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Monday, 3 October 2016

Simply Smart, the final rally in Beaulieu’s busy 2016 calendar of motoring events, will return on Sunday 13th November.

Simply Smart, the final rally in Beaulieu’s busy 2016 calendar of motoring events, will return on Sunday 13thNovember, with Smart cars of all models driving into the grounds of the National Motor Museum to join a colourful display.
Celebrating some of the smallest and most cheerful cars on the roads, this annual get-together for Smart owners will see all varieties of the compact city car park up in the Beaulieu Events Arena, from the original Smart ForTwo, to the family-friendly ForFour and the highly prized Roadster. 

 Smart enthusiasts will also be able to see quirky personalised examples, finished in a variety of bright aftermarket colour schemes, as well as factory-spec versions.

Events Co-ordinator Charlotte Mountain said: “We are very excitied to see the return of this popular celebration of such a well-loved marque. The owners always bring along a varied and colourful array of Smarts to display, with the event giving them a chance to catch up and compare their cars.”
Simply Smart is traditionally held on Remembrance Sunday, which this year falls on 13th November. A two-minute silence will be held during the event at 11am, which visitors are invited to take part in.
Throughout the day, Beaulieu visitors will have the chance to vote for their favourite car of the show in the People’s Choice Award. 
The owner of the Smart that receives the greatest number of votes, will be presented with a commemorative Beaulieu trophy and special Autoglym prize, before leading a cavalcade of the most popular cars through the attraction grounds.
For participants arriving on the day in a Smart car and taking part in the rally, tickets cost £10 an adult and £5 a child and includes access to all of the features of the Beaulieu attraction. Participant tickets can be bought on arrival or online in advance at www.beaulieu.co.uk/events. Participant access to the attraction is from 9.30am, when the Brabazon restaurant will be serving hot and cold drinks and breakfast snacks.
All other visitors should enter the attraction through the Visitor Reception building, which is open from 10am, purchasing tickets at the normal general admission prices.
Admission to the event includes entrance to the whole of the Beaulieu attraction. Don’t miss the National Motor Museum’s new Driving Change display, which explores motoring innovations, technology and safety throughout history and makes motoring predictions for the future. Visit On Screen Cars and the World of Top Gear, take a stroll around the Palace House which has been home to the Montagu family since 1538 and the 13th century Beaulieu Abbey and grounds.