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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

ŠKODA Auto launches Sports Utility Vehicle strategy in global growth segment with ŠKODA KODIAQ.

  • ŠKODA launches SUV strategy in global growth segment with ŠKODA KODIAQ 
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ŠKODA launch their SUV-campaign with the recently introduced ŠKODA KODIAQ. The brand explains the importance of the new ŠKODA KODIAQ for the development of ŠKODA as a special topic on their new online platform – ŠKODA Storyboard.

​“With the ŠKODA KODIAQ, ŠKODA is entering a new, globally fast-growing market segment - the large-SUV category. This is an important step for the ŠKODA brand, and additional SUV models will follow. 

With the new SUV campaign, the company intends to attract new customer groups, expand their market share and strengthen their position on the global markets,” says Dr. Guido Haak, Head of Product Management at ŠKODA AUTO explains on the new online platform – the ŠKODA Storyboard. 

Prof. Lutz Fügener of Pforzheim University is also featured on the site, talking about the secrets of good car design, especially modern SUV design. 

These stories and other background information on ŠKODA’s SUV models, as well as market developments and prospects in this rapidly growing segment are now available on ŠKODA’s new online platform http://www.skoda-storyboard.com.

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