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Thursday, 8 December 2016

TMW - Its that time of the month - November 2016 UK Sales figures, and they still go up !


NOV 2016 2905 sales - NOV 2015 2140 sales +35.75%
Y.T.D. 2016 32302 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 22035 sales +46.59%


NOV 2016 5278 sales - NOV 2015 6535 sales -19.23%
Y.T.D. 2016 74567 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 61608 sales +21.03%


NOV 2016 8183 sales - NOV 2015 8675 sales -5.68%
Y.T.D. 2016 106869 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 83643 sales +27.77%



NOV 2016 15330 sales - NOV 2015 11963 sales +28.15% 
Y.T.D. 2016 152197 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 138247 sales +10.09%


NOV 2016 11382 sales - NOV 2015 9929 sales +14.63%
Y.T.D. 2016 167527 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 150210 sales +11.53%


NOV 2016 931 sales - NOV 2015 765 sales +21.70%
Y.T.D. 2016 13165 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 12375 sales +6.38%


NOV 2016 12915 sales - NOV 2015 11083 sales +16.53% 
Y.T.D. 2016 165985 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 157565 sales +5.34%


NOV 2016 194 sales - NOV 2015 72 sales +169.44% 
Y.T.D. 2016 2813 sales - Y.T.D. 2015 1129 sales +149.16%


ABARTH +43.80%
BENTLEY +41.74%
DACIA +1.58%DS AUTOMOBILES +111.08% *
HONDA +10.25%
HYUNDAI +4.77%
JEEP +32.31%
KIA +14.07%
MAZDA +2.82%
MG +33.32%
MINI +9.59%
PORSCHE +1.90%
RENAULT +13.54%
SKODA +6.914%
SMART +43.18%
SUBARU +4.09%
SUZUKI +10.51%
VOLVO +7.76%


CITROEN -19.31% *
FIAT -5.61%
FORD -4.63%
LOTUS -6.70%
NISSAN -1.57%
PEUGEOT -5.00%
SEAT -3.21%
TOYOTA -1.95%

  • *Citroen and DS Automobiles split sales in May 2015 - Combine both to get an accurate figure when comparing to 2015 sales figures.
  • Grateful thanks for all the Figures supplied by the SMMT.
The year is coming to an end with just one month left to go, and wow, what a year, there has  been some huge news in the automotive market with Nissan confirming continued production, JLR breaking records and launching new car after new car, Brexit, and far more.

Jaguar Land Rover has seens some big number growth with the XE and F-Pace both doing brilliant business, and not just in the UK, the company is on course for it's best sales for two decades, and well deserved it is too.

MG has pulled out of UK production, or part production at Longbridge, and now the plant is only used for offices, press fleet, design and engineering and little else, i have it from one of the site workers that even more of the plant site will be handed back to St Mowden and that will be a huge disappointment to all the staff and customers, But their sales are growing, and look like topping 4,000 this year, the most since the brands full return, and thats is good news.

Both Vauxhall and Ford, the brands that have been leading the UK sales for decades are hemorrhaging sales every month, even with a load of new models the drop continues, why, well, their pricing is now on a par with other premium branded cars and people are going there and buying BMW's, Audi, Merc, Lexus, Infiniti and so on. 

Other UK brands are doing varying sales, with Bentley growing, but Aston Martin and Lotus both dipping, Lotus has been reported as making its first operating profit in the automotive side for many many years, and Aston is gearing up to opening a new Welsh plant along with a new model, the DB11 is out and selling well, and the company will be launching a new car roughly every six months until they are all replaced byu new cars.

PSA are also down, with the combined DS automobiles and Citroen at less than last year, even though DS is 111% up, sister brand Peugeot is also down, and all the brands have had new models or refreshed and updated cars, fellow French brand Renault is growing sales, so the sliming of its range a few years ago, and rebuilding the brand is working, the new Scenic is due imminently so will help sales a lot.

FCA is doing quite well, with a number of brands within the company, FIAT is down, Abarth is up, Alfa Romeo is down and Jeep is flying high with a growth of around a third, Fiat has the new 124 Spider, but its core models the Panda, 500 and Punto are, apart from the 500, getting very long in the tooth, thankfully the Tipo is helping keep the drop in sales under control.

So, the last few weeks of the year are here, and car sales will level off a bit as people are more into buying presents and turkeys, but there will still be lots going on in the auto world, and we will be here to keep you updated, so, from THE MOTORING WORLD we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.