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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

END OF YEAR UK - FORD - The Blue Oval remains the market leader for another year.

Ford records highest ever commercial vehicle (CV) sales of 118,000 in 2016, while achieving 40 consecutive years of car sales leadership and 51 years of UK commercial vehicle (CV) sales leadership. 
Ford is carrying significant sales momentum into 2017, extending leadership in total vehicle, cars and CV sales.
Highlights of the official full-year 2016 figures issued today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) include:
  • Ford is the number one UK car brand for 40 successive years.
  • Ford commercial vehicles have been the UK's favourite for 51 years.
  • Ford’s sales lead increased across all sectors: total vehicle, cars and CVs.
  • Fiesta is the UK best seller for the eighth successive year.
  • Ford CV sales are the highest ever at 118,000.
Andy Barratt, Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, said:  "Ford has consistently provided UK customers with the most appealing vehicle range and our CV range is the best ever, offering class-leading vehicles in all key segments.
“The after-sales experience provided by the UK’s largest dealer network together with the huge investment into Ford’s UK commercial vehicle range has helped to deliver the best CV sales figures in over 50 years of leadership. Significantly, the increasing strength of that business reflects in a growth in retail demand and a reduction of rental share and the best after-sales support, supplied through the strongest dealer network.”
According to the official SMMT figures, full year car sales in the UK in 2016 were up 2.3 per cent at 2,633,503 registrations, compared with 2016.  Ford sold 318,316 cars in the UK last year, down from 335,267 in 2015. Ford’s car sales lead in 2016, over its nearest rival, increased by 2.8 per cent to 67,361.
Ford is also the clear leader in retail car sales, which most accurately reflect the preferences of private buyers.  Ford’s December retail car sales share was 10.9 per cent, 2.7 percentage points ahead of its nearest rival.  For the full year, Ford’s retail car sales share was 12.1 per cent, a lead of 4.5 percentage points.
Ford Fiesta, which marked its 40th anniversary in 2016, is the UK best-seller for the eighth consecutive year, recording registrations of 120,525 for the full year; 43,417 sales and 1.6 percentage points of market share ahead of its nearest competitor.
Ford SUVs performed well in 2016; Kuga sales are at the highest level since it was launched, with three times as many sold compared with five years ago.  Kuga sales for the full year were 32,936, up 7.7 per cent, compared with 2015. EcoSport, launched in 2014, recorded its highest sales in 2016; 15,368 registrations, up 35.8 per cent compared with 2015.
Ford’s comprehensive CV range helped deliver Ford’s best ever commercial vehicle sales in 2016. Figures from the SMMT showed UK CV sales in 2016 were 383,506 up 1.0 per cent, compared with 2015.  Ford CV sales in 2016 of 118,000 were up by 14.6 per cent compared with 2015.
Ford Transit has led the UK CV sector from its launch in 1965 and Ford’s CV range secured a 30.6 per cent share in 2016, up from 24.8 per cent in 2015.  Ford’s CV sales lead of 71,898 in 2016 increased by 38.8 per cent compared with 2015.
Ford commercial vehicles lead all of their respective segments for the full year, including the Ford Ranger which achieved record sales in 2016; 13,292, up over 65 per cent compared with 2015.