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Monday, 5 December 2016

The winners of the Next Green Car Awards 2016 have been announced, with the UK’s best green cars recognised

The winners of the Next Green Car Awards 2016 have been announced, with the UK’s best green cars recognised.
Winning models have been carefully selected across 10 awards categories, made up of nine vehicle sectors and a Next Generation award. 
An overall NGC Car of the Year 2016 champion has also been picked from the 10 category winners, all of which have been launched in the UK in 2016 or will be released in 2017.
All winning models have been judged against a range of environmental, performance and cost criteria, with Next Green Car's unique NGC Rating a primary factor in deciding which vehicles made it through to the shortlist.

With key environmental credentials established, other considerations such as suitability for purpose, impact on the market, and value for money are taken into account, to decide the winning and commended vehicles in each category.
Commenting on the winners of this year’s awards, Dr Ben Lane, Director at Next Green Car, said: “We are delighted to give recognition to 10 cars which best combine environmental and driving performance. 
Utilising state-of-the-art technology, the winners demonstrate that cars can be exhilarating to drive and impact less on the environment – all at affordable cost.
“To illustrate the range and capability of low emission vehicles now on the market, the average CO2 emissions of the finalists across the 10 categories is less than 36 g/km, nine of the 20 models are pure-electric, six are plug-in hybrids, four conventional hybrids, with only one model not featuring any kind of electrification; reflecting the global trend in auto-tech.”
The winners of the Next Green Car Awards 2016 are as follows:
Citycar Award 2016
WINNER: Volkswagen e-up! – CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 22
NGC verdict: "Already one of the best city cars around, VW has made its e-up! even better with sharper looks and improved equipment. Fun to drive, cheap to run, and with zero tailpipe emissions, this little electric Volkswagen is an ideal urban runabout."
COMMENDED: Mahindra e2o – CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 22
Supermini Award 2016
WINNER: Renault Zoe Z.E. 40 –CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 25
NGC verdict: "Renault roots out range anxiety with its new Zoe Z.E. 40, offering 250 miles of range in a strong supermini package. Nicely designed and easy to use, the zero-emission Zoe now has more than enough range to persuade even the most anxious driver into an EV."
COMMENDED: BMW i3 94Ah – CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 23
Small Family Award 2016
WINNER: Hyundai Ioniq Electric – CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 22
NGC verdict: "It's tough to find any flaws with the Ioniq Electric. Hyundai has packed plenty of performance, practicality, range and value for money into the new model, making it a genuine winner that will tempt many buyers into their first electric car.”
COMMENDED: Renault Megane – CO2 96 g/km – NGC Rating 32
Large Family Award 2016
WINNER: Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid – CO2 37 g/km – NGC Rating 40
NGC Verdict: "Smooth, spacious, and stylish, the Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid offers plenty of kit and a comfortable driving experience. With its handy range in electric-mode, Kia's latest plug-in is likely to prove a popular family and company car."
COMMENDED: Toyota Prius – CO2 70 g/km – NGC Rating 27
MPV Award 2016
WINNER: BMW 225xe –CO2 46 g/km – NGC Rating 37
NGC verdict: "The only PHEV MPV on the market, BMW's 225xe manages to combine the practical capabilities of its 2 Series Active Tourer with its tried and tested plug-in hybrid power-train. The result is a brilliant family workhorse that costs very little to run."
COMMENDED: Renault Scenic – CO2 92 g/km – NGC Rating 34
Crossover Award 2016
WINNER: Toyota C-HR –CO2 86 g/km – NGC Rating 32
NGC verdict: "If you find the Prius tempting but a bit too staid, Toyota now offers the C-HR. Making the most of its market-leading hybrid system, the crossover is a frugal and stylish way to nip (and be seen) around town."
COMMENDED: Kia Niro – CO2 88 g/km – NGC Rating 33
SUV Award 2016
WINNER: Tesla Model X –CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 35
NGC verdict: "From its wrap-over windscreen and falcon-wing doors to its long-range electric drive, Tesla's Model X excels in providing a sophisticated 21st century driving experience.  Tesla's entry into the SUV market looks set to be just as successful as the Model S."
COMMENDED: Audi Q7 e-tron – CO2 48 g/km – NGC Rating 26
Executive Award 2016
WINNER: BMW 330e –CO2 44 g/km – NGC Rating 35
NGC verdict: "A plug-in version of a car synonymous with the compact executive class can only be a good thing. With the potential for cost savings, strong performance, well-balanced handling, and a refined interior, the BMW 330e is a welcome addition to the executive fleet."
COMMENDED: Mercedes Benz E 350e – CO2 49 g/km – NGC Rating 37
Sports Cabrio Award 2016
WINNER: Morgan EV3 –CO2 0 g/km – NGC Rating 18
NGC verdict: "With its unique blend of design, range and performance, Morgan's electric sports car provides all the thrills of the three-wheeler but with zero-emissions. The Morgan EV3 is an unconventional, but warmly welcomed addition to the electric car market."
COMMENDED: Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid – CO2 56 g/km – NGC Rating 46
Next Generation Award 2016
WINNER: Riversimple Rasa –NGC Rating TBC
NGC verdict: "Ultra-efficient, the Riversimple Rasa was designed on a clean sheet of paper, and it shows. No other car maker can touch Riversimple's dedication to efficiency, and the technology found on the Rasa is proof that such a car can be done and done well."
COMMENDED: Tesla Model 3 – NGC Rating TBC
NGC Car of the Year 2016
WINNER: Hyundai Ioniq –CO2 0-79 g/km – NGC Rating 22-29
NGC verdict: "The new Ioniq’s design philosophy is pitch-perfect in delivering a range of low emission, stylish and practical family cars. Full marks to Hyundai for offering a choice of three electric and hybrid powertrains, all of which combine performance with affordability.”
Commenting on the Car of the Year winner, Chris Lilly, Content Manager at Next Green Car commented: “The Hyundai Ioniq wins the NGC Car of the Year Award 2016 against some exceptional competition. While the last 12 months have seen a number of new models come onto the market, the Ioniq takes the prize for its quality design, practicality, and its low running costs.
“In addition, the Ioniq range has been intentionally designed from the outset to offer three different electric powertrain options: pure electric and conventional hybrid, with a plug-in hybrid due for release next year. 
The ability for customers to choose the electric powertrain that best fits their driving needs from across the Ioniq range is a great step forward, and a route we hope other manufacturers will follow.”