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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lada see's huge growth in the month of june and for the half year Jan-June, with new cars launched this will grow.

In June 2016, AVTOVAZ sold 22,229 LADA cars which is 7.9 % more than in May. 

One of the leaders of June growth is LADA Vesta: there were 5128 new sedans sold, which is 36.7% more than in previous month. Vesta hit TOP-5 best-selling cars list in Russia with a 4th place. A total of 5 LADA vehicles are now present in Top-20 list.

Another LADA new-generation vehicle, XRAY crossover, demonstrated 11.6% growth. There were 1795 LADA XRAY cars sold in June and over 8000 cars sold in total since the start of sales in February 2016. 

There were 124,353 LADA cars sold in 2016 first half-year. By results of 6 months LADA share in the Russian market grew to 19.6% (Company assumption) in comparison to the same period of 2015 (19%). 

“The results are satisfactory, but we still have a potential for some growth in 2016, - stated AVTOVAZ President Nicolas Maure. – Despite adverse market conditions in 2016 we put ambitious goals in front of the sales team. Today we have a well-balanced line-up of models for almost any purchase budget. The quality and the brand image is constantly rising. This will help us to fulfil our mid-term target to gain higher market share in big cities, reinforce export sales and reach new export markets”.