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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Jaguar Land Rover opens its new look dealer in West London, with a national rollout being implemented now.

  • Lookers Jaguar Land Rover West London officially launches new showroom with a glamorous event featuring the ‘out of show’ debut of the New Discovery
  • Hosted by Lookers CEO Andy Bruce and attended by Jaguar Land Rover UK MD with special guests explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Monty Halls
  • New £12m site puts customers at its heart, with an eye-catching design visible to all traffic on one of London’s most important arterial roads
  • Lookers West London now has more cars on display, exclusive hand-over studios, a luxurious new lounge-style waiting area, interactive ‘kids zone’ and high-tech drive-in service centre
  • This new showroom is the first of the new-look Jaguar Land Rover retailers to be completed since the £1bn nationwide retailer initiative was announced in July
Lookers Jaguar Land Rover West London celebrated the launch of its luxurious new £12m showroom with a special event featuring the first ‘out of show’ debut of the New Land Rover Discovery. Loyal customers and Jaguar Land Rover VIPs were joined by special guests explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Monty Halls.
The new showroom is the ultimate reflection of Jaguar Land Rover, offering customers a truly premium sales and aftercare experience. Over the last 18 months, the Lookers West London showroom has been transformed into a landmark building, visible to the thousands of people travelling to and from London on the A40 each day. 
Featuring a warm, refined and eye-catching design with a barista bar, ‘kids zone’ and lounge-style waiting area, it’s the perfect complement to the modern Jaguar Land Rover customer.
The glamorous Lookers West London opening event featured the ‘out of show’ debut of the new Land Rover Discovery, the brand’s most rugged and versatile SUV ever. Celebrating the opening of the new showroom were explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Monty Halls, who explored the spirit of adventure and the role the Land Rover Discovery has played in their respective expeditions.
Jaguar Land Rover UK MD, Jeremy Hicks and Lookers CEO, Andy Bruce hosted a room full of loyal Lookers customers and VIPs as Jaguar Land Rover also celebrated its best ever September sales figures.
Jeremy Hicks, UK Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Jaguar Land Rover continues to enjoy great success at the moment; this month has been our best September on record for both Jaguar and Land Rover. With world-class additions like the new Discovery to our line-up, it’s important that all our retailers embody the spirit and quality of our vehicles. Lookers West London is the perfect example of just that; it’s customer-centric, stylish and full of all the very latest models in our range."
With the opening of the new showroom Lookers West London customers are now treated to an additional 20 Jaguars and 18 Land Rovers on display, at a time when the Jaguar Land Rover line-up of models on offer is constantly growing. The recently introduced Jaguar F-PACE quickly became the most popular Jaguar ever, with September its best month since launch.
Lookers West London has also included two new handover studios, where customers can see their cars unveiled, before driving straight out of the showroom. A new drive-in service area ensures that existing customers have an experience just as impressive as those new to the brand.
More than 1,800 Jaguar Land Rover sites globally will be updated with the new design, which brings Jaguar and Land Rover marques under one roof. The luxuriously-equipped showrooms are finished in unique Jaguar Land Rover colours – Sunshine Grey and Champagne Silver – and decked out with the finest furniture.
Andy Bruce, Lookers CEO, said: “Our new showroom is the result of a £12m investment into a brand that we really believe in. Our business is doing better than ever thanks in no small part to the incredible array of Jaguar Land Rover products on sale. With the new Lookers West London site we’ve created a real premium destination, and we are privileged to have not only hosted the New Discovery at our launch event, but also to hear some of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ incredible adventures.”