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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Peugeot, Judy Murray & the Lawn Tennis Association collaborate further to bring Tennis to more Scottish regions.

  • PEUGEOT provides new 508 to grow Judy Murray’s Tennis on the Road programme
  • Tennis on the Road, supported by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) established to increase involvement in tennis across the UK
  • New PEUGEOT will travel with Judy across Scotland to help promote the sport
PEUGEOT UK has served up an ace for Judy Murray’s Tennis on the Road scheme as it delivered a new 508 car to help the initiative reach the far corners of Scotland in the coming months.
The 508 will be a dependable steed for Judy as she travels across the country, bringing tennis to communities with little or no access to the sport.
Tennis on the Road, supported by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) shows parents, teachers, coaches, students, volunteers and sports development teams how to deliver fun and engaging starter sessions to children and young teenagers.
Through partnership with PEUGEOT, Tennis on the Road now has increased activation opportunities thanks to even better transportation increasing the amount of equipment that can be carried.
The new car is destined to visit another seven outreach locations across Scotland before the end of 2016, adding to a growing list of 40 schools which have benefitted from the scheme.
Judy Murray commented: “Tennis on the Road is about inspiring and supporting parents, teachers, volunteers and coaches to increase participation and grow tennis in their local areas using whatever space they have. You don’t need a tennis court to get kids started!
“Being able to attend the sessions at the various schools and tennis clubs is really important to me and having the PEUGEOT 508 will get me, and all my equipment, to as many of these as possible.”
Andrew Didlick Director of Communications, Events & Brand Partnerships said: “Tennis is an important part of the PEUGEOT brand; our brand ambassadors are Novak Djokovic and Jamie Murray, and we also support the LTA and ATP by providing Official Cars.
“Now, the addition of a PEUGEOT 508 to the Tennis on the Road team will help take the sport and the opportunities it brings to even more communities across Scotland, inspiring a new generation of potential ambassadors.”  
The stylish 508 features a spacious boot and is well-equipped with in-car technology, meaning that Judy will be able to to transport all necessary equipment and  remain connected with the Tennis on the Road team when travelling to remote parts of the country. The 508 joins a stablemate from PEUGEOT’s range of Commercial Vehicles as the brand also supplied a Boxer van to Tennis on the Road earlier this year.
To learn more about Tennis on the Road or if you are interested in getting the FREE roadshow to your local community, please go to www.tennisontheroad.com.