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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kia Motor's is pleased to open the UK's and Europe's biggest one make dealership in Brentford, West London.

  • GWR Kia located next to the M4 and A4
  • Four floors and 41,000sq.ft. on less than an acre
  • Dealership to be operated by Norton Way
Kia Motors (UK) Limited has opened its biggest dealership in both the UK and Europe alongside the elevated M4 in the West London district of Brentford.
The flagship showroom operates on four levels including a 15-bay workshop one level below ground and the massive glass frontage faces directly on to the A4 at ground level where the new-range is displayed. 
The top floor alongside the elevated section of the M4 will be a brand-showcase and will feature a massive LCD display screen that will enhance the often painfully slow commute of tens of thousands of commuters who will pass the showroom daily.
The new dealership will be operated by Norton Way – a part of the Marubeni Group – headed by David Grainger along with a staff of 30 sales, service, technical and administrative staff.
Paul Philpott, President and CEO of Kia Motors (UK) Limited commented: ”With more than 27 million vehicles passing this spot every year our new flagship dealership will be seen by more potential customers than any other Kia facility in Europe! It is a fantastic facility and we are delighted that our partnership with David Grainger and Norton Way is now up and running!
“As Kia continues to break sales records – we expect to reach at least 89,000 sales this year – this new showroom embodies everything about the future direction of our brand and reflects the journey Kia has made in the UK in this, our 25th anniversary of arriving on these shores,” he added.
The new building is not only spectacular to look at it, it encompasses as many zero and low carbon technologies as possible to minimise its impact on its surroundings – it will deliver a reduction in CO2 of more than 30 per cent of that required by current building regulations.