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Monday, 17 October 2016

WORLDWIDE SALES - Volkswagen passenger cars has turned a corner, with a decent growth figure of 6.7%

  • 6.7 percent rise in September compared with 2015
  • China drives positive development
  • Brand Board Member for Sales Jürgen Stackmann: “Positive development in China contrasts with challenges in other regions.”
The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 547,700 vehicles worldwide in September, 6.7 percent more than the previous year. A total of 4,374,900 vehicles were handed over to customers from January to September. 
As a result, cumulative deliveries by the Volkswagen brand exceeded the previous year’s level for the first time (+0.6 percent). Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, commented: “Thanks to the strong performance in China, deliveries by Volkswagen in September were noticeably higher than the previous year. 
Consequently, our deliveries for the period from January to September exceeded the 2015 level.”
Volkswagen recorded a 1.6 percent increase in deliveries in the overall European market in September compared with the previous year, handing over 160,400 vehicles. The majority of these vehicles, 141,000 units, were delivered in Western Europe (+0.4 percent). 48,300 vehicles were handed over to customers in the home market of Germany, a slight decrease of 1.5 percent. Volkswagen continued on its successful path in Central and Eastern Europe, where deliveries rose by 10.4 percent to 19,400 units. 7,000 vehicles were delivered inRussia, 2.9 percent up on the previous year.
Deliveries in the North America region in September totaled 45,600 units, almost matching the level of the previous year (-0.7 percent). In the USA, the decline slowed further compared with the previous year to -7.8 percent (24,100 vehicles). This year’s upward trend in Mexico continued in September, with Volkswagen handing over 16,500 vehicles, representing an appreciable 12.4 percent increase compared with the previous year.
The situation in the South America region remained tense. 20,500 vehicles were handed over to customers there in September, amounting to a substantial decline of 47.2 percent compared with the previous year. This negative trend has its origin in Brazil, the region’s largest market, where the situation is currently very challenging.
In contrast, the Asia-Pacific region continued to develop well in September. 303,700 vehicles were delivered to customers there, a sizeable increase of 19.8 percent compared with the previous year. The market in China was the main driver of the growth in worldwide deliveries. Volkswagen continued its successful course in that country, delivering 288,800 vehicles in September, an impressive 22.8 percent increase compared with 2015. 
2,133,100 vehicles were handed over to customers in the Middle Kingdom from January to September. That is a new record and represents an increase of 11.4 percent, or 219,100 units, compared with the previous year.
Overview of deliveries by the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand:
Deliveries to customers by marketsSeptember
Jan. -
Jan. -
Western Europe141,000140,400+0.41,125,3001,146,800-1.9
Central and Eastern Europe19,40017,600+10.4163,100152,000+7.3
North America45,60045,900-0.7423,900443,300-4.4
South America20,50038,900-47.2254,200363,900-30.2