTR, the Octavia SE Sport is available in hatch and estate form and is offered with two engine options: 1.4 TSI 150PS and 1.6 TDI 110PS, with the option of a DSG gearbox on both. 
As part of the standard specification, SE Sport models stand out from the crowd thanks to 17-inch Denom alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, LED Daytime running lights with automatic activation and LED rear lights. 

 Inside, SE Sport models feature sport seats, a Super Sport Multi-Function Steering Wheel and an automatic dimming rear view mirror, while standard technology includes Amundsen satellite navigation system with Wi-Fi and cruise control.

Despite its raft of additional equipment offered on the SE Sport, it costs just £950 more than the standard SE. That means buyers choosing the SE Sport over the SE benefit from over £3,150 of customer value over the cost of individual options.
Joining the SE Sport in the expanded Octavia line-up is a new SE Technology model. It can be specified in hatch or estate forms, and is available with four TDI diesel options with power outputs ranging from 110PS to 150PS. 
The 1.6 TDI 110PS engine can be specified with a DSG automatic, customers can also choose the frugal GreenLine III engine that offers exceptional economy of up to 80.7mpg on the combined cycle and CO2emissions of 90g/km.
Like the SE Sport model, the SE Technology comes with a specification list that’s bursting at the seams with equipment. 
Among the technology features included over the standard SE are an Amundsen satellite navigation system with Wi-Fi, a four-spoke Multifunction steering wheel, adaptive cruise control (standard cruise control on GreenLine III models) and front and rear parking sensors. 
The equipment list also features a Chrome pack and double-sided boot floor covering along with light and rain sensors.
The SE Technology replaces the current SE Business model and enjoys a specification that delivers significant value to company car drivers. 
Despite its increased specification – with options that would normally cost £1,830 on the standard SE – the SE Technology commands a premium of £275 over the outgoing model. This gives a customer saving of £1,155.
For company car drivers choosing the 1.6 TDI 110PS model, the benefits in terms of BiK payments are also significant. Drivers in the 20% tax bracket can save up to £177 a year, while drivers in the 40% tax bracket can save up to £355 when compared to the previous SE Business specified with the same additional equipment as the new SE Technology.
SE Sport
1.4 TSI 150PS118£16,187.50 £3,237.50 £19,425.00  £19,990.00
1.4 TSI 150PS DSG112£17,229.17   £3,445.83 £20,675.00    £21,240.00
1.6 TDI 110PS100£16,925.00£3,385.00£20,310.00£20,875.00
1.6 TDI 110PS DSG101£17,966.67£3,593.33£21,560.00£22,125.00
SE Sport
1.4 TSI 150PS119£17,204.17£3,440.83£20,645.00£21,210.00
1.4 TSI 150PS DSG114£18,245.83£3,649.17£21,895.00£22,460.00
1.6 TDI 110PS101£17,941.67£3,588.33£21,530.00£22,095.00
1.6 TDI 110PS DSG102£18,983.33£3,796.67£22,780.00£23,345.00

SE Technology
1.6 TDI 110PS 99£16,133.33 £3,226.67 £19,360.00   £19,925.00
1.6 TDI 110PS
1.6 TDI 110PS
GreenLine III
2.0 TDI 150PS 106£16,870.83£3,374.17£20,245.00£20,810.00
SE Technology
1.6 TDI 110PS 99£17,150.00£3,430.00£20,580.00£21,145.00
1.6 TDI  110PS
1.6 TDI 110PS
GreenLine III
2.0 TDI 150PS 106£17,887.50£3,577.50£21,465.00£22,030.00
Both new models are available to order now.