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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Whats in a Name ? cap hpi has named the top ten most amusing car names, from Wind to Lettuce and more.

Automotive experts cap hpi have revealed the Top 10 list of amusing vehicle names following a poll amongst its team of expert Black Book editors.
Tim Bearder, Black Book editor, said: “Naming a car is really important for manufacturers in order to give it as much appeal as possible, it’s a key part of the vehicle marketing process. 

Whilst there is no hard and fast evidence that names have any real effect on sales or residual values it should be something that is taken into consideration. The team here has come across some weird and wonderfully named vehicles over the years ranging from obscure concept cars to mini vans and mainstream family cars.”
The list of amusingly named cars polled by cap hpi included:
1) Ford Probe
2) Panda Mamy
3) Renault Wind
4) Nissan Micra Wave
5) Reva G-Wiz
6) Robin Hood Lightweight
7) Ibiza E
8) Toyota Deliboy
9) Volugrafo Bimbo
10) Mitsubishi Lettuce

“Cars can have inspiring and aspirational names such as the Aston Martin Vanquish and the Ford Mustang. 
They sound desirable and particularly with high value vehicles and supercars can greatly enhance their appeal. It’s equally important to get it right for city cars, people carriers and mid-range family cars and saloons. 
The name should complement the look, feel and intended use for the vehicle. However, certain names do seem to tickle the funny bone and it’s sometimes difficult to imagine how these names came to be. In many cases it could just be a case of being lost in translation.”