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Friday, 29 July 2016

New trim strategy introduced; proxy models replaced by prime sport for the Smart fortwo coupe & Cabrio.

  • New trim strategy introduced; proxy models replaced by prime sport
  • New BRABUS sport line available from £13,810
  • passion models now come standard with solid roof with fabric cover
smart has announced its latest updates to the range, including pricing for the new BRABUS sport line which is available from £13,810. The range now consists of the entry-level passion, followed by prime, prime sport and BRABUS sport.
The fortwo coupé passion now comes with a fabric-covered roof, creating an even more striking look. At the other end of the range, the forfour night sky prime and prime sport models come with an electric fabric opening roof.

Across the range, passion models come equipped with smart audio system; automatic climate control; a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel wrapped in leather; and silver 15-inch eight-spoke alloy wheels.
prime models offer heated front seats; black leather upholstery with grey topstitching; dashboard instruments with clock and rev counter; sunglasses holders; and 15-inch five-spoke alloys painted black with a high sheen finish. prime sport adds a perforated leather sports steering wheel (with shift paddles on models equipped with the twinamic automatic transmission); sports suspension lowered by 10 mm; chrome exhaust finisher; and black 16-inch 8-Y-spoke alloy wheels.
Available only on models with the higher powered 90 hp engine, the BRABUS sport line includes matt grey 17-inch BRABUS alloy wheels (the fortwo has 16/17-inch wheels (front/rear)); BRABUS front splitter and rear apron in black; BRABUS stitching and logo on hand brake lever and gear shift; BRABUS sports steering wheel; and brushed stainless steel sports pedals with rubber studs. Prices start at £13,810.
The Premium equipment line (now £845) includes a height-adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel; electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors; rear parking sensors; smart media system; and Mirror Link. Premium Plus (not available on passion models) adds ambient lighting; LED head lights and tail lights; fog lamps with cornering function; and rear view camera. Premium Plus is available for £1,345.
The Comfort Package is available for £295 and includes a height-adjustable driver’s seat; electrically heated and adjustable mirrors; and a height-adjustable steering wheel. The Comfort pack is included in the Premium and Premium Plus equipment lines.
Forfour models can now also be specified with a no-cost option cadmium red metallic radiator grille. Customers can also choose from black, white, silver, grey, or yellow for no extra cost.
The twinamic six-speed DCT gearbox is available across the range for £995.
Prices for all smart models:
Model lineg/km - CO2% - BIK tax rate£ - P11D value£ - Price OTR
fortwo coupé – 71 hp with five-speed manual transmission
passion Premium931511,91511,970
prime Premium931512,61012,665
prime Premium Plus931513,11013,165
prime sport931512,36012,415
prime sport Premium931513,20513,260
prime sport Premium Plus931513,70513,760
fortwo coupé – 90 hp with five-speed manual transmission
passion Premium971612,51012,565
prime Premium971613,20513,260
prime Premium Plus971613,70513,760
prime sport971612,95513,010
prime sport Premium971613,80013,855
prime sport Premium Plus971614,30014,355
BRABUS sport971613,75513,810
BRABUS sport Premium971614,60014,655
BRABUS sport Premium Plus971615,10015,155
fortwo cabrio – 71 hp with five-speed manual transmission
passion Premium991614,05514,110
prime Premium991614,75014,805
prime Premium Plus991615,25015,305
prime sport991614,50014,555
prime sport Premium991615,34515,400
prime sport Premium Plus991615,84515,900
fortwo cabrio – 90 hp with five-speed manual transmission
passion Premium991614,65014,705
prime Premium991615,34515,400
prime Premium Plus991615,84515,900
prime sport991615,09515,150
prime sport Premium991615,94015,995
prime sport Premium Plus991616,44016,495
BRABUS sport991615,89515,950
BRABUS sport Premium991616,74016,795
BRABUS sport Premium Plus991617,24017,295
forfour – 71 hp with five-speed transmission
passion Premium971612,41012,465
prime Premium971613,10513,160
prime Premium Plus971613,60513,660
prime sport971612,85512,910
prime sport Premium971613,70013,755
prime sport Premium Plus971614,20014,255
night sky prime971612,88512,940
night sky prime Premium971613,73013,785
night sky prime Premium Plus971614,23014,285
night sky prime sport971613,48013,535
night sky prime sport Premium971614,32514,380
night sky prime sport Premium Plus971614,82514,880
forfour – 90 hp with five-speed transmission
passion Premium991613,00513,060
prime Premium991613,70013,755
prime Premium Plus991614,20014,255
prime sport991613,45013,505
prime sport Premium991614,29514,350
prime sport Premium Plus991614,79514,850
BRABUS sport991614,25014,305
BRABUS sport Premium991615,09515,150
BRABUS sport Premium Plus991615,59515,650
night sky prime991613,48013,535
night sky prime Premium991614,32514,380
night sky prime Premium Plus991614,82514,880
night sky prime sport991614,07514,130
night sky prime sport Premium991614,92014,975
night sky prime sport Premium Plus991615,42015,475
night sky BRABUS sport991614,87514,930
night sky BRABUS sport Premium991615,72015,775
night sky BRABUS sport Premium Plus991616,22016,275