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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

USA SALES NOVEMBER - Volkswagen has a great month but remains down for the year to date.

  • November sales totaled 29,672 units, an increase of 24.2 percent over November 2015
  • Tiguan sales totaled 4,516 units, an increase of 15.6 percent over November 2015
  • Passat sales totaled 6,441 units, an increase of 133.5 percent over November 2015
  • Golf SportWagen sales (which includes the all-new Alltrack) totaled 2,174 units, an increase of 246 percent over November 2015
Volkswagen of America, Inc. (VWoA) today reported sales of 29,672 units delivered in November 2016. Sales of the Golf SportWagen, which include the all-new Alltrack, increased by more than 200% over November 2015.
The sales figures show that Volkswagen has turned a corner, from a year of dropping sales due to the emissions scandal, this month there has been a significant increase, nearly 25% growth over the same month last year.
The Golf family, Beetle family, Passat and Tiguan all grew in sales, with the remainder all dropping, giving an overall 5,800 unit boost, this should be built upon next year with the next generation Golf and seven seat Tiguan being the main new models.
The growth in November sales, albeit great still means that the year to date numbers are still below the figures set at the same time a year earlier, in fact the Golf R and Tiguan are the ONLY models that have increased on the year, and with just one month left to go, it is looking likely that 2016 will be another year of dropped sales, even if December grows, there wont be enough to turn the year around.
November 2016 Sales

November 16November 15Yr/Yr%
November  16  YTDNovember  15 YTDYr/Yr%
Golf R44927364.5%3,9473,49213.0%
Golf SportWagen2,174628246.2%12,22713,112-6.7%
Total Golf Family6,4844,11057.8%52,71959,593-11.5%
Jetta Sedan10,21211,021-7.3%108,023114,365-5.5%
Jetta SportWagen      
(now Golf SportWagen)
-  1n/a52,671-99.8%
Total Jetta10,21211,022-7.3%108,028117,036-7.7%
Beetle Coupe91557160.2%8,73812,067-27.6%
Beetle Convertible48844010.9%5,3339,289-42.6%
Total Beetle1,4031,01138.8%14,07121,356-34.1%
Eos*-  201n/a3872,751-85.9%