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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Making Waves: LA Surfers experience New Land Rover Discovery ahead of a full U.S. Premiere.

  • Surf legend Laird Hamilton and eight-year old phenomenon Jett Prefontaine take New Discovery surfing at Point Mugu in Malibu, California ahead of its U.S. premiere
  • Hamilton demonstrates Intelligent Seat Fold technology by rearranging premium SUV’s seats from the water(3)
  • Intelligent Seat Fold technology allows customers to reconfigure the second and third row seats remotely using a smartphone(3)
  • Members of the Silicon Beach Surfers club join Laird and Jett to check out the new Land Rover SUV’s surf-friendly features, including the waterproof Activity Key wristband
  • New Discovery Dynamic Design Pack receives debut at LA Auto Show
  • New Discovery can accommodate seven surfers in comfort
Big-wave surf legend Laird Hamilton and members of the exclusive Silicon Beach Surfers club have given the new Land Rover Discovery the surfing seal of approval.
Laird was joined by future surf star, eight-year-old Jett Prefontaine, and surfers from the exclusive Californian surf club at Point Mugu in Malibu, as he reconfigured the premium SUV’s seats from the water(3).
The New Discovery Dynamic Design Pack makes its public U.S. debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 16. It combines unbeatable all-terrain capability with unrivalled versatility and a revolutionary new exterior design.

In an effort to match British adventurer Bear Grylls, who rearranged the New Discovery’s seats in mid-air, Laird used the InControl Remote app to operate Land Rover Intelligent Seat Fold technology from the water(3). He and Jett also carried their boards on the vehicle’s specially-designed Aqua Rack and used the SUV’s Powered Inner Tailgate and Activity Key before hitting the water.
Laird Hamilton said, “The new Land Rover Discovery could have been made as the ultimate surfer’s SUV. Its specially-designed Aqua Rack makes it easy to transport your boards, the Powered Inner Tailgate is the perfect place to sit in shelter from the elements and the Activity Key is awesome – I wish I’d had one years ago.
“You can even adjust the vehicle from the surf! Remotely rearranging the seats(3) to make space for your friends, or activating the climate control to cool the vehicle before you catch the last wave of the day, has to be the ultimate in convenience.”
Silicon Beach Surfers is a tight-knit invitation club of 500 surfers from the media, tech and entertainment industries in Los Angeles.  
Discovery Dynamic Design Pack
The Dynamic Design Pack gives the New Discovery a stealth-like appearance with a host of exterior detail changes. The optional pack is available on HSE and HSE Luxury models and comprises of 21- or 22-inch Satin Dark Grey finish cast alloy wheels, a Black or Corris Grey contrast roof and purposeful new front and rear bumpers. In addition the grille, fender vents, door mirror caps and vehicle script on the hood are all finished in Narvik Black.
Inside, there’s a choice of three colourways, each with contrast stitching. A Titanium Mesh finish, Windsor leather upper facia and door tops, and dedicated carpet mats with Nubuck binding complete the upgrade.
Hamilton used the ‘Sand’ mode of the new Terrain Response® 2 system(5) to drive the New Discovery on the beach close to the shore before removing the surfboards from the roof-mounted Aqua Rack, which can carry a pair of boards.
The duo then used the Powered Inner Tailgate feature while preparing to enter the water before locking the vehicle with the unique-in-segment Land Rover Activity Key. The clever waterproof wristband allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle without the need to carry a conventional key fob.
Designed to be worn while participating in a variety of outdoor pursuits the Activity Key locks the vehicle and simultaneously disables the key fob, so it can be left securely inside, when it is held up to the ‘D’ in the Discovery badge on the tailgate. The clever wristband is tested to withstand temperatures ranging from -58º to +125ºF and is waterproof to depths of more than 98 ft.
Unparalleled versatility defines the New Discovery and is exemplified by the world-first Intelligent Seat Foldtechnology(2). The clever technology allows customers using Android™ and Apple® smartphones to rearrange the second and third row seats even when they’re not in the vehicle(3),via the InControl Remoteapp. Owners can configure the seats from inside a shop while waiting to pay for bulky items – or from the crest of a wave on a surfboard.
Alternatively, the central 10-inch touchscreen display or buttons in the luggage area and on the C-pillars can also be used to raise or lower the rear seats(4).
World-first remote technology
This is not the first time the seats of the new Discovery have been rearranged from an unusual location. During the countdown to the reveal of the premium SUV in October, adventurer and Discovery customer Bear Grylls demonstrated the Intelligent Seat Fold technology thousands of feet above the ground in a unique skydive at a military testing facility.