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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ford's Bridgend Engine plant has produced the 20 Millionth engine, & continues to produce some of best engines in the world.

Ford’s Bridgend Engine Plant (BEP) in Wales has built its 20-millionth engine, 37 years after the first engine was built in September 1979.
Linda Cash, vice president of Manufacturing, Ford of Europe joined Bridgend Engine Plant manager, Ian Pearson, in marking the achievement saying: “Bridgend has a proud record of high-quality engine production and I’m delighted to celebrate this significant milestone with the team that builds them.
“Today the plant builds a range of high-tech EcoBoost products, and we continue to invest in Bridgend, with the plant confirmed to build the next generation of fuel-efficient petrol engines.”
Ford Bridgend currently supplies petrol engines, including EcoBoost products which provide ultra-low emissions, excellent fuel economy, refinement and performance, for a range of Ford vehicles. The 1.5-litre EcoBoost is available in the Ford Focus, Ford Kuga, Ford Mondeo, and Ford S-MAX models. The multi-award winning Ford Fiesta ST is powered by a 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine, also built in Bridgend. The plant also supplies six and eight-cylinder engines for premium customers.
An all-new family of technologically-advanced, fuel-efficient petrol engines has been confirmed to be built in Bridgend. With an initial investment of £100 million, production is planned to start in late 2018.
  • The Bridgend Engine Plant has benefitted from more than £1.8 billion of investment since it opened in 1980.  It builds six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines for customers and, together with Ford four-cylinder engines, total production is currently 3,400 engines a day, or one every 24 seconds off the busiest line.
  • The first engine produced in Bridgend was a CVH petrol engine for the third generation Ford Escort.
  • Bridgend’s success has been encouraged through a partnership with the Welsh Government who have committed to maximising the potential of Ford’s own investment.  The Welsh Government supports the plant with an annual grant for training of £50,000.
  • Ford Bridgend total production now exceeds 20 million engines and its products power the Ford Fiesta, B-MAX, Focus, C-MAX, Kuga and Mondeo models. 
Plant Officially    OpenedMay 1980
Number of Employees 1,850
2014 production701,392 total
Plant size141,702 sq m on 60 acres
Plant managerIan Pearson